I know Anna isn't real - but I still want to wish her a Happy Birthday.
Last year, I wrote an artikel where I listed off of my 40 kegemaran fan-arts of Anna. It was June 21st, a.k.a. Anna's Birthday. And I wanted to honor that sejak Penulisan that article. I did the same with Elsa and I even wrote a sequel artikel to that article. Now, I'm doing the same for Anna. She may not be as popular as her sister, but she will always be just as important to me.
The rules are the same: 1.This time, I'll only senarai off 25 instead of 40; 2.I'll reuse fan-arts from the Elsa ones as long as they feature Anna; 3.I won't include official artworks atau screenshots from anything she appeared in. I will only include things made sejak the fans, as a loving tribute to this amazing character.

1."Anna's Beauty"

I don't know the name of the artist, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying this amazing piece of work!
Anna looks both beautiful and adorable here. The contrast of bright Warna with the dark Warna of her clothes are really spectacular. Another detail I noticed is that the image contains both snowflakes and flowers. The snowflakes presumably represent Elsa and the Bunga represent Anna. This could represent that Anna may take center stage, but Elsa will always be with her. maybe that's why she's looking away. maybe she's looking at Elsa and holding her hand, we just can't see it.
I also like the pelangi, rainbow effect of the title.

2."DP Anna" sejak Kukunia92

This is a lebih realistic depiction of what Anna would look like, and she looks gorgeous! The black corset creates good contrast with the green ribbons and skirt.
I also Cinta how the artist made her look realistic, without taking away her likeness. If anda look closely, anda can see the freckles on her skin. That's just amazing detail. Plus, she has a nice rack.
Her facial expression is also really charming. Giving off a confident and powerful look. This creates contrast with another seni peminat that the artist created, this time of Elsa. The one with Elsa has her menunjukkan her back and glancing towards us with a sad expression, while this one has her facing and smiling towards us.
I like the detail in the background. It gives a very casual loo, which fits Anna's character.

3.Anna and the bird.

As an animal lover, I always enjoy seeing characters I like interacting with different animals. Mostly because it allows us to know lebih about them as people and how they react, atau simply because it's cute. This is one of those instances.
One of my kegemaran bits from "First Time in Forever" is the scene where Anna picks up a bunch of baby ducks - which I find very adorable! Especially because I owned and still own baby ducks myself.
One thing I like about this seni peminat is that the bird isn't made clear what bird it technically is, leaving it to our imagination. Personally, it kind of looks like a nightingale, which could be reference to the book of the same name, written sejak Hans Christian Andersen. atau maybe it's a baby itik and I'm just looking too deep into them.
I also Cinta the warm Warna used in this picture. Anna's primarily red, while the little bird is yellow, creating a very good contrast. Plus, the warmer Warna fit with Anna's character.

4."Witch Anna"

This is one of the cutest fan-arts of Anna I've ever seen! I Cinta the little witch look the artist gave her - it makes her look like an apprentice magician girl. Especially with that hat and huge smile.
The Warna in this seni peminat are amazing! They all pop and the contrast is very striking and beautiful. Especially since there are no outlines making it look hand-painted. A subtle thing about it is that her clothes are rather dark and gloomy, but her chest glowing, representing her golden heart. Plus, there are parts from her original costume that are present here, making it look like as if her clothes magically transformed into a witch outfit. And Olaf looks absolutely adorable! This honestly feels like something that Anna herself would draw.
It's also quite ironic that she's a witch in this image, because her sister Elsa is voiced sejak Idina Menzel, who also played the witch Elphaba from Wicked.

5.Anna and the crown.

This seni peminat depicts Anna, holding the royal crown while wearing her funeral outfit. This could mean two things: 1. This happens after her parents' funeral, contemplating what will happen to the kingdom. 2. Elsa just died and now the royal duties fall onto Anna. I honestly think that the latter is what actually happened.
Anna is crying in the picture while holding the crown, but not because she associates Elsa with that crown. But because she's not as experienced as her sister, and now that she's gone, she doesn't know what to do, even though she really needs Elsa's guidance. It's a very human thing to do, and if Elsa does die in a future media (I hope she doesn't.), then I'm certain that this is what Anna would do.
Also, the Warna and shading are fantastic and give off a very somber feeling, which fits the content of the image.

