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first, I want to apologize for the pictures. I didn't feel like making them, didn't have inspiration, but I wait too long to write this article.
Anyway, here we go!

11.Prince Charming
It's interesting that Prince Charming spends so much time yawning during the ball, because I think most of Fanpop spends their time yawning when they think about Prince Charming. He merely served as a body for Cinderella to dance with and couldn't even be bothered to find the girl he liked- probably exhausted from all that eye rolling.

"Prince Charming is my least kegemaran prince. That's a usual spot for him,...
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Hi! I'm @arendelle and this is my list, least to favorite. Enjoy!

11: Beauty and The Beast

This movie, I simply found boring. It reminds me of most Filem where a girl looks inside of the man and he saves her. The end. To me, it was a very cliche modern fairy tale, one I'd probably make up as a child to tell an adult. I feel like Beauty and The Beast scores better with a younger audience than an older one, since it teaches good moral values that maybe little one's don't know but we do.
Music: I found the Muzik poorly written and rushed. Even though I do like the chorus in the song Belle a lot,...
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Pocahontas was still distressed from the sebelumnya events in the day. John suggested she go outside for some fresh air. She accepted and he gladly went along with her. The atmosphere was nice. Pocahontas looked at her bump. It was TINY for it to be in a 5 bulan range. John chuckled. "It'll get bigger with time." he said.

Meeko came dashing towards Pocahontas and examined the bump. Pocahontas laughed. "It still needs time to grow, Meeko." she berkata sweetly. "Have anda thought of any names?" John asked. "I've thought about Steps High." Pocahontas answered. "I like that." John replied. "What names...
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Hello everybody :3
So,I'm kinda new to Fanpop and I really Cinta Penulisan and Disney princesses,so what's the better start then do senarai of favourite Disney princesses?
Also,English isn't my native language,so forgive me for few mistakes :)
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I don't mean to hate atau hurt anybody.
So,let's begin (:

I really Cinta Aurora and,unlike some people,I actually think that she has big personality.She is a beautiful and kind dreamer,she is playful and curious,she is mature and caring...
When I was little,she was actually my second.The main reason why she is last...
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posted by sweetie-94
It's been a while since I last made this list, it's changed since then and for the first time I'll include Anna and Elsa in this article, I've noticed that this senarai is very similar to my prettiest DP senarai with only a few exceptions, anyway enjoy this article

13. Ariel

The only DP Hair that I don't like at all, the only time I like her hair is when she's on land, the color is awful and the hair is too thick for my taste

12. Jasmine

The only reason melati, jasmine is higher than Ariel is because her hair is black which is my kegemaran haircolor, but other than that I have pretty much the same...
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 1st Place: juliemontoya - "Cinderella"
1st Place: juliemontoya - "Cinderella"
Hey!! Welcome to the first official ikon of the bulan article!!!(Yes, Yes, I know VERY late! I was busy xD) Anyway soooo... the winner of The very first ikon of The Month... is... *Drumroll*
juliemontoya with her ikon "Cinderella"

1st: juliemontoya's "Cinderella"
2nd: Popcornfan's "Glow"
3rd: fanlovver's "Reflection"

Here is an interview with juliemontoya:

About Her:

Q:When did anda join?

A: I joined 3 years ago, in may 2011. But last tahun I was really busy and didn't have time to come to fanpop. I came back at the beginning of the year.

Q: Why did anda join?

A: I joined because...
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posted by fanlovver
About time!

My name is Anna and I live in Norway (believe it atau not).
I was born on 4th of July, 1999. I live with my family of four; My father, mother and my big sister.

I have blue eyes, medium dark blonde hair and light skin. I think the DP i resemble the most is Cinderella, but I don't have as tiny feet as her! It could also be Anna, we share the same name, freckles, clumsiness, awkwardness and eyes.

I am outgoing in general, but lately I've been what other people calls an introvert. I'm pretty creative, at least that's what I've heard.


Favorite Disney Movie
It has always been Lion...
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posted by casserola
When Rapunzel was kidnapped Mother Gothel brainwashed her.She berkata that the world was a dangerous place and people would not only harm her,but also her hair and Rapunzel was too weak to defend herself and didn't have a clue what the outside world contained while Mother Gothel knew what people could do and understood what a precious thing Rapunzel's hair was so she knew how to keep it safe.She's basically saying Rapunzel can't keep her and her hair selamat, peti deposit keselamatan because she doesn't realise how dangerous the world is and how special her hair is.This makes Rapunzel...
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posted by dclairmont
Creds to the amazing dimitri_ for coming up with this idea for an artikel :)

I would change my name to Kristoff
I'm basically obsessed with all things Norwegian; culture, language, names, so I'd Cinta to have Kristoff's name! Scandinavian names are my kegemaran type of names besides Russian :3

I would want Anna's selflessness and boldness
I'm a bit selfish at times, so I think having Anna's selflessness, bravery, and courage would be really great. Her boldness in social situations is also something I can appreciate, since I'm quite the opposite.

