Disney Princess Most Feminist DP Countdown! Final Day: Pick the LEAST feminist. (Elimination based on comments!!)

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 Jessikaroo posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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princesslullaby picked Tiana:
god dammit
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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Ribon95 picked Tiana:
yay! i'm glad these two are top 2 :)
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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Jessikaroo picked Tiana:
10. Aurora
9. Cinderella
8. Snow White
7. Jasmine
6. Rapunzel
5. Ariel
4. Pocahontas
3. Belle
2. ?

*Starts to cry violently* Okay, as soon as Pocahontas left I knew this wasn't going to end well. Sorry princesslullaby for not doing a tiebreaker, but unfortunately, Belle lost in a landslide.
Tiana should have left rounds ago. Not in the last round, but she should've left ages before Pocahontas. Pocahontas is never reduced to her gender, and her whole tribe respects her. Tiana on the other hand, the moment she kissed the frog she was just gone. What's equal about kissing a frog for money? It wasn't just her tragic endgame that killed the character for me, but the moment she kissed the frog.
Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go hit my head against a wall for a few hours.
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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Mongoose09 picked Tiana:
aw, I knew Mulan was going to win before the countdown started... i think Pocahontas should have won.

however, out of these two, Mulan is more feminist.
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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DsnyPrincess picked Tiana:
I'm glad this is the top two, because Tiana wanted to have a job that a white man usually has, but she defied the odds, and proved a woman of color, who were considered worthless, could do a white mans job! But Tiana's my #2 Mulan will always be #1and you guys know why
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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Swanpride picked Tiana:
They both have to deal with the predjuces of the society they life in...and even though Mulan DOESN'T really set out to change those rules, it's more about helping her father and proving herself, she DOES manage to succed in the end, entirely on her own. Tiana on the other hand fails in a sense that she eventually is ready to give up her dream for love.
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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BelleAnastasia picked Mulan:
Ah, this is so hard! Both of them are very feminist! I'm going for Mulan though, because because I believe her main motivation to go to the army and go through all these adventures was not feminist related. I know at some point she says that she did it so when she looks in the mirror, she sees somebody worthy of respect or something in that sense. However, I think she wanted to be respected and valued as a human being, not a woman. She wanted to prove to herself that she's capable of something. She did not want to prove it to the world.
With Tiana on the other hand, I believe she was motivated throughout the whole time to show the people that she can achieve her dream, despite that she's a woman. I know Mulan was more successful in the end, but to me she did not necessary searched for that type of success throughout the movie. While Tiana got what she was looