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Woooow guys it's been like a tahun since I telah diposkan an artikel on here atau was even active at all. But we really wanted to do this again because we had so much fun link

I'm doing this with four different users (one of which isn't even here anymore but she’s amazing so {< she added that}): _CatWoman_, Hajirah4, Sk8er__grl, and misscindyspice. This is the average of our Filem rankings (including Moana, I know it hasn't been officially added yet, but still).

Enjoy! Keep in mind that we're a little bit crazy. It was the middle of the night and I had a ton of ice cream, come on.

Also this can be...
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hei everybody! This is the third artikel in my series of countdowns, and I really enjoyed this one. I like every single outfit in this countdown, so it was a lot of fun for me.

Previous Articles

5. Mulan's green, black, and brown armor

I was so sad that this was the first outfit to be eliminated. I think Mulan looks so badass in it! However, I can see why users didn't like it since it is an outfit that was made to be functional, not fashionable.

this is not supposed to flatter Mulan, but still a very boring dress if were to wear separately. ~anukriti2409
Well it's a man's armor so...it...
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"For the First Time in Forever" Parody
for the first time in forever
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 Winner: “Breaking Free” made sejak snsdlover4ever
Winner: “Breaking Free” made by snsdlover4ever
Before I begin I would like to make a public apology to all my fellow DP fans. It has been a difficult tahun for me, and I haven’t been doing very well with keeping up with my ikon contests, especially this one. Thus, only about half of the months were finished. I am very sorry, and I have made some adjustments that should help me do a better job of staying accountable. Thank anda for understanding.
Now, with that aside, I am pleased and honored to announce the ikon that anda fellow DP peminat-peminat voted, out of countless entries, the best ikon of 2014!

* Drum Roll *

“Breaking Free” made sejak snsdlover4ever!!...
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This is part two of my artikel series, and we're moving onto Belle, who is ranked twelve in my Kegemaran list.

Previous Parts:

My Original Thoughts

The first time I watched "Beauty and the Beast" was a loooong time ago. My mother loved, and still loves, that movie, along with my sister. Naturally, they made me watch it over.. and over.. and over. No matter what though, I never got a real opinion of Belle. She was just kind of there. At all my costume parties, and such, my mom and older sister always tried me to dress up in Belle attire for Halloween, but I left that for all the other girls....
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Authors note: As some of anda may know, I have recently rejoined Fanpop after a long absence. Before I left, I wrote the first two parts of this story. anda do not have to read them to understand the rest of the story but it might help :). I was a bit unsure whether to continue Penulisan so if anda could all tell me what anda think I would be very grateful.
Part 1 - link
Part 2 - link

Merida - Chapter 6

With nothing lebih than a simple glance, Merida could tell the pale blond girl was from somewhere else. While most people were wearing simple black cloths with no torcs atau necklaces, the stranger wore...
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I love, love, Cinta Maleficent! My kegemaran scene, she's just so terrible! :D
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Hello peasants, I just came back from Hiatuslandia... I'll have anda know they took forever to contact me... they owed me a penny! I feel pissed. So Hopper thought about and I was all like good idea Hopper! I'm making my first list... yay! I'm rushing it because I can.

13. Belle

I hate her a lot... well honestly I just don't like her. She seems too plain. She likes Fantasi books. Belle does win with looks, I like her hair... that's it.


She is so ungrateful! At least Merida didn't live with cannibals! She pisses me off and I think of as a giant idiot... points for looks, hair, and voice,...
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