I would want Fa Zhao as my parent
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
Why I Cinta Merida

As far as some of anda know, I'm a HUGE Merida peminat and supporter, and when she is insulted atau even not shown any gradual Cinta compared to the other Princesses I fight and stand up for her. Recently she's been gaining the Cinta she deserved, I don't know where it started but as soon as that happened I felt enlightened with delight. I secretly {not a secret anymore} feel that I had something to do with the Cinta she's been gaining, but of corse, that's an over exaggeration but I'll just pretend it happened like that. When Merida is called ugly atau plain my face turns red but an...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
Aye, ears are cool. So here we go :3

Ears that may atau may not exist:

Snow White



Ears that be hidden: (for the most part)




Ears that deserve recognition:




Ear that are sejuk than cool:





For the record, this artikel started as a serious kegemaran ear list. Err.. as anda see.. I got a bit carried away with the pictures and it escalated to this. So, aye. XD
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As we all know, the Disney Princesses are all blessed with amazing voices. But of these voices, who do I like best? I thought I'd share with anda the answer!

13. Merida

Er, she doesn't sing. Right.

12. Belle

Her voice has its lovely patches, but something about how it titters on the high notes annoys me. Her voice also isn't very distinguishable, which lands it at 12.

11. Cinderella

Ah, I Cinta Cindy's voice! It's so relaxing, and, and, *snore*. Whoa, sorry! Anyway, Cinderella has a dreamy and romantic voice, but there's just not much opportunity for her to tunjuk it off in the course of the film. So...
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So, I just finished watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, because I plan in rewatching all Disney Princess Filem in order. I'll also write a review for each after I watch it - except Frozen, maybe, since I already did, but I may write a comparision about what changed in my opinions.

I'll also try giving each part (plot, music, etc.) a score, but I warn anda I can't be too harsh.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the fairest one of all: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Plot:

I see almost no problems with the plot. in addition to being concise, it's charming and captures...
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I have been on here for a while but this is my first article. I am a big peminat of Disney , especially the princesses.I enjoyed all the new princess Filem and was happy ever since Princess and the Frog. However Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Brave I sat there enjoying it but thinking this is nothing compared to the Filem of my childhood and would never bahagian, atas my favourites Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. I thought maybe it was because I am not a child any lebih and I am not growing up with these new movies. However when I saw Frozen I automatically fell in Cinta with the...
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posted by kashley00
Frozen Movie Review!
Hi everyone! I stumbled upon the Disney Princess page while I was Membaca movie reviews for Frozen. I absolutely Cinta Disney and enjoyed Membaca the artikel-artikel telah diposkan sejak other members, and I wanted to write my opinion on how Frozen compares to the other Disney Princess films, its faults, and where it succeeds.

I broke the review up into 3 sections: Music, Story & Characters.

Unfortunately, like Princess and the Frog, I believe Frozen only really had one stand out song (“Let it Go”), the rest weren’t particularly enjoyable atau memorable. “In Summer” and...
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posted by Lissabelle116
I have a bone to pick. The people on Fanpop keep saying that the DP couples would make terrible parents. The Filem are about them when they are in their teens (or in some of the princes’ cases, early to mid-twenties) so they aren’t actually going to have kids until they mature a little more. This is my ranking of who I think would be most naturally suited to parenting. If an adult is good person, they can learn to be a good parent, but it is true that some people have lebih natural ability.

(Final Disclaimer: I am only counting the original films. I seriously disagree with the characterization...
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Yesterday I wrote about my kegemaran English Singing Voices, today I'll write about my kegemaran Swedish Singing Voices since I'm from Sweden and of course I grew up with most of them so I have to say most of these are amazing

10. link

I feel bad for putting her so low, her voice is amazing and Suits Tiana, but first of all I prefer the original and saat her voice is a little bit annoying, but it's still great though

9. link

Another version where I prefer the original more, anyway this is the oldest dub featured on this list, it's from 1967. Her voice is too old for Cinderella, but...
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posted by Cookies-Love
So, I haven't been here long, just 20 days and I haven't been really active either. That is because I am socially akward and shy in real life so I am afraid of being socially akward on internet too. Altough, in real life, when I am with the people I know and I'm relaxed I can be extravert. So I was thinking if sejak making this artikel I can relax, I could start being lebih active. So here it is. :)

My name is Ana and I live in small european country Croatia.I have two older sisters and I am 14 years old.

I Cinta all the princesses, but if I had to choose a favourite one I'd probably choose Snow White....
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posted by MaidofOrleans
This is something I've been mulling over for the past couple years, ever since I rediscovered my Cinta for the Disney Princesses and began to watch all the old movies. We all know that Disney tends to take liberties with its merchandise (think Cinderella's silver gaun that suddenly turned blue), but this one may be something that the peminat-peminat have imposed upon the movies.

Recall, for a moment, Monsieur Walt Disney's first two princes, generally referred to as The Prince and Prince Charming due to the fact that they strangely remain nameless for the entirety of their movies, despite being the heroines'...
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 Only prince as a father...let's see how the others would do.
Only prince as a father...let's see how the others would do.
A dad is someone who wants to catch anda before anda fall but instead picks anda up, brushes anda off, and lets anda try again. A dad is someone who wants to keep anda from making mistakes but instead lets anda find your own way, even though his hati, tengah-tengah breaks in silence when anda get hurt. A dad is someone who holds anda when anda cry, scolds anda when anda break the rules, shines with pride when anda succeed, and has faith in anda even when anda fail...- Unknown
Sorry I was looking for some stuff for fathers’ hari I found this perfect for this artikel lets’ get started then.

9: Naveen
I knew Naveen...
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