Since this section has been very inactive lately I decided to fresh it up sejak Penulisan another article, about my kegemaran Disney Princesses, hope you'll like this artikel :)

13. Merida

She's the only Disney Princess that I don't like at all, but I don't dislike her either, I feel neutral towards her. The main reason might sound weird, but it's mainly because I don't think she fits in the Disney Princess lineup, to be perfectly honest I would appreciate her character lebih if she wasn't an official Disney Princess. Besides that there's nothing wrong about her character except her temper, she's the only Disney Princess that I would describe as mean to be honest, no, she's not mean all the time, but in many parts of the movie she can be a little mean and that annoys me a little bit. The whole not having a prince and not Singing part doesn't bother me so much, she does sing as a little girl, but I would've loved it if she either didn't sang at all atau she had at least one song when she was grown up, because of this it's hard to judge her Singing voice seterusnya to the other Disney Princesses, so the reason to why Merida is my least kegemaran is that I can't relate to her at all and the fact that she just doesn't interest me as much as the other princesses do

12. Tiana

From here and onwards I Cinta all the remaining Disney Princesses and Tiana is no exception to this despite the fact that I'm not at all like her nor do I Cinta people like her in real life, but for some reason those types of people can be interesting to watch in animated movies. Anyway I Cinta that Tiana is very determinded, she works very hard to be able to open up her own resturant, this does mean that she doesn't give herself time for fun nor sleeping, but it's understandable, but at the same time it's a slight bit annoying to watch since I don't really like workaholics. Also while it's refreshing to see a lebih realistic princess it also annoys me since I tend to prefer the lebih unrealistic princesses. And I actually prefer her as a frog, sure she's a little bit annoying at first, but it's when she's a frog that she starts to develop, she starts to realise that she needs to give herself time to have fun, if she had been like that the entire movie I would probably place her higher on this list, but now she's not so I can't place her higher than 12th

11. Mulan

Oh, many people's kegemaran Disney Princess, sadly she's not my favorite, but I do Cinta her very much. I Cinta how clumsy and awkward she is in the beginning of the movie and how much she cares for her family, something that I feel some of the other princesses lacks. Of course like many other people I Cinta how brave, smart and selfless Mulan is, she risks her life to take her father's place in the army and ends up saving an entire country. That scene where all of China bows down to her is one of my kegemaran scenes in the movie, that scene always gives me goosebumps. I also Cinta that Mulan is realistic, not as realistic as Tiana, but that's just good since I prefer lebih unrealistic characters. I also Cinta how funny Mulan is, the scene where she first meets Shang is always funny to watch. I also Cinta that Mulan isn't too tomboyish, she's not afraid to be a little femenine but I do prefer lebih femenine characters, but still. Besides that I don't really know why I can't place her higher, she just doesn't interest me as much as the other princesses above her

10. Pocahontas

This is easily one of the most tomboyish Disney Princesses as she loves to do risky things like jumping from high cliffs and canoening down a high waterfall instead of taking the smoothest course. I Cinta how much she cares for Haiwan and nature, I think she's the Disney Princess that cares the most about the nature and animals, I Cinta that scene where she teaches John Smith to appreciate the nature and it's animals, I also how Brave she is towards the end of the movie where she saves John Smith and manages to stop a war between the Europeans and her people just sejak speaking, if only stopping a war in real life was that easy. I also Cinta that she listens with her heart, instead of doing what others tells her to do she follows her own path, but a few times I don't feel like she made the right decision, especially in the end of the movie where she chooses to stay with her people instead of going with John Smith, I think she should've gone with John Smith, but I'm still happy over that she listned with her hati, tengah-tengah and made the decision she felt was the best, but because of that I can't alih her any higher

