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 Drizella x Kay?
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My first attempt to do photomanipulation in Disney, so, I guess it's not perfect but I did an effort :).So, as anda know, Anastasia since Cinderella II became a good person and finally found true love. However, we could never say the same for Drizella
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drizella Cinderella
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This Lintas Disney foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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 “What does Frollo have against gypsies anyway?”
“What does Frollo have against gypsies anyway?”
Ten years had passed since the death of her parents but Belle woke up each hari missing them. As a child she had filled her room with drawings of her parents, “so I don’t forget what they look like,” she had explained to Frollo. As she got older, however, she learned to sketch and was able to replicate a photograph she could remember from their house, of her parents on their wedding day. She had hung it on the opposite dinding from her katil so that whenever she woke up she could see them smiling down at her and it always made her feel better.

Frollo had still maintained the role of her guardianship,...
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