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So... Anna\Gerda from "Frozen/Snow Queen" is the seterusnya DP?

"We know that Merida has officially joined the gang of Disney Princesses as the eleventh princess. However, who knew the twelfth was going to come so soon?

Princess Anna, from the upcoming Disney film, Frozen, is a princess voiced sejak actress Kristen Bell. The film, based on Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, will be coming to theaters seterusnya year, and princess Anna is berkata to be joining the rest of royal ladies in the Disney Princess Franchise, just like Pixar’s Merida just did."


A “Hit & Run” Interview with Kristen loceng & Dax Shepard
Dax Shepard: But tell him about the project you’re doing.
Kristen Bell: What am I doing?
Dax Shepard: You’re a princess.
Kristen Bell: (Kristen smiles.) Oh…
Dax Shepard: A princess who sings.
(Kristen’s smile grows wider.)
Kristen Bell: But I don’t know if I can say it.
Dax Shepard: She’s a Disney princess–
Playmaker Magazine: Are anda talking about Frozen?
Kristen Bell: Oh, I can say it! Yeah, they announced it! Sorry, I got nervous because sometimes I say things in interviews that I didn’t know weren’t okay. Long story short–
Dax Shepard: Heaven forbid they get some additional publicity!
Playmaker Magazine: (Laughs) They would hate that!
Kristen Bell: But Frozen is really fun for me because it has far and away been my number one dream that I used to put in my diary. I wanted to be a Disney princess. I have audio tapes of me Singing to The Little Mermaid, just in case I needed them in the future.
Playmaker Magazine: (Laughs) Right.
Kristen Bell: So to be doing Frozen is quite literally my dream come true.

Merida's official? And awesome, I'm looking toward to this movie
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o gosh....they really want to turn this story into a princess movie?.... that´s it disney. in my eyes, anda are nothing lebih than money loving b++++++, who want to susu the money out of little girls and their parents...

how i miss the good old Disney days..when they produced creative Filem without the princess theme and a ton of sparkles and glitter
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