9. Jasmine

Like with the sebelumnya princesses on this senarai I'm not very similar to Jasmine, but I still Cinta her very much, like Merida she doesn't want to be a princess, but I think melati, jasmine had a better reason for it, she had never been outside of the palace while Merida could leave the castle, also I Cinta Jasmine's view on marriage, she wants to marry for love, basically it doesn't matter how much money the person has atau how the person looks like, just as long as the person has a good heart. I also Cinta how adventurous, since she's never been outside of the palace it's no wonder that she longs to see it. I also Cinta how outspoken she is, she's not afraid to say how she feels to anyone not even Jafar. I also Cinta that she forgave Aladdin for his lies, I'm not sure how long their relationship would last, but maybe not that long, but it's quite impressive that she forgave him for that, it's at the same time a slight bit annoying, but what really puts her here is actually her temper, since I prefer the lebih optimistic princesses Jasmine's temper can be annoying at times, but it's understandable why she's so angry, but still I can't alih her higher because of that

8. Elsa

Now we have come to the princesses that I really love. Not many people's kegemaran Disney Princess, not mine either, but I think she's better than most people say. She spent almost her entire life alone and afraid of her powers and yet despite that she manages through her coronation pretty good even though it ended with her having to leave Arendelle because she had shown her powers, but it wasn't just because of that, it was also to protect her sister and that's what I Cinta the most about her, how much she loves her sister. The scene where Hans tells Elsa that her sister is dead because of her is a great example of that and it's one of my kegemaran scenes in the movie. Anyway I also think she has a better development than most think, after she runs away from Arendelle that's actually where I really start to Cinta her because she starts to learn to Cinta her powers and in the end she realises that Cinta is the strongest power anda can have and with that she's finally able to control her powers, not much of a personality development, but it's still a huge development. But even though I think she has a personality it's not shown as clearly as the other princesses's so therefore I can't place her any higher

7. Belle

Even though I don't read buku as much as she does I can't help, but Cinta her very much, I actually Cinta that she reads buku because even though it doesn't necessairly make her smart it makes her stand out seterusnya to the other people in her villages aswell as standing out seterusnya to the other Disney Princesses. I also Cinta how Brave and selfless she is, the scene where she chooses to sacrifice her freedom to save her father is one of my kegemaran scenes in the movie. I also Cinta how much she loves and cares for her father. I also Cinta that she's an outkast and yet doesn't care aout what people says, everyone in her village thinks she's weird for Membaca buku and they're not afraid to say it out loud, but Belle doesn't care one bit about it although she does tell her father about that. But what I Cinta the most about about her is that she's unjudgemental, she doesn't judge people sejak looks, but sejak personality which is why she falls in Cinta with the Beast instead of Gaston. I also Cinta how genuine, kind and caring she is, but she's not any higher because she just doesn't interest me as much as the princesses above

6. Cinderella

How can anda at least not admire Cinderella? She lives quite a hard life having to work as a slave for her stepmother and stepsisters and yet she keeps on smiling, like the narrator berkata in the beginning of the movie she remained ever gentle and kind. I also Cinta that she never stopped dreaming, despite the hard life she lives she still dreams probably about a better life, like she berkata "They can't order me to stop dreaming". I also Cinta that she isn't very outspoken, usually she tries to not say so much about how she feels, but when she gets the chance she does, a great example of that is when she gives the invitation to the ball to her stepmother and stepsisters. I also Cinta that she's a little sarcastic, this line says it all "Maybe I should interupt...the Muzik lesson". Also she clearly deserved her happy ending probably the most of all the Disney Princesses. But she's not any higher because again she just doesn't interest me as much as the princesses above do

5. Aurora

Normally I'm not a big peminat of pessimistic characters, but Aurora is a big exception, she keeps me interested from start to finish despite her little screentime, partly it's because of her elegance, grace and her beautiful voice, but her personality also manages to keep me interested. First of all I Cinta how femenine and princessy, she's without a doubt the most princessy of all the Disney Princesses and that's nice to see in the lineup, sure nowadays princesses have become lebih independant, but I do adore the lebih princessy princesses, not only is Aurora the most princessy Disney Princess, but also the most femenine Disney Princess and I Cinta femenine characters, but I don't mind a slight tomboyishness either. I also Cinta how dreamy she is, she constantly talks about the man from her dreams and despite the fact that I don't have the same dream it's so fun to listen to her talking about it. I also Cinta how obedient she is, when she gets to know that she's a princess and therefore can't be with the man she met in the forest she becomes upset and yet despite that she decides to follow the Pari-pari to the istana, castle even though she's still upset over not being able to meet the man from the forest. But she's not any higher on this senarai because the 4 princesses above are much lebih lively and bubbly