6."Punk Anna"

I Cinta Anna's punk look. If Anna lived in the modern world, then this is very close to what she would wear in real life. The baseball hate, the baju that shows off her stomach and navel, and those shorts.
Once again, the artist gives Elsa a lebih realistic look, but I prefer this one because there's lebih personality to it. Her pose and expressions are so Anna-like! I also like how she's barefoot, which I can relate to because I personally prefer walking around barefoot myself, especially in warm weather.

7."Anna's curse" sejak TheFandomWhore

The fan-arts depicts a five tahun old Anna, with the ice shard is shot in her heart, while she's unconscious.
This is "What if?" kind of scenario, where Anna was shot in the hati, tengah-tengah instead of the head. This is kind of tragic, because she's just a toddler, yet she suffered a fatal blow that will inevitably kill her. atau maybe she's already dead, judging from her expression.
In my eyes, this could also represent how Elsa's separation started to poison Anna and fester within her. Hence "Anna curse", because she's both literally and figuratively cursed. She's cursed sejak Elsa's magic, and the separation that destroyed her from within.
The dark background kind of looks like she's underwater, like she's in darkness atau is she's drowning. But she's still bright, representing how there's still hope.

8."Anna playing in the snow." sejak Nyamo

This seni peminat is very relatable to me, because I also did this sort of thing a lot when I was little, and still do as a young adult. Crouching down, and making drawings in the snow with a song on the lips.
Anna's also drawing imej that appear in the movie: Olaf and a Snowflake; and well as the artist's name. Nyamo does some fantastic fan-arts of Frozen and its characters. One of the reasons why is because of the simplicity of her artwork and how expressive the characters are. Plus, she depicts them in situations that make sense for them.

9."Anna eating marshmallows".

This is one of the funniest ones. Anna's eating marshmallows, while also being pantsless and looking like she's got caught.
From her looks, she looks to be in her teens, probably 13-14, which is something that a teenage Anna, atau even adult Anna would do.
I can also kind of relate to this, because there are instances where I walk around without pants in my room when I have no clean pants, atau I'm procrastinating again.
I also like how she's eating marshmallows, because the snow monster that Elsa created was named Marshmallow, who looks like he can eat Anna.

10."Happy Valentine's hari from Anna"

While I'm not the most romantic person, atau had any luck with Valentine's Day, I do appreciate that at least other people found happiness in that day.
I Cinta the idea of Anna dressing up in a new dress for Valentine's Day, mostly because her outfit in this seni peminat is gorgeous. The Warna are amazing, and I even Cinta that little wand of hers.
I also like the anime-like look the artist gave Anna, and it fits perfectly for this situation.

11."Anna Snow"

I freaking Cinta Game of Thrones! I freaking Cinta Frozen! Seeing them combined brings a huge smile on my face!
Silliness aside, this is an incredible picture. While Anna's isn't as expressive before, her outfit and the artstyle lebih than make up for that.
Because this is probably set in a Frozen x Game of Thrones, her outfit fits perfectly into that world. I especially Cinta the warrior look she has. Makes her look badass. Standing all alone sejak herself in the snow, looking like she's awaiting something...or someone. Maybe in this fan-arts world, Anna is the hero and Elsa is the monster she has to slay. Speaking of which, the darkness in this picture is actually kind of creepy, with her just standing there. It's like awaiting the unknown entity that lurks in the darkness.
I also like how they incorporated Hans' sword into the picture. The same weapon that almost killed her sister is know being used again.

