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I've made an artikel about my kegemaran outfit of each princess and my kegemaran wardrobes, but I haven't made a bahagian, atas senarai of my kegemaran DP Outfits yet so I decided to do one, hope you'll like this artikel :)

10. Merida's Dark Green Dress

I thought this dress was dark blue until I realised that in daylight this dress is actually dark green, but anyway this dress is gorgeous, the color is lovely and the dress is simple yet stunning, but it's not any higher because while I Cinta the color the color is too dark for my taste

9. Rapunzel's Purple Dress

I Cinta all of Rapunzel's outfits, but...
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this is an artikel to tunjuk which Disney princess represents each Olympic values such as
Rapunzel is a great example for determination
sadly theres only 7 values so only 7 Disney princesses will be chosen
BTW this is my opinion
I hope anda enjoy Membaca this article

first up    

Being Courageous is standing up for anda believe in and being Brave at difficult times and in my opinion princess melati, jasmine is a perfect example for courage as she stands up for herself and what she believes in. melati, jasmine try’s her best to remain calm and Brave when her father objects to what she says...
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OH GUYS! this is specially for my first 50 subbies in this account :D....
The Little Mermaid
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The BRAVERY of Cinderella going to the BALL

1 - Survivor of Abuse
2 - Fights for her Right
3 - Work Responsibly
4 - Denies their Satisfaction
5 - Still attempts to Go
6 - Maintains some Belief and Faith
7 - Going to the Ball



Firstly, for perspective, a summary of what has happened to Cinderella up to that point (most points are adaptations of direct quotes):
--Mother dies (=her father was “a widowed gentleman”)
--Father dies. He was a kind and devoted father who gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort
--Her stepmother was cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of her charm...
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The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid
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