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 Princess Ariel
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i made this!
kertas dinding
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This Disney Princess kertas dinding contains sejambak, korsase, karangan bunga, seikat bunga, american express, posy, nosegay, rose, and rosiness. There might also be bunga kamelia, camelia, rose, rumpun pohon bunga mawar, rosebush, kimka rose, merah terang musim panas meningkat, rosa damascena, damask rose, and musim panas damask rose.

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 "Romance will always be so new and Cinta will save the day..."
"Romance will always be so new and love will save the day..."
One thing for sure about Disney they know how to do romance. So I'm counting down my kegemaran DP couples.

10.Aladdin and Jasmine
Aladdin is my #1 and melati, jasmine is my #2 but together they're my #10. Does that make sense? Yeah, I never gotten the sense of True Cinta between them. Their relationship seems very physical in my opinion, like they're just two kids in high school messing around. The way melati, jasmine berkata "I Cinta you" seemed very half assed to me. Don't get me wrong, I Cinta Aladdin and Jasmine, they're my childhood heroes, but I don't think they're in love.

9.Tiana and Naveen
Another mismatched...
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I tried to use komen-komen that summarize the opinions about a movie of the princess peminat-peminat as a whole, but sometimes there wasn't one.

10. The Princess and the Frog
PREVIOUS RANK: 9 (dropped)

I'll just come right out with my papar on this film and say it deserves last place sejak a long shot. To me, the least amount of care and dedication was put into this film; it's like Disney worked on the bare Bones of it and then threw in the rest of the details haphazardly without fleshing anything out. The plot is a snoozefest and has major loopholes, some of the characters are unnecessary, the historical...
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Dr. Evan interviews the marvelous Linda Larkin, Disney Legend and voice of Princess melati, jasmine from the Disney classic, Aladdin! Linda talks about working with the late great Robin Williams, her feelings about working on a landmark Disney hand-drawn film, and her thoughts on melati, jasmine as a role model. A few have berkata that Jasmine's only dream in life is to get married. Listen to hear Linda's fascinating response! Linda reveals who her kegemaran Disney Princess is, along with one of her kegemaran charitable causes: Smithtown, NY's Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. Disney has recently released the Diamond Edition of Aladdin on DVD and Blu-Ray in spectacular high-def; pick it up while anda can. Many thanks to Linda, Disney, and Click!
linda larkin
diamond edition
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 Horrible picture,I know
Horrible picture,I know
This would have been up sooner but my mum shut down the computer so everything got deleted and I have to write it all down again.Argh!Do anda know how annoying that is?

I'm not mad at belle ;I'm mad at the movie for creating her.She's so brave;she's so kind;she's so noble.And anda know what?That's not my problem with her.My problem is that the movie never shuts up about this.Every saat he's on screen I can tell the movie is trying to make the ultimate role model.We have to like her;we have no other choice.They keep adding as many good traits to her as possible to get the audience to...
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Meh, it's not as great as I hoped, and anda can barely see the coloring but oh well...
Muzik video