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Villains make a vital aspect of every movie, its impact is often judged sejak its character. But here we got together to judge how much of their clothes makes a difference to their evilness. peminat-peminat have voted and the results are in. So which villain was least evil looking and which ruled fans' hearts, here's a summary artikel of the countdown poll.

13. Ratcliffe's emas dress:
While I was surprised this was the first to leave esp when there were far plainer outfits in the countdown, peminat-peminat felt it looked ridiculous and didn't have any negative vibe to it.

SarahCorine: It's not scary atau anything...
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So,I saw how many people made artikel-artikel about Disney Princesses redesign look,so I decide to write one :)
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I'm not trying to hurt anybody :)
Also,forgive me for few mistakes,English isn't my native language.

Details are sometimes a good thing,but not in this case.
They made too much details and they ruined her mothers' necklace!
I mean,look at the boots and feather earring!
That's actually a bad thing, becuse Pocahontas is an historical figure.
I hate how much make up they put on her.
Did they even have make up there where she lived?
I don't think...
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it's the version that i grew up with =)
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