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Lately, I've been getting really into astrology. I matched each princess sejak their zodiac sign, mainly based on my intuition and personal experience. Just made this for fun and hope anda enjoy!

Fire Signs
Here I have Ariel (the go-getter), Tiana (the workaholic) and Rapunzel (the playful). These signs are the doers and these princesses do a lot.

Ariel - Aries
Ariel is definitely the go-getter and extremely energetic. She's very bold and some people may criticize her for her risky decisions, but in the end, the Aries always get exactly what they want.

Moana - Aries
The ocean girls are go-getters,...
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The only thing I still come on this club to do. Let's begin.

This can get kind of hard to read sometimes and we're sorry, but we're also lazy. And lots of language. Oops. We're pretty immature, sorry about that! I hope anda enjoy!

11. Snow White

LanaQueen: I knew Snow would place here. But she's a precious little snowflake so I feel bad..
LanaQueen: ....Except I also placed her last. Heh, heh...
darby: wow bringing out the italics someones mad
Hajirah: Oh, is that how we're doing it?
BelleOlive: I loved it that...
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hei everyone! The classic Disney films had such a knack for capturing the splendor and wonder of magic so I thought I'd rate all the DP films to see which ones are the most magical.
For this, I took the 5 most likely elements of magic in the Disney Princess films and added 1 category for the awareness of each 6 elements. This is because the lebih prominent magic would be in a story (or the world in the story), the lebih people should be aware of the magic as it would be hard to miss. Here are the 12 put together:

1. Magical Powers- Meaning that magic can be done without the use of items (like wands)...
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posted by anukriti2409
 concept art for Corona's town
concept art for Corona's town
The results are in! So which is the prettiest town among all? I recently conducted a tinjauan to figure which towns are seen as the prettiest towns from DP Filem sejak fans, and here's what the Disney Princess peminat-peminat have to say about each and how they have ranked it.
Special thanks to tiffany88, who has generously contributed not only with her komen-komen but also with phenomenal collages to help the peminat-peminat choose better! Thank anda so much for your generous help! <3

8. New Orleans from Princess and The Frog:
Mostly people berkata that they didn't get the right feel from this town, especially the real...
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posted by PrincessAyeka12
This is an update to my original list.

My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music
Video: link

This song reminds me of the scene in the woods after she's been scared sejak the dark shadowed shapes of the trees. When she asks the Haiwan what they would do and starts Singing With a Smile and a Song. Well this be an alternative song atau whilst she' Singing she could be imagining her favourite things. I can also Snow White Singing this. It does require a positive sounding vocal so it makes sense.

Earth Angel sejak Llewellyn & Juliana
Video: link

Her relationship with the Dwarves. She helped them grow and...
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posted by AaronHaley4ever
So here is the companion piece to my kegemaran DP mothers article. Let me preface this sejak saying that I don’t dislike any of the DP fathers; I just prefer some over others. There were several factors I considered when making this list, so it’s not necessarily my ranking of the best and worst fathers. Just like the last article, I’m sure I’ll have some unpopular opinions. I don’t expect everybody to agree with me, but please don’t leave any rude comments.

11. Cinderella’s father

I Cinta the live action version of this character, but the animated version unfortunately falls...
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posted by audreybrooke
Thought I'd do one of these, finally. My senarai changed a little bit (Ariel and Mulan switched places and I rearranged a few at the bottom), so here are my new and improved Disney Princess rankings.

Below is my opinion (warning: it gets a little repetitive...). Feel free to disagree! :)

Favorite Princesses
1. Aurora
2. Rapunzel
3. Ariel
4. Mulan
5. Pocahontas
6. Cinderella
7. Tiana
8. Anna
9. Jasmine
10. Belle
11. Merida
12. Elsa
13. Snow White

Prettiest Princesses
1. Aurora
2. Ariel
3. Rapunzel
4. Pocahontas
5. Cinderella
6. Jasmine
7. Tiana
8. Belle
9. Mulan
10. Merida
11. Anna
12. Elsa
13. Snow White

Favorite Singing...
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posted by misscindyspice
So, I'm bored, and want to get all my opinions on the Disney Princesses out in one article(also I'm a huge copycat oops) so I decided to make a Disney Princesses Lists article, so here we go! :)

My Kegemaran List:
1. Anna/Tiana
2. Cinderella
3. Merida
4. Pocahontas
5. Aurora
6. Snow White
7. Ariel
8. Rapunzel
9. Jasmine
10. Belle
11. Mulan
12. Elsa

Prettiest List:
1. Merida
2. Aurora
3. Anna
4. melati, jasmine
5. Cinderella
6. Elsa
7. Tiana
8. Rapunzel
9. Pocahontas
10. Ariel
11. Belle
12. Mulan
13. Snow White

My Best Singing voices-
1. Mulan
2. Tiana
3. Elsa
4. Pocahontas
5. Jasmine
6. Cinderella...
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Now that we know who Fanpop's kegemaran Disney Princesses are at the moment, let's get into the movies, and Fanpop user's keseluruhan opinion on them.

