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 Timon meets Mushu
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couldn't resist doing this when I saw the picture of Timon.
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Chapter 15: Sanctuary

The seterusnya morning Frollo made an announcement in front of all of Paris about the bon api, kebakaran taking place while back in the Palace of Jusice Esmerelda, Phoebus and Belle were locked in the dungeon nobody had gotten sleep especially Belle even though she slept in Phoebus's arms all night long she was terrorized sejak her nightmare that kept coming back every time she closed her eyes knowing that would be her last hari to live if she refused Frollo Phoebus could tell the decision was upsetting her for it was a choice between life and death itself. "Belle the bon api, kebakaran will soon and...
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Chapter 10: Attacked

Frollo had become unbearable he couldn't take it anymore he didn't need the gypsy girl he would deal with her later when word had spread that Belle had left the palace he silently waited having one of his guards inform him when she arrived.
Belle was so happy when she returned to the Palace of Justice as she entered into her room she quickly changed putting her dress in the wardrobe he went over to the katil and picked up the rose she climbed in and closed her eyes she was dancing with Phoebus again the look of Cinta in his eyes when there was a knock at her door "Oh Judge Frollo...
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