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Tonight's rewatch: Both Frozen shorts
Last time watched: 2018

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
Like Frozen, these shorts came out in my 20s so I wasn't a kid but like I berkata before, I'm a kid at heart! I was hesitant to watch both shorts because I kept hearing a lot of Frozen haters call these shorts cash cows and berkata the holiday special was boring. I hardly heard anything positive about both shorts. I watched Frozen Fever about a week atau two after it premiered and I loved it and I finally watched Olaf's Frozen Adventure around Krismas time last tahun and, again, loved it!

Why I Cinta these shorts so much:
Cash cows atau not, these shorts are so incredibly fun to watch if anda just sit down and enjoy it without overthinking some things.

In Frozen Fever we see lebih of Elsa and Anna together which is something I had expected to see in Frozen and this time we see them having fun together. And Elsa and Anna's separation is brought up in a way that doesn't try to manipulate anyone into feeling sorry for Elsa on Anna's birthday. It's only mentioned a couple times where Elsa wants so badly to make it up to Anna for not having a real birthday for her whole life.

I Cinta the follow the string activity Elsa set up for Anna and it's something I would Cinta to do for a kid's birthday atau Krismas with my family.

Olaf's Frozen Fever was another cute special that focused lebih on Olaf trying to find a tradition for Elsa and Anna for the holidays. It was so fun seeing different traditions celebrated sejak different people that were either very common atau were unique.

Elsa and Anna's seperation was brought up again and this time it does make anda feel sad for the characters because it was the right time for it. Elsa blames herself that they weren't able to celebrate the holidays properly for so many years that they don't even remember what their original traditions were. It brings attention to how in the dark Anna and Elsa felt their whole lives if even Anna was unable to celebrate while Elsa was in her room. The fact that Olaf was part of their tradition was a surprise I definetely didn't see coming even though several people probably did. It was a cute way of menunjukkan the audience that Olaf wasn't just a snowman the sisters played with possibly once at the beginning of the movie and was then randomly brought back.

Unlike the movie Frozen I had fun watching both the specials the whole time. The thing I loved the most about these specials is that unlike Enchanted Tales the Frozen specials weren't trying so hard to teach the viewers a lesson they both were just telling a story.

Rating: 9/10 and 9/10

Would I watch it again?
Heck yes!

seterusnya week's movie will be Mulan!
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