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posted by BB2010
Here's the artikel for Pocahontas!

I know in the past I've made komen-komen about how I don't like this movie because it's been berkata that the tale of Pocahontas saving John was a lie and I've also berkata I can't stand Pocahontas and John together because it's gross Pocahontas was aged up for this movie. However I will watch this movie and just enjoy it without thinking about those things.

By now anda should all know what I write about in these artikel-artikel so I'll just go ahead and start!

Tonight's rewatch: Pocahontas
Last time watched: Summer of 2011

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
Okay I didn't...
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posted by TheFabulousFAN
 Oh, I hate this one
Oh, I hate this one
I know shocking, the so called "Best movie ever" is disliked sejak me. I know most of anda are like "oh, this chick again here to jalang, perempuan jalang about some lebih stuff." But I don't care I can state my Opinions even if I present them as though they are facts. About Frozen, No, I don't just hate I because it's so popular but the 'hype' I dislike as well, sorry but I dislike lots of things. Is there a problem? Anyway I recently made a dinding post hoping to find someone that could tell me WHY they liked Frozen so I could watch it with an Open mind.

TheFabulousFAN berkata about Disney Princess …
There is so...
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