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posted by sweetie-94
Last time I wrote about songs I thought suited Jasmine, today I'll write about songs I think Suits Elsa, hope you'll like this artikel :)

link - Katy Perry
This song could suit most of the princesses, but I think it Suits Elsa the best, reminds me a little bit of Let It Go

link - Britney Spears
Before Frozen was released I thought this song suited Mulan the best, but after Frozen came out I realised that this song Suits Elsa even better, don't know exactly why though

link - Within Temptation
This song really Suits Elsa, both the tajuk and many of the lyrics

link - Nightwish
This one may suit her less than the other songs on this list, but I think of how she changed after the accident at her coronation

link - Ashley Tisdale
Another song that reminds me a little bit of Let It Go, but it also makes me think of the scene where Elsa breaks out of the dungeon

link - Madonna
Not only is the song tajuk the tajuk of the movie Elsa is from, but the song itself Suits Elsa, makes me think of the relationship between her and Anna

link - Jessica Andersson
When this song was released I actually read on some sites that some thought that this song reminded them of Let It Go, I think so too, many of the lyrics Suits Elsa

link - Beyonce
This song doesn't totally suit Elsa, but some of the lyrics do suit her
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