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Hella: But I didnt send any fairy to help me.

Fairy godmother: I know dearie, were like Santa Claus, we always watch your every move. The only difference is that we go to that location to help with whatever.
Jackal: See? I told ya Santa was real!

Hella: Why didnt anda come to help me before-

Fairy godmother: (Sounded annoyed)For crist sake, sometimes theres things that we can do and what we cannot do. Like bring someone back from the dead!

Peggy: So, anda know about that royal ball then?

Fairy godmother: Sure do, and I'm gona take anda there wit just a snap of this wand.

Bobby: Wouldnt it break?

Fairy godmother: Uh, I meant with a TOUCH of my wand. But first, lets give anda a makeover.

Hella: But I berkata I didnt-

Fairy godmoter: Pippitee poppitee POOP! *Whacks her with the wand*

Hella: Ouch! Huh?

*Magic dust forms around her, and then, POOF! She has a long black and red dress with acessories and a tiara*

Peggy + Jackal: Oooh.

Bobby: SMOKIN HOT! Now thats what I call a dress!

Hella: .....

Fairy godmother: Okay... now lets make a ride. *Touchs her katil and POOF! Its now a flying carriage*

Hella: What the?

Fairy godmother: Have a nice time at the ball, and remember, when the clock strikes tweleve, the spell will break and everything will be back to the way it was before I met you(And whacked your head wit my wand). So long. *Waves Good-bye and disappears*

Narrator: The carriage flys up and up and zooms over to the ball, while Hellas animal Friends screamed like sissies.

Scene 10- outside the Palace.

Narrator: The carriage lands on the floor, crushing the to parked cars. And Hella steps out and makes her entrance.

Hella: Well, this sucks.

Rodney: hei Hella, I see you've decided to come here after all.

Hella: *Whispers* How the f**k do U still recognize me? Even with my tiara?

Rodney: Um *points* Your necklace?

Hella: Oh thats just great. Hopefully, my stepmom and stpesisters wont recognize me. *Goes inside*

Rodney: *Scrathces his head* Why is her ride so, floppy?

Scene 11- Inside the Palace.

Kuffy: Musy mongruel and Lisa Loofenburg...

*Musy and Lisa tunjuk up 2 Charles and bow, then leaves*
Kuffy: Anabella and Denaji um, what were their last names? *Ana and Dena tunjuk up 2 greet Carles, bow down, and left(while punchin each other)*

Kuffy: *mutters* This party sucks ballz. Huh? *Sees Charles leavin his takhta to greet someone*

Charles: *taps her shoulder*

Hella: What is it? Are anda suppose to be the prince?

Charles: Indeed I am, can't anda tell? *Shows off*

Hella: No, U look like some1 pretending to be the prince. Is this a costume party atau a prom?

Charles: *Chuckles* anda sure are funny. *Lowers hand *Would anda like to dance with me?

Hella: Don't anda mean "May I have this dance?"
Charles: *Grabs her hand* I'd Cinta to.

Narrator: And they start to dance under the spotlight. Hella didnt like it one bit but everyone gathered to see them dance romanticly(even Stella & the stepsisters).

Denaji: I cant believe weird goth girl gets 2 dance wit the prince!

Anabella: I know, I wanted to dance with him!

Stella: Wait a second, she looks familiar... *While she was thinking, lebih people rushed in and blocked their views*
Stella: Hey! Get the hell out of th way! RICO!

Narrator: They all partyed and danced 4 hours, until the clock struck 12.

Hella: *Gasps* Sh!t! Crap! Uh- I- I gotta go!

Charles: But I dont even know your name!

Hella: I dont care, I never even wanted 2 come here in th 1st place! *Pushes him outta the way and runs toward the door*

Rodney: SHIT! Why is she leavin? Close the gates I repeat, close the gates! *Yells softly* Hella, where U goin?

Hella: Nunya!

Rod: Huh?

Hella: None ya bees- *slips on water, starts sliding, bumps into a gay kinght, the topi keledar goes onto her(For some reason), and trips on the stairs, landing on the floor. Then opens th lid, runs off to her vehicle, and trys to escape*

Soilder: api, kebakaran AT WILL! *Cannons were exploding as the vehicl trys 2 avoid them*

Rodney: Wait! Dont shoot!

Narrator: But they couldnt hear him cause of the exploding cannons. Hella also manages to escape.

Hella: Phew! That was a close call.

Narrator: Suddenly, the spell got weaker and weaker as the carriage starts faling instead of flyin.

Hella: Oh no, don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall- CRAAP! *They fall into the ground*

To Be Continued in part 6.....
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