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 Walt Disney imej - Princess Ariel
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Ariel in sparkley dress
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Disney Princess
The Little Mermaid
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Since the current theme in the 11 in 1 Princess ikon Contest is In your kegemaran outfit of theirs I decided to write an artikel about my favorites, I'm also including Anna and Elsa in the article

Snow White: Princess Dress With Cape

My kegemaran DP Outfit, I Cinta everything about this dress and with the cape the dress looks even prettier, but I do Cinta the dress without the cape, it's just that without the cape the dress looks a little lebih plain than with the cape. Anyway as I berkata before I Cinta everything about the dress, the colors, the length, the accessories, everything really

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The group referred to as The Princesses doesn't refer to the group of 10 heroines we know on this site. This group refers to the women who were literally born into royalty, and in some studies, Kida from "Atlantis" is in this group as well, since she is technically royalty. In order to keep the flow of things pretty even, I have relegated her to the "Tough Girls" group, which will have their own artikel later on. For now, we'll focus on The Princesses: Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Rapunzel.

There may be no Disney character lebih polarizing than Ariel among feminist scholars (as well...
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