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 Walt Disney Gifs - Princess melati, jasmine
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Source: Aladdin: Diamond Edition Blu-Ray
Walt Disney Gif of Princess melati, jasmine from "Aladdin" (1992)
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Puteri Jasmine
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Back to my Character In Review series with another one of my favorites, Pocahontas! I was originally planning on doing them in chronological order, but I decided to go in order of Kegemaran instead because that seemed lebih interesting. I'm also going to structure this a little bit differently than my last one, but I hope anda still enjoy ^^ Anyway, without further ado, the article!

Pocahontas is great in many ways, but I think there was one instance that really struck me as remarkable, and solidified my Cinta for her. That scene is the one when Nakoma tells Pocahontas that she sent Kocoum...
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Now we come to the bahagian, atas 20 and keseluruhan people either find these girls really pretty atau beautiful, some even gorgeous, with a few exceptions from some fanpopers. Just like with the other artikel-artikel I will state fanpop's opinion along with my opinion. Please komen but keep in mind this isn't my opinion, this is fanpop's opinion. Enjoy!


One of the newest Disney heroines and apparently she did pretty good for herself sejak getting into the bahagian, atas 20. First of all a few people complained that she was the only Disney Fairy besides Tinkerbell that made it into the countdown but they don't realize...
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Toon Time 001 : How to Draw Queen Elsa from Disney's Frozen step sejak step.