4. Ariel

Who didn't dream of being a mermaid when they where children? Anyway Ariel stands out a lot from the other Disney Princesses because of that and I of course Cinta that. I Cinta how curious she is, all of the Disney Princesses are curious, but Ariel is without a doubt the most curious one, she is very curious about the human world and is willing to do anything to be a part of their world. I also Cinta how expressive she is when she's a human, she sold her voice to Ursula, but she's so good at expressing what she wants to say that I can fully understand all of it. Speaking of selling her voice, I don't find her so dumb for doing that, I mean she knew that she would never see her family again and that she wouldn't be able to get Eric to fall in Cinta with her as easily as it would be if she had her voice since Eric only really rememberd the voice of the girl who rescued him from the ship, but of course it still wasn't a very smart decision. I also Cinta how Brave Ariel is, when she saw that Eric held on drowning she quickly merpati and tried to pull him up to shore, that was a really Brave decision made sejak her. But she's not any higher since she doesn't really make the smartest decisions

3. Rapunzel

This girl is so incredibly interesting to watch from start to finish. I Cinta how creative she is, she lives locked up in a tower and yet instead of just doing nothing she does a lot of things like painting, Membaca books, laying puzzle, baking, playing guitar, just listen to When Will My Life Begin. I also Cinta how funny she is, many of her scenes makes me laugh especially the one where she tries to hide Flynn and then she hits herself with her frying pan. I also Cinta how much she develops in the movie, first she's a bit lebih childish, but sejak the end of the movie she's become lebih mature, the scene where she stands up against Mother Gothel scares me, but in a good way because that scene just shows how different Rapunzel is from how she was in the beginning of the movie. I also Cinta how she's able to make everyone she meets Cinta her, many people finds this annoying, but I Cinta that, it makes her stand out seterusnya to the other Disney Princesses, but she isn't any higher because I just Cinta the 2 princesses above her more

2. Anna

Ever since I first watched Frozen I've loved Anna and I don't think I'll ever stop loving her because she reminds me a lot of myself. Anyway I Cinta how determinded she is over finding her sister, despite the accident she's willing to bring back her sister which shows that she truly loves her sister. I also Cinta how optimistic she is, despite being alone almost her entire life she still looks brightly at the future and is hoping to find true love, also despite seeing her sister's ice power she doesn't think her sister would hurt her and yet that's what happens to her. I also Cinta how funny she is, she's without a doubt one of the funniest Disney Princesses, pretty much every scene she's in makes me laugh. I also Cinta how Brave she is especially towards the end of the movie where she tries to get to Kristoff and there's a big snowstorm and yet despite that and the fact that she's holding on turning to ice she doesn't give up and the part where she sacrifices her life to save her sister is just amazing to watch everytime, but she's not any higher because she's not really the brightest crayon in the box, but intelligence is to me not a very important quality in a Disney Princess so it doesn't bother me so much, but still

1. Snow White

Surprised anyone? Probably not, she's been myy kegemaran Disney Princess for a very long time and will always be my favorite, anyway I Cinta how optimistic she is, she easily has the hardest life of the Disney Princesses, many thinks Cinderella lived the hardest life, sure she lived a hard life too, but she didn't have a stepmother who tried to kill her and because of that I think that Snow White is easily the most optimistic Disney Princess, she faces the toughest situation of any Disney Princess, nearly being killed sejak a huntsman and then having run through a dark forest, it's so amazing how quickly she gets over it, speaking of the forest scene she's so incredibly Brave in that scene, in fact she's imo the bravest Disney Princess. I also Cinta that she's a balance between two different sides of various personality traits, she's both innocent and motherly, she's both confident and insecure just to name a few. Also like Belle she's unjudgemental, the scene where she meets the old hag is the best example of this, oh speaking of that particular scene I don't find her dumb for taking a bite of the apple, she was at first skeptical, it wasn't until the hag told her it was a wishing epal, apple that she fell for it. I also how funny she is, she's imo the funniest Disney Princess, pretty much every scene she's in makes me laugh