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 Modern hari Princesses
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THIS IS NOT DONE sejak ME cari "Modern Princesses" on Google then hit imej and this will come up
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This is an update to my original list.

My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music
Video: link

This song reminds me of the scene in the woods after she's been scared sejak the dark shadowed shapes of the trees. When she asks the Haiwan what they would do and starts Singing With a Smile and a Song. Well this be an alternative song atau whilst she' Singing she could be imagining her favourite things. I can also Snow White Singing this. It does require a positive sounding vocal so it makes sense.

Earth Angel sejak Llewellyn & Juliana
Video: link

Her relationship with the Dwarves. She helped them grow and...
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So here is the companion piece to my kegemaran DP mothers article. Let me preface this sejak saying that I don’t dislike any of the DP fathers; I just prefer some over others. There were several factors I considered when making this list, so it’s not necessarily my ranking of the best and worst fathers. Just like the last article, I’m sure I’ll have some unpopular opinions. I don’t expect everybody to agree with me, but please don’t leave any rude comments.

11. Cinderella’s father

I Cinta the live action version of this character, but the animated version unfortunately falls...
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I’m a huge gymnastics nerd as well as a Disney nerd (obviously), and this was just something that’s been on my mind lately: who would each princess’s kegemaran gimnas, anjuran be? I know a ton (or all) of anda don’t follow gymnastics, so I added a couple of history notes and video of each gymnast, though I know no one’s going to watch them all! If any of anda does follow gymnastics atau just check out the videos, do anda agree with me, atau would anda pick someone else? Though I will accept no argument on Merida.

Snow White’s Favorite: Olga Korbut
Known for: basically inventing gymnastics
Why she’d...
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 Her profil picture
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Hello, Everyone! Today, it is my great pleasure to introduce --- Scarletunicorn, peminat of The bulan for March 2015!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Scarletunicorn, on winning peminat of the bulan for March 2015!!!

It’s good to catch up with you, today, my friend. I’m proud anda were selected. Do tell me some lebih of the unique things ( we should all learn) about you!

[ b ]1. How does it feel to be peminat of the Month? Surprising? Heart-warming? It’s certainly impressive.[ /b ]
     It's wonderful! I'm honestly very surprised and grateful for this. I never imagined I could ever get nominated...
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