So Anna was a little lebih interesting to write because as I started Penulisan Anna's, I thought about how I used Elsa the end of the movie as a basis for making her princess senarai so I tried to focus on end of the movie Anna. However, I realized that, although I felt like Anna had changed-- she actually hadn't. I became conscious of the fact that the narrative was making Anna go through all the motions and dramatic arcs of someone going through a change, but she was still the same person at the end of the movie. Also, like Snow White, I think Anna would absolutely adore all of the Disney Princesses.
Thanks again to UnholyNoise and wavesurf, who I think are actually going to be surprised at this senarai as well.

11. Jasmine

To start off, again I can't really see Anna disliking any of the Disney Princesses. So it will be harder to point out dislikes. Anna and melati, jasmine have a few things in common-- both have been cooped up behind literal palace walls, have a lot of social isolation and unfamiliarity about the world around them, and both never give up on the person they care about most (Aladdin and Elsa). However, Anna is so desperate for attention and Cinta from men and melati, jasmine constantly turns it down to the point where melati, jasmine may come across to Anna as being purposefully unwilling to give anyone a chance. I think Anna would have at least taken the time to talk to Prince Achmed were she in Jasmine's position. I get the feeling that Jas pretty much rejected him before she even met him. melati, jasmine can be quite vocal and demanding and Anna, while resolute, doesn't express herself with such conviction. melati, jasmine also can give off a vibe of being sort of high maintenance and unimpressed, and I think Anna is an appreciative person since she missed out on so much in her childhood that she may see melati, jasmine as thankless.

10. Pocahontas

I really think Anna would find the idea of spirits that guide anda extremely charming. Pocahontas is daring, fun, and bold, and I think Anna would really admire that about her. I think she would like Pocahontas' closeness with her father and how she respects him and clearly cares about him--relationship with parents (and family) may be a highly important quality for Anna since hers have passed away and she had a strained relationship with her sister, so I don't think she would like princesses who treat their parents with disrespect. Other than that, the "environmental" message that Pocahontas puts forth and her scandalous relationship with John wouldn't really touch Anna in any way. I think she would be especially bothered that Pocahontas and John broke up at the end of the movie and that neither tried to stay with the other. I think she would have a lot less to relate with Pocahontas about since Pocahontas never had to struggle for freedom. Pocahontas' main message was that she had to bring peace between two sides, and although that's vaguely what Anna had to do, that wasn't really her main focus. Also, Pocahontas one of the lebih serious princesses and was sometimes glum and I feel that might bore Anna.

9. Mulan

Once anda get past the outer layer of "but they're both clutzy and insecure!" Mulan and Anna really don't have much in common. Firstly, Mulan was willing to marry to satisfy her family and while I don't think Anna would be against that in principle, I think Anna would have much preferred if Mulan got married on a whim for romance, rather than because of a feeling of duty. I'm not sure Anna has any reason to relate to Mulan's feeling of not being able to tunjuk who she is; that's sort of lebih up Elsa's alley. Mulan also never felt she was closed inside the way Anna did. However I do think Mulan saving her father would be a big deal to Anna; she would really enjoy that Mulan risked her own life for her father's. Plus, they both prove they are capable of a lot lebih than people think they are. Lets not forget that Anna punched Hans in the face; I think she would think some of the fighting moves that Mulan does are really cool. I can see a young Anna dressed up as Mulan practicing karate moves in her room while she's bored (and of course, a whole closet of princess dresses). But I am honestly struggling to find a reason that she would care for Mulan, their stories are so different.

8. Tiana

While anda may be surprised to see Tiana this high, I think there are some key points to Tiana's personality that would draw Anna in. We have seen that Anna is a big peminat of food. This is just a small note, but I think Anna would Cinta that Tiana cooks. I can see her salivating while Tiana is making the beignets. I think Anna would really Cinta Tiana's never-give-up attiude since Anna is a very persistent person as well. Tiana doesn't give up on herself atau her dream and Anna has a lot of confidence when it comes to getting what she wants as well. lebih importantly, I think Anna would be enamored with charlotte and that Tiana would remind Anna of Elsa: both practical, good at bringing others down to earth, close relationship with their fathers, reserved, and not focused on romance, just on running something they're responsible for- Tiana her restaurant, and Elsa her kingdom. I think that Anna would Cinta that Tiana makes romance just as important in her dream sejak the end of the film. But Tiana's lack of fun and sometimes critical and condescending attitude may turn Anna off as well as make her feel a bit insecure about herself. I think Anna may feel a bit like Tiana is a scolding teacher.

7. Merida

Merida has this zest for life that I think would really appeal to Anna since I see it in her as well. I think she would like all that Merida accomplishes with archery, climbing up the falls, and I think Anna may even find some charm in how Merida doesn't fit into the princess mold and doesn't really want to. Anna seems like she's a lot lebih carefree about being royalty especially since she has no apparent responsibilities. I think Merida's relationship with Elinor may both touch and disappoint her. I don't think Anna would like the constant clashing between them in the beginning nor the cruel things they do to each other. But I do think she would be really moved sejak how they learn to Cinta and respect each other and treasure their relationship with each other and strive to make improvements. Anna went through all of this was Elsa. I think again, she may not like that Merida has no interest in romance atau even in chatting up one of her ex-suitors. She would, however, cut Merida some slack for being so crass with her mother; Anna was often unintentionally inconsiderate to Elsa.

