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 Walt Disney Clip Art - Prince Eric & Princess Ariel
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Walt Disney Clip Art of Prince Eric and Princess Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" (1989)
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walt Disney clip art
The Little Mermaid
prince eric
princess ariel
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This Disney Princess foto might contain polonaise.

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I didn't make this- It's sejak AmaterasuTao on youtube. The song is Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy sejak Tata Young. I thought it was really well done, and I Cinta the song!
Muzik video
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The rankings senarai for the ten lowest places in the Best Disney Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown. I know I didn't have to do this, but hey, Disney did a pretty good job on the clothes in their sequels, even if the sequels suck. Thanks to cromulanfav for the idea of doing a sort of "honorable mentions" list!

 Disney Princess Enchanted Tales- Jasmine's Peacock Outfit
Disney Princess Enchanted Tales- Jasmine's Peacock Outfit

31) Jasmine's Peacock Outfit

"This is just completely gross." ~Straggy

"This is weird..." ~AllegroGiocoso

"No, no, no!!" ~becca85

 Cinderella 2- Fancy merah jambu Dress
Cinderella 2- Fancy merah jambu Dress

30) Cinderella's Fancy merah jambu Dress

"This is just so bad. I mean a lot...
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 DreamyGal Productions
DreamyGal Productions
I started this countdown when it was Couples Month, but I had a lot of personal stuff going on, so it took me a while to get back on track and finish it.
Whether it's a Ciuman at a wedding, a Ciuman that brings about a wondrous transformation, atau if it's a Ciuman for a dead person, we all voted and the results are in!

13. Cinderella & Prince Charmings Wedding Kiss
 Have faith in dreams, and someday, your pelangi, pelangi, rainbow will come shining through...
Have faith in dreams, and someday, your pelangi, rainbow will come shining through...

Cinderella has just married her very own "Prince Charming". There are plenty of people who Cinta Cinderella, but her relationship with Charming lacks a hell...
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 Iconic Disney Kisses <3
Iconic Disney Kisses <3
In light of Valentine’s Day, I decided to write an artikel on the Disney Princess couple’s that I believe have the best and most realistic relationship. Oh, and spoiler alert: I only really like 4 of them.

Couples I DON’T like…

10. Mulan & Shang

 Mulan & Shang
Mulan & Shang

I Cinta Mulan – she’s intelligent, Brave and selfless. And Shang’s no novice either; in fact, his bravery, leadership and courage are practically matchless. But their relationship, it was too sudden; too forced. They lacked chemistry. Make no mistake, I Cinta Mulan and Shang, they’re great – just not together....
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Feminist scholars have divided Disney heroines into four groups: The Classics, The Good Daughters, The Princesses, and The Tough Girls. I'm going to tackle each group one at a time, and it's only fair to start with the ones who started it all: Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora.
The original princesses have very similar personalities and traits. They are all kindhearted, innocent, beautiful, asexual, goodnatured, and musical, and two of them (Snow White and Cinderella) are used to forced physical labor. (We can probably assume that Aurora has seen her share of labor because of her peasant...
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