12."Anna's New Dress"

Back in my 8th grade, before Frozen Fever was even out, there were screenshots from the short. One of them showed what Elsa and Anna will look like. I remember falling in Cinta with their dresses. They both look gorgeous.
No joke, but Anna's birthday dress in Frozen Fever is my kegemaran dress of hers. The combination of green, yellow and black contrast wonderfully with each other. I especially Cinta the sunflower designs on her skirt. In fact, every floral pattern on her dress look great. I always Cinta it when in clothing, there are these minor details that make it look lebih unique.
Of course, Anna looks amazing here. I especially Cinta how she bows. Maybe as a sign of respect towards Elsa. And her smile never ceases to make me happy.

13."Chubby Anna"

I'm not a pervert atau something, I just think Anna looks adorable in this fan-art.
Back in November of 2017, I discovered this fan-art, and it made me wonder if Anna should be fat for Frozen 2, since it would create good contrast between Elsa and Anna. Plus, she was kept inside her castle, eating sandwiches and chocolate. I asked two of my Friends about this, and they basically berkata that making her fat wouldn't make any sense story wise. Both Elsa and Anna already have warm personalities, she physical activities in the yard, she probably has good metabolism, and she wouldn't be very marketable towards girls. Not to mention that it would only appeal to fat, ugly feminists who are too lazy to put down the fork and pick up the weights, and instead force their unhealthy lifestyle upon others.
With that aside, I just want to say that even though she's fat, she still looks incredibly adorable. Her pose is, once again, very Anna-like. And I Cinta her Summer outfit. Even though she's fat, I still want to Ciuman her on the cheeks and hug her tightly.

14."Chubby Anna" sejak Yamino

Like the sebelumnya one, this has an overweight Anna. Don't worry, I don't have some kind of fetish for this stuff. I just think she looks both adorable and beautiful.
This is done differently. For one, she's wearing her actual dress. And Second, her pose, expression and artstyle are different.
I Cinta her little walk, makes her look like sh'es taking a stroll on the beach. And her smile is once again, breath taking.
My only complaint is that her hair is lighter, when it's supposed to be darker.
I think a lot of people are complaining about why wasn't Anna fat. Simple: because they don't want to appeal to fat, ugly losers who do nothing but whine and probably don't even care about their movie.
I guess, but at the same time, Anna spent plenty of her time doing physical activities sejak herself within istana, castle walls. Like riding her bike and running around, crap like that. Just because someone's diet is questionable doesn't automatically qualify them to be "chubby."
It's unreasonable to assume that ANYONE suffering from emotional trauma and a poor diet is required to be portrayed as chubby. (Not to mention that Elsa is also playful and warm.) I don't like the idea that physical appearance leads people to automatically associate personality traits. (Just look at Dolores Umbridge.) That's how discrimination occurs.
Also, can we stop classifying realistic body proportions as "fat" please? Like Seriously?
Do anda people think that Ariel, a Mermaid who swims constantly would be fat? atau that Belle, a woman living in France before the French Revolution would be fat? atau Pocahontas, a Native American girl who constantly runs around and helps to carry heavy things and hunt would be fat?
Every time I see artikel-artikel atau fan-arts like this that are made sejak people like you, makes me so mad. anda boast about "Oh! Think of all the little fat girls that look like these skinny princesses and hate themselves!" but fail to think to think about the little skinny girls who hear people talk about how being skinny isn't "normal" atau "realistic" and feel bad about themselves.
There are two sides to every coin. Skinny and fat kids got picked on for being skinny and fat. This type of crap isn't for the "teh liddle gurls", it's for fat, vain women who feel insecure because of a freaking cartoon.

15."Anna" sejak PONZU

PONZU's quite possibly one of the best fan-artists I've ever seen online. her Disney artworks are jawdroppingly inspired. Her artworks are very colorful, with the characters being very expressive while also being stylized. Making for a very beautiful image that honestly belongs in an art museum.
This is one of my kegemaran Anna fan-arts from her. The mozek look gives it a sense of importance, and PONZU captured Anna's doubts and inferiority complex perfectly in this image.

