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Meet Silvermist, a water fairy.
Meet Rosetta, a garden fairy.
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One hari a new fairy came to Pixie Hollow.
She wore a long purple T-shirt and long purple boots made out of bunga petals. Her hair was brown, short and wavy.
Her talent? Animal: specializing in Birds
Room: has cloud/bird paintings
kegemaran possession: Muzik boxes that plays bird songs

She was named maple sejak a fairy named Namee, whose talent was to name things.
She made Friends with: Harmony and Horten(music talent twins), Mirrah (a vain water fairy), Booker (a story-telling sparrowman who loves reading),Spring (garden talent), Kandi (baking talent), Flint (fire talent), Vortex (fast- flying), and Clash (weapon maker).

She loved every minit of her new life in such a tiny, beautiful world!
Tink hits the bull's-eye with her own version of darts -- but what does Fairy Mary think?
While the trolls are busy arguing about warnings, Tink and her Pixie Hollow Friends fly over.
Tink has trouble getting the word out about the Pixie Hollow Games.
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Vidia shares her fast training technique for the Pixie Hollow Games.
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Take a good look at the Walt Disney logo. After my
RI class the pastor and my friend told me something i never noticed.every one knows that 666 is a sign of evil. If anda didn't now u know.So i looked.............and i saw.I just thought i'd let anda all know about this.ME being penticostal not suposded to get mixed up in this kind of evil stuff. I've been a peminat of Disney for a while but ive never noticed this at all! I don't like these evil signs so i try to stay away from thing that look evil but when i heard about this i just had to check it out so as soon as i got utama i turned on the computer and took a good look.
Frustrated Tink can't get the right shade of red...except on her face!
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