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Chapter 7:

A bulan went sejak and things only got worse, small distubances
between the colonist and the natives were becoming lebih commom.
People had been hurt, but no one had been killed.
I hadn't ventured out into the woods since my first hari here, I was
secretly terrified of running into the Natives again. That night really
had shaken me up.
I have a scar on my forehead where the branch had cut me on the
way to their village, the doctor told me that it was highly likely that
I would have it the rest of my life.
I could'nt let any of this effect me today, my parents were arriving
from London and I was excited to see them.
As we were readying ourselves for their arrival Cecily kept her
back turned to me. Since our arrival she had been even colder to
Cecily still was with Edward, they wernt exactly courting since they
would have to receive my father's permission for that but they were
inseperable. Edward just annoyed me and quite honestly I could not
see what my sister saw in him.
Adam and I have still been hanging out, we take walks around town
and just talk about life. Both of us decided that we should stay safe
inside the town instead of venturing off.
"Elizabeth! Cecily! Hurry now, anda want to see your parents arrive
don't you?" Thomas yelled from downstairs, I could hear him pacing
on the wood floor and couldn't help but smile. Thomas and Linda had
been very nice to us since our arrival, we had enjoyed our stay with
Our stuff had already been moved to the utama that my father had
bought awhile lalu over here. It was nice and big, but wasn't as homey
as this utama had been at first.
"Coming!" Cecily and I yelled at the same time as we smoothed out
our dresses and fixed our hair. Finally we both walked down the
stairs to find the red head mockingly tapping his foot.
"Girls I thought anda were going to make us miss the unloading" I
rolled my eyes as he jokingly swept his arm in the direction of the door.
Cecily giggled and followed him with me behind her.
People were already running to the docks overlooking the beautiful
blue waters where a ship in the distance could be seen. Smiling I
took off running to where the crowd was gathered ready to see my
Cecily and Thomas came up behind me as the ship came closer and
closer to the dock.
Finally the ship arrived and the plank was put down for the
passengers to get off.
First off was my parents.
Mother had her up in a twist, black as a raven and her skin was
still the copper color like Cecily's. I could see the worry lines that
had developed over the years on her face. Father was standing
seterusnya to her in blue with his black boots, arm wrapped around her
thin waist and blonde hair blowing with the wind.
The crowd gathered around them as they placed their feet on the
"Captain John Smith! Are we glad to see you!" One of the men
exclaimed clapping my father on the back as I tried to push my way
through the people gathered.
"Yes we have been in danger!" A blonde women told him her big
blue eyes wide with fear, even though I feel she was being some
what overdramatic.
"Mom! Dad!" I yelled over the voices of the crowd and saw my
father turn my way, he gave a huge smile and held out his arms while
I finally reached him and almost knocked him over in a hug.
"Beth, I have missed you" Father whispered in my ear as he held
me close and kissed my forehead.
Cecily finally found her way through the crowd and came over and
joined the hug, along with my mother.
"Oh girls, we have missed anda so" Mother told us touching our
cheeks with her copper colored hands. I smiled up at her with tears
in my eyes, I had missed my parents a lot.
"John! Pocahontas!" Thomas broke throught the crowd and came over
to the little reunion.
"Thomas! I see that my daughters are still alive" My father clapped
him on the back and gave him a goofy smile.
"Ahah very funny John, but theres been some trouble" My father
raised an eyebrow at Thomas but gestured for us to follow him.
We arrived at the kabin where Linda had already made teh for
"So what's this trouble that everyone seems so shaken up about?"
Father asked while taking a sip of the steamy drink. We were sitted
around the living room. Mom and Dad were on the sofa, kerusi panjang with Thomas
and Linda sitting on the other, Cecily and I just sat on the floor.
"John, Pocahontas...theres been some trouble with the Natives" Both
of their eyes went wide with shock and misunderstanding.
"Thats impossible why would they..." Mother asked in misbelief
as she shared a look with Dad. They both had the same expressions
on their face.
"Over the past years theirs been some growing tension between
our people and them, but last bulan an event broke whatever peace
we had and now small outbreaks of violence have begun taking place"
Thomas told them his hand gripping Linda's tightly. Suddenly I felt
uncomfortable, this was in a sense a lot of my doing, I had snuck
out that one night and I was the one that broke that peace.
"What broke the peace?" That was the soalan I had feared that
my Father would ask.
"Well...on the hari of their arrival Elizabeth and her friend were
temporarily taken captive" Both of my parents turned to me
their eyes wide with worry, concern, and a bit of anger.
"What! Why?!" My mother asked frantically looking back at the red head
looking for an answer.
"They had been out in the woods with a weapon in case of an
attack when they were captured, they were realeased at dawn" I
remembered all the events like it was yesterday, the village, the
chief, his face when I had told him who I was. It all hadn't added up.
"Elizabeth, how did anda get them to let anda go?" Dad asked me curiously
coming over and sitting down in front of me touching the scar that
rest on my forehead.
"I told the chief my name, and he let me go" Mother's eyes went
wide and her hand flew to her hati, tengah-tengah and I could see the tears welling
up in her eyes.
No one spoke and only waited for her to voice her thoughts.
"I can't believe it..." She whispered the tears rolling down her cheeks
as my Father stood up and crouched down in front of her wiping them
from her face.
"He let her go though, he knows" Dad whispered to her brushing the
hair from her face and Ciuman her gently on the forehead.
"After all this time...he still..." sejak this time Mother started sobbing and
Cecily and I looked at each other in surprise and concern.
Suddenly it all clicked together in my mind, they both knew how I
had escaped so easily, they both knew why I was set free without harm.
"You know why the chief let me go" I stated looking into my
Fathers blue eyes that mimicked mine almost perfectly. He let out
a huge sigh and used his hand to pull my mom's chin up.
"We have to tell her, she will end up finding out anyway" Mother just
nodded at him, her face stained with now dried tears.
"The reason he let anda go...is because he's my father and he must of
realized that anda were my child" This was not an answer I had been

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