16."I'm sorry"

One of the things that I Cinta about Anna as a character is that she suffers from an Inferiority Complex. Years of neglect has made her think less of herself, either because she believes Elsa thinks she's beneath her, atau she did something to her that made Elsa hate her.
I Cinta how she apologizes, even though she didn't do anything wrong. It makes her character lebih relatable, because this is usually what children who are neglected usually think.
Another detail I Cinta is the doll she's sleeping with. It's obvious that those anak patung represent both Elsa and Anna. She's holding onto Elsa because she's holding onto hope. Hope, that one hari Elsa will forgive her and they can be together again.

17."For once would somebody open the door" sejak Toyboy566

The tajuk is based on a line that Anna says in the Frozen Broadway Musical.
I personally haven't seen the new Frozen musical and no interest in it (Mostly because they changed the skin color of one of my kegemaran characters to fit an SJW agenda), I must say that some of the things that cam out of it were very impressive. I can personally see this scene play out in the movie. Where Anna begs Elsa to open the door, and is sick of being shut out over and over again.
Also, the shading and glow effect are amazing!

18."Anna Olaf's Frozen Adventure" sejak Axsens

This picture is absolutely stunning. The colors, shading, etc. Everything about it is just a joy to see.
While I prefer Elsa's dress from OFA, I also really like Anna's! In promotional pictures, Anna keeps her hair in a bun in this outfit but I preffer seeing her with the pigtails because it Suits her more.
I Cinta Anna's expression here. She looks like she's going to cry tears of joy. Maybe because this is the first "real" Krismas they ever had in years.

19."Kill la Frozen"

I freaking Cinta crossover fan-arts like these!
A few months ago, I marathoned the entirety of Kill la Kill and I loved it! It's not of my kegemaran animes ever, but it's definitely a lot of fun to watch.
Of course, because Ryuko and Satsuki are sisters, there had to be Frozen crossover fan-art. Especially with Satsuki being the serious and organized one, while Ryuko is the energetic and angry one.
I Cinta how Elsa and Anna are drawn here. They fit right into the Kill la Kill universe, and look great in the kamuis.
I also Cinta how distinct their expressions are. Elsa is serious, stand calmly and elegantly, and her eyes invoke a commanding figure. Anna does a dynamic pose, is angry and ready to strike, and her eyes invoke anger and aggression.

20."Anna lying down" sejak Aaron Kirby

While I relate lebih to Elsa, I also relate a lot to Anna. I also sometimes do poses like these when I'm lying in bed.
Once again, I Cinta how the artist captured Anna's character with this fan-art. Not only does she look like she's ripped straight out of the movie, and the crayon-work looks incredible. This looks like one those kind of posters atau advertisement artwork you'd see in 30's atau even 50's New York.
I also like the small detail of painting her nail green. It just looks really pretty, in my opinion, and I think it Suits her.
What I also like is her expression. Not only is she so joyful it fills me with joy, but she's also probably staring at somebody else - presumably Elsa.

21."Gym Leader Anna" sejak IsaiahStephens

Seeing how I'm such a big peminat of Pokemon, of course I'd include it.
Well, possibly, Anna might be a rumput Type Gym Leader,since she's like the opposite of Elsa. Pretty cute, but I think she'll be lebih on the cute Normal types side.
Like PONZU, this artist has a lot of talent when it comes to drawing Disney characters. Not only is the lighting absolutely stunning, but it also makes Anna look both cute and cool at the same time.
I also like her Pokemon choices: Bellosom for the cuteness; Pidgeot represents her free-spirited personality; and Venusaur because they look alike. Though, it would've been nice if it was a female Venusaur.

22."Frozen Anna" sejak xlayers

In this picture, Anna's half-frozen and basically half-dead, running towards Elsa to save her.
One of the things that I Cinta Anna as a character that even though she had the chance to cure herself from Elsa's curse, she instead chose to sacrifice herself for Elsa, the person she loved the most. Combined with Elsa hugging Anna after years of neglect, they were able to break the curse.
The artstyle here is also amazing. The Warna and shading are beautiful, and it conveys the fear and dread that Anna and even the audience must have felt in that situation. The shock in Anna's eyes basically tell everything. She's literally dying, but chose to save her sister instead.