12. Cinderella: 269 Points.
A classic, and usually considered the most iconic Disney Princess Movie. Well, it sure didn't do too well in this countdown, and a lot of the users placed it in their bottom three, atau even last. Most people tend to find it boring, dull, not entertaining, uninteresting, didn't like it in general, atau just placed it last because they loved the others more. The, "old-fashioned ness" of the movie doesn't help things for...
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posted by MR0290553
 I wish I had Snow's heart! She is the kindest!
I wish I had Snow's heart! She is the kindest!
1.    Snow White
I don't think Snow White was every rude, spiteful, selfish atau mean. She made a pie for Grumpy even though he didn't like her at first, and she is so sweet natured, that the Haiwan flocked to her.
2.    Aurora
Aurora also is so kind, the Haiwan flock to her. Although she had to give up her chance of true love, she did it with grace and dignity. She sacrificed her happiness for the good of the kingdom, instead of running away.
3.    Cinderella
Although her step-mother and step-sisters were cruel with her, Cinderella was...
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So,I wanted to write an artikel about favourite villians from each DP movie.
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I don't mean to hurt atau hate anybody.
Enjoy :)

It's not suprising that he's here.He doesn't have a personallity at all.He isn't actually a villian,he is just...A bear.He is supposed to act like that.HE IS A BEAR.I mean,Brave really needs a better villian.
Well,at least he is scary...

11.Governor Ratcliffe
I liked this guy when I was little.He was such a funny character.But now...Yes,I still find him funny and all,but he is annoying and racist,and I don't like that.I...
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posted by BelleRose829
Ok, so for those of anda that have been in the Unpopular Opinions (confessions) forum this is just the paragraphs about Jasmine, Ariel and Merida. These are considered the "rebel" princesses always breaking out the mold for obedient followers, but this is my "unpopular opinion" it's sort of a grey area for me.

I find Jasmine, Merida and Ariel to be very bratty, I like Merida lebih because in the end she learns from her mistake and (hopefully) isn't as selfish. But melati, jasmine and Ariel aren't quite off the hook. (Badumtss) I don't quite like how they treat their parents melati, jasmine is a princess and...
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Ok, so I'm only going to senarai my bahagian, atas 10 not all of the movies, so sorry about that. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we might disagree on a lot of things, anyways, enjoy the article! :)

10. Brave

I do like this movie, but it felt kind of unoriginal. It had elements that other Filem had and didn't have a "wow that was great!" factor to it. The villain is my least kegemaran of all the Disney Princess villains, and one of the worst Disney villains as well. How could Mordu possibly be a main antagonist? Sure, his Tory had importance, but did he? Not really. However,...
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 LibelluleBleu's ikon c:
LibelluleBleu's icon c:
I won January FOTM, so I got the honor to interview Adele! This artikel is overdue, but nonetheless, we are finally getting all caught up! Please enjoy. c:

1. How does it feel to be peminat of the Month?

It makes me happy and honoured, It means people notice my contributions and appreciate them

2. Who is your kegemaran princess and why?

Belle ! I Cinta her to bits ! She's a wonderful person, I can relate to her and at the same time I admire her in many ways

3. Who is your least kegemaran princess and why?

Merida. I don't hate her but I can't really say I like her either, she's a bit of the typical strong-idenpendant-badass-freespirited-tomboy-idonotneedaman-imaprincessbutihateit...
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posted by dclairmont
This is an idea I came up with where we (others can do this if they'd like c:) describe what our "perfect" princess would be like. So, what they look like, age, personality, quirks, relationships, family ties, whatever! So uh, yeah, that's about it :) I'll describe my "perfect" princess.

Name: Nora
Age: 15


Nora is a relatively dorky, awkward girl, but not in your face awkward. She's lebih of a social anxiety type of awkward, as in she can't speak to people she doesn't know, speaks rather quietly and not confidently and has to pause mid-sentence a lot to regain her train of thought....
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posted by CRaZy_rawR

This is just going to be a breakdown of Hans' character, reasons why I Cinta him, and reasons to believe he liked Anna. Part 1 is going to be the reasons Hans actually liked Anna!

In the Beginning *suspenseful music*
I don't think Hans is that bad of a guy.

From the start, Hans is the polite prince we expect.

Before Anna announces she is princess of Arendelle, he gives her a look. A look that every girl wants to receive from a guy (well, for the most part)

Then, Anna is been the quirky, cutesy self she is after she tells him she is princess....
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It looks like everybody has done a senarai with the favourites scenes so I decided to make one too. I haven't included Frozen because there are still many people that haven't seen it. Anyway, enjoy!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Ending Scene

I'm not sure about my choice because the last time I saw the movie I was 6 years old, so... Anyway, the animasi is stunning when they walk away and anda see the castle. I find that scene very romantic and sweet and I believe that Snow White totally deserves her happy ending.

So this is love

Soo romantic! I Cinta the animasi and the atmosphere...
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posted by TheFabulousFAN
Merida VS Ariel: The Ultimate Debat
Well this will be my last artikel before I leave fanpop
Ok so this all happened when Hatelarxene messages me on a komen about Anna. This will be a long debate. I know some of anda are annoyed with this but I'm going to make in anyway so this can be over with...for me at least. I need closure on this before I leave.

re: Anna
10 minit ago

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Originally, this artikel was supposed to be a full countdown. However I couldn't decide any of the placings. Instead, I give anda a bahagian, atas three smartest princesses article.

Side note: When I mean smart, I'm talking about how much knowledge they have and how logical their thinking is.

3. Elsa

I guess this might surprise people, but it seems perfectly logical to me. Elsa has a lot of knowledge (as revealed in "A Sister lebih Like Me"). She spent hours a hari studying while she was inside her bedroom. Also, she's 21. That means she must have at least a universiti level understanding of pretty much all...
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Got inspired sejak dimitri_'s article, I did an artikel similar to this when I was new to Penulisan artikel-artikel here, if anda would like to read it clicklink

Snow White

Like I've berkata so many times before she's my kegemaran Disney Princess. I Cinta how she always makes the best out of a bad situation and that she's both a child and a mother in the movie and how funny she is and her bossy and sassy side. I also Cinta that she's an unjudgemental person

Favorite Outfit: Princess Dress with cape - the cape completes the look and makes the dress less plain looking and it's also my kegemaran animated outfit...
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