6. Cinderella

There's no way Anna wouldn't fall for Cinderella's persevering kindness throughout the course of the movie. That would hit big points with Anna. As UnholyNoise said, it's impossible to not be moved sejak Cindy's ironclad will to survive without losing her kindness and humanity, and Anna would totally admire her for it. Cinderella is also trapped, albeit in an entirely different situation, and dreams of changes in her life. Anna would understand and sympathize with Cinderella's loneliness but would like that Cinderella found a way to pass the time sejak befriending the mice. Also, whether atau not it's a result of her isolation, Anna is a big romantic, and would Cinta that Cinderella gets rescued out of her oppressive and bleak situation sejak a handsome prince (or so to speak). I think she would Cinta the scene where Cinderella is talking about her mother's dress would really tug at her heartstrings since Cinderella speaks of her with such nostalgic fondness. However I think Anna would just be attracted to a lebih vibrant and energetic princess.

5. Ariel

I can hear a collective group of gasps that are sure to follow this ranking. Yes, Anna and Ariel have a lot in common. Both fall for the first guy they find attractive and I think Anna would be very impacted sejak the lyrics of "Part of Your World". Those lyrics detail Ariel's desire to be where the people are and discover the world that is so close but forbidden from her, and Anna can truly understand that. I think that song would have an important part to play in Anna's ranking of Ariel. I think she would find Ariel's vivacious personality fetching and would be the type to Cinta that she is a mermaid. However, I find Anna much lebih family oriented than Ariel and I think she may not be invested atau get enjoyment out of Ariel & Triton's relationship. The differences between Ariel + Triton and Anna + Elsa are vast. Also, Ariel's willingness to throw her entire mermaid life away and never speak to her family again on a whim may turn Anna off. While Anna is ready to marry a man she just met, she wants him to alih in with her and Elsa; I don't think she would ever abandon Elsa for a man-- I can maybe see her running away in a fit of exasperation but she would eventually want to return. Anna probably had ample opportunity to escape the istana, castle and she never did because of her utter loyalty to her sister.

4. Aurora

Anna would be smitten with Aurora. telah diberi Anna's clumsy nature, I think she would be taken with how graceful and lithe Aurora is. Both have been stuck in circumstances of isolation and have turned to longing for romance to cope. Anna is a true romantic and would Cinta the romanticism of Aurora and Phillip's relationship, I think she would positively squeal over the idea of being kissed awake sejak her prince. I think she would have conflicted feelings of Aurora returning to the istana, castle on her 16th birthday; on the one hand she wouldn't want Aurora and Phillip to part, but I think she would like to see Aurora reunite with her parents. I think Aurora may be a bit too serene for Anna, who would probably prefer a lebih animated princess.

3. Belle

I think Anna would Cinta Belle for the same reasons that Elsa would Cinta Belle- Belle defends the Beast against the mob ("he's no monster Gaston, anda are!") just as Anna does against the people of Arandelle ("that's no blizzard, that's my sister!"). Anna would totally admire how Belle sticks up for the Beast all on her own and the efforts that Belle goes through to make sure that the Beast is protected during his fight with Gaston. Anna would relish how Belle is smart, independent, and capable because Anna is striving to stand on her own two feet, and would recognize how Belle feels ignored and like she has no one to talk to since Anna basically lived childhood in virtual silence. Anna would value Belle's generosity and self-sacrifice in taking her father's place because she would absolutely do the same for Anna. Anna would really look up to Belle as a role model.

2. Snow White

I think Anna would see a lot of herself in Snow White. Firstly, despite her circumstances, Snow White has a relentlessly positive attitude. Anna never lets go of the hope she has of repairing her relationship with Anna and her relationship with the kingdom being restored to its former glory. She is always finding a way to entertain herself until, not if, that hari comes, just as Snow always searches for a positive outlook. Both are kind and understanding to others, but not without their outbursts, although Anna can be a little lebih abrasive. Anna and Snow White are both bossy but in an incredibly endearing way; their positivity and drive motivates the people around them. Snow has this effervescent and magnetic personality that Anna would be totally enraptured with. Snow White would just give Anna so much joy.

1. Rapunzel

I think we all saw this one coming but there is validity to this. I don't really see Anna as a Rapunzel knockoff as there are significant differences between them but they're definitely analogous. Rapunzel is physically bound to her tower, unable to find the courage to leave until the opportunity presents itself, and her only companion is her passive aggressive faux mother, Gothel. Anna (for reasons still unknown) is confined in the istana, castle as well and never ventures outside until coronation day, when the istana, castle gates finally open. The only individual availble for Anna to talk to (besides the staff) literally and figuratively has her back to her. Both have hyperactive, exuberant, overeager personalities and prove themselves to be lebih competent than people expect. I don't think there is any merit to say Anna would be disappointed that Rapunzel didn't stay with Gothel just because Anna stuck sejak Elsa- Elsa is a lebih complex situation while Gothel is clearly a villain who doesn't Cinta Rapunzel and only uses her for her own gain. Anna would revere the Cinta story between Rapunzel and Flynn since it's somewhat similar to hers and Kristoff's. She would Cinta watching Rapunzel come into her own since Anna learns about herself through trying to save her sister.