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 Walt Disney imej - Princess Ariel
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Ariel in sparkley dress
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The Little Mermaid
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OK so i hear alot of stuff from people how the Disney princesses are bad role Model for kids. True? Well anda be the judge. I have made a senarai of the princess and the pros and cons of them and might add some extra facts about them please comment.
here is my take:

Snow White- One of the princess that dreamers of a guy coming to Cinta her and give her a better life.
Pros-ok she is 14 years old dreamer who wants to meet the person who will Cinta her, she works hard for others with no much regard to herself.
Neutral- in order to cope with her life she talks to Haiwan and dreams of something bigger
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It´s been quite a lot since I wrote an article, and I really wanted to do so, but I wasn´t sure what to write about. I knew I wanted to do some Kegemaran list, like anda know: kegemaran DP movie, kegemaran DP villain, etc.

I finally decided to write a short artikel about my kegemaran DP Cinta stories, inspired sejak a soalan PrincessLD asked. So this artikel is basically the anwer I gave her.I just want to make clear I´m not stealing her artikel idea, this is merely my opinion. So here it is, it´s quite short but I hope anda enjoy it.

The fact is I Cinta all DP couples, but talking about the development...
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Frozen (2013)
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