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 Kenai & Poca go to Egypt
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The 2 try to go for a Serious foto but kenai cant stop laughing at how serious Poca is
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This Lintas Disney foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

posted by PrincessBelle2
 “Don’t try, Belle. anda are brave.”
“Don’t try, Belle. You are brave.”
“I don’t know if I’m ready for this,” Belle worried, biting her lip.

“You’ll be fine,” Clopin insisted, giving her a little push in the direction of Esmeralda, who was standing at the ready with a powder puff in hand. “Go on, Esme, do your stuff.”

Esmeralda beamed at Belle, dabbing at the powder. “In this disguise, there’s no way your own mother would recognise you, let alone Frollo.”

“But I-” Belle was cut off as a blast of powder hit her face before she was even ready for it and she coughed. Clopin laughed and leaned back against the dresser, watching as Esmeralda...
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posted by bugbyte98
    I jolted awake, blinking rapidly in order to clear my groggy vision. I looked around, and saw both Aladdin and my sister’s beds empty. I rubbed my head, then grabbed onto a loose beam in order to hoist myself up. I kicked Tulio, and rolled my eyes at his peeved expression.
    “Don’t give me that look. I just it would help anda to know that Kida and Aladdin are missing.” I berkata rolling my eyes and crossing my arms. I gently knocked Esmeralda’s forehead with my knuckle, and smirked when she shot up a hand in an attempt to perahu nelayan kecil, pukulan me.
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I did not make this video. My little sister showed it to me and I thought it really well done. It has over a million papar on YouTube.
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