23."Mama, why won't Elsa play with me?"

This is one of the most tragic ones. Anna loved nothing lebih than to just play with Elsa. But now that Elsa has to shut her out, she can't play with her anymore. Anna is sad and thinks Elsa's neglecting her, and she doesn't know why. It's understandable why she would ask her mother, since they spent time with Elsa. But they can't tell her the secret, mostly because she probably won't be able to handle it.
Both of their expressions in this image is heartbreaking. From Anna's confusion about why Elsa doesn't want to play with her, to the Queen wanting to comfort her, but not knowing how to tell Anna the truth.

24."Firebender Anna" sejak racookie3.

Okay, last crossover seni peminat of Anna!
Avatar is one of my kegemaran shows of all time, the idea of freely control an element always fascinated me. Red is my all time kegemaran color, and api, kebakaran is the closest element to it. And I think Anna's perfect for it!
I really Cinta Anna's dress, especially with the little, red flame designs on it.
And I also like how she forms a bulatan with the fire, like she's inviting us to play with her. She's also in a dark room, and lighting it up could represent a sort of "light in the darkness" kind of thing.

25."Anna's Mural" sejak Yours Truly.

Yes, this was done sejak me! This is the very first Anna seni peminat I ever did.
Allow me to explain how this came about: back in March of this year, one of my classmates got ill and was forced to stay home. Because I felt sorry for her, I decided to make a drawing that she can pin on her bedroom wall. She's a big peminat of Steven Universe, so I made a drawing of a Diamond's Mural. Back in October of 2017, I painted all fours murals of the Diamonds for Art Class, and the girl berkata that she wanted one. I wanted to make her happy, so I made my own Diamond Mural as a present. When I gave it to her, she was incredibly happy and even kissed me on the cheeks.
I bring this up, because this gave me the idea of drawing murals of Elsa and Anna as well.
I'm a big peminat of Steven Universe, and the main "villains" of the series are the Diamonds. Giant, all-powerful beings that are seen as deities on the Gem Homeworld.
As a result, they made Murals for them that depicts them owning many planning, menunjukkan their power and authority.
Because I Cinta the designs of the murals, I decided to do one myself, and made a Diamond-style mural for Elsa and Anna.
Whats' special about these two drawings is that I made them like the French Frozen posters in mind, where if anda put them side-by-side, they kind of form one image. I made Elsa's bigger to signify that she's the oldest. and the mystery and power she invokes. And I made Anna's a bit smaller to represent the fact that she's the youngest, and lebih dynamic to represent her energetic nature. I also designed both in a way to make it look like as if Anna's running and looking towards Elsa, while Elsa remains still, just like in her palace.

One of the appeals that drew me to Cinta both Elsa and Anna is that I was able to relate to them on a level that I never could before with other characters. Both of them are so similar to me that it almost feels like Disney made the two perfect characters for me. Because of that, Frozen and its characters became one of the most inspirational things in my life. For instance, starting my Fanpop career, and making me interested even lebih in Disney animation.
I know it sounds creepy, but I sometimes wish that Elsa and Anna were real, atau least be imaginary Friends of mine. Back during my middle-school and early high-school years, every time I felt down, sad, depressed, angry, atau scared, I'd usually imagine Elsa atau Anna being there to comfort, help atau support me whenever my parents atau grandparents aren't present.
In lebih baru-baru ini times, I've become a lebih mature person, and have mostly grown out of that loner phase, and became a bit lebih extroverted. Yesterday, and the hari before it I went to swim at the local lake, and while I was swimming, I imagined some of my classmate Friends cheering me to keep going. It's because of the lessons that Elsa and Anna taught me that I've become who I am now.
When I was 14, I berkata that if I had three wishes, one of them would've been for Elsa and Anna to be real. But now I know that would've been selfish, and they would've rather wanted me to wish for the cure for Cancer and HIV, for instance.
I know they're not real, but they feel real to me. Happy Birthday, Princess Anna of Arendelle!

As always, Smell ya' Later!