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Ariel was walking through the istana, castle halls, observing the portraits hung up everywhere. She missed all those times with her family, before she got married to Eric.
"Ariel?" someone called.
She turned around. "Charming! How's Snow?"
Her brother walked up to her. "Heartbroken. That retard left her for some reason."
Ariel's hati, tengah-tengah sank. "Ohhh, poor Snow..."
"Which is why I'm not allowing him in this castle," he continued.
Ariel hit the wall. "What? Char, don't anda think that's kind of cruel?"
Charming shook his head. "Serves him right for leaving Snow." His gaze was fixed at her for a moment.
Ariel shivered at the green in her brother's eyes. "So, how was the "dance"?"
Charming instinctively rubbed his foot. "Horrible. It wasn't even a dance! Anastasia was nothing like the girl I dance with last night, and when I touched her hand..." he looked at his palm. "I felt...nothing."
Ariel patted his hand. "Aww, is the wittle boy feewing hati, tengah-tengah sick??"
Charming frowned. "Shut up!"
Ariel burst into giggles. "Char, anda felt nothing because Anastasia wasn't the girl anda danced with last night!"
"Well, it sure felt that way!" he snapped at her. He walked toward the outdoor bridge, completely covered with flowers.
Ariel had to run to catch up to him. "You wanna know what Belle and I think?"
"No." he replied roughly.
"We think someone hypnotized you!" She berkata anyway.
Charming looked as if he was going to yell at her, when a blond girl with a net ran up to him.
"Your Highness!" she greeted. She nodded at Ariel, then looked at Charming.
"Yes?" He answered.
She giggled. "Hello."
Charming looked awkward. "Um, hello?"
"It's good to see anda again," she told him.
Ariel's eyes widened. "Um, Char, remember what we talked about?"
Charming ignored her. "Have we met?" he asked the girl.
She laughed again. "Yes, I believe I danced with anda last night at the ball."
Charming had to fake a laugh. "Um, maybe anda danced with some other prince!"
Ariel pinched him on the arm.
"Ouch!" he yelled, glaring at his sister.
"No, anda idiot, she dance with anda at the ball!"
Charming groaned. "Ariel, I already told anda it was Anastasia--"
"Did anda say, Anastasia?" the girl interrupted.
Charming nodded, rubbing his arm.
"But that's not right! It was me--"
"You there!" Prudence came rushing up to the trio and grabbed the girl's arm. "You're SUPPOSED to be catching MICE!" She blushed at the royal siblings, bowed, and left with the sullen girl.

Belle was in the cellar, looking for any mold that might contaminate the Makanan they eat.
"Well, anda never know if we might be eating poison," she had told herself earlier.
She bent down under a barrel. "Clear here," she murmured.
Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and Prudence and a servant girl walked inside.
"Start here! I want this istana, castle RODENT FREE in time for the wedding!" Prudence ordered, then left the room.
Clearly they didn't notice Belle hunched over the barrel in the corner.
The servant girl set her net on another barrel, then wiped away a tear.
"Are anda okay?" Belle asked, coming out of the darkness.
The girl flinched at her sudden appearance. "No, I just met the Prince."
Belle smiled. "That's my brother, what did he say?"
The girl looked at the ceiling. "He doesn't even know who I am."
Belle was confused. "What?"
The girl shook her head. "He doesn't even remember dancing at the ball..."
Belle screamed inside. So THIS is the girl, she thought.
She was about to speak when two high-pitched voices called out a name.
"Cinderelly!" They slid on a piece of wood and landed on the table.
"We found Princey!" The tetikus with an orange head announced.
Belle staggered back. "A MOUSE?"
Cinderelly smiled at her. "Don't worry, they don't bite." At the mice, she said, "I did too, but he doesn't even know who I am..."
The chubbier tetikus shook his head. "No! It's A MAGIC!"
"What are anda talking about?" the girl inquired.
The chubbier tetikus pulled on a blue hoodie, then got out a golden needle. "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!"
Cinderelly gasped. "Fairy Godmother?"
The skinnier tetikus rearranged his hair into Anastasia's mother. He snickered and snatched the needle away from the other mouse.
"I tunjuk Princey!" berkata the skinnier mouse.
The fatter one changed into a yellow shirt. "My Cinderelly awaits!"
"Princey!" The skinny tetikus waved the wand in the air. "You will marry Anastasia, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!"
"She MADE him forget who I am..." Cinderelly concluded.
The mice nodded.
Belle stepped toward the three. "Wait, anda actually believe in magic?"
Cinderelly grinned. "I believe in anything."
She slammed her hand on the table. "Boys, we have to get that wand!"

"That--son--of--a--" Snow White was still sobbing at her baru-baru ini tragedy. She was cutting photographs of her and Prince, then throwing them in the fireplace.
She picked one up and took a good look at it. It was a picture of her and Prince on their wedding day.
We looked so happy, she thought, shedding a tear.
And her hati, tengah-tengah burst when she saw the frown on her brother's face.
"Snow!" screamed someone.
She wiped her eyes and turned her head. "Yes?"
Ariel and Belle stumbled onto the rug beside her, panting.
"Something's wrong with Charming!" Ariel rasped.
Belle explained how they found the mystery girl at the ball.
"Charming even had googly eyes for blondey!" Ariel concluded.
Snow White cut up the picture in her hand, then threw it into the fire. "So...he's under a magic spell?"
Belle nodded. "Yeah. And we have to stop Lady Tremaine!"
Snow snifffed. "Um, yeah, I'll help..."
Ariel put an arm around her. "Aww, Snow, if you're still heartbroken, anda could take a break..."
Snow shook it off her. "No. I'm helping anda guys. He's my brother, too."
Belle's hati, tengah-tengah skipped a beat. She always thought Snow White was Charming's kegemaran sister.
"Belle, are anda okay?" Ariel asked.
Belle tied her hair with an elastic band. "Yeah. LET'S DO THIS!"
 "Belle's hati, tengah-tengah skipped a beat. She always thought Snow White was Charming's kegemaran sister."
"Belle's heart skipped a beat. She always thought Snow White was Charming's favorite sister."
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The New DP ikon contest it's not that new anymore, since it was created nearly a tahun and a half ago. The anniversary was actually on july, but I noticed I haven't done anything especial to celebrate it, so this artikel is the first of many surprises to come related to the New DP ikon contest. Let's start!

Every ten rounds of the contest, I made a tinjauan with all the winners from those rounds. These were voted the best ikon-ikon sejak the fans.

Winner from rounds 1-10 ~ MissAngelPaws

This beautiful ikon made sejak MissAngelPaws was voted the best out of the winners of the first ten rounds of the contest....
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(Knocking: Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock)
Do anda wanna build a snowman?
Come on lets go and play
I never see anda anymore
Come out the door
It's like you've gone away-
We used to be best buddies
And now we're not
I wish anda would tell me why!-
Do anda wanna build a snowman?
It doesn't have to be a snowman.

Go away, Anna

Okay, bye...

Do anda wanna build a snowman?
Or ride our bikes around the halls
I think some company is overdue
I've started talking to
the pictures on the walls-
(Hang in there, Joan!)
It gets a little lonely
All these empty rooms,

Just watching the hours tick...
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Pocahontas woke up from her rather long nap. "I thought I wasn't gonna see anda until the morning!" John greeted half-joking. "How long was I asleep, Jokester?" Pocahontas asked. "About afew hours." John answered. "WHAT? I thought I was asleep for only 20 minutes!" Pocahontas exclaimed. "You needed to rest after what anda recently went through." John said. "You're right." Pocahontas replied. "Everything will get better, love. I just know it." John soothed.

Late that night, Pocahontas, John and Merida awoke to Mulan crying uncontrollably. "What's going on?" John asked. "I hate it when she's distressed!"...
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Demi Lovato
let it go
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bridge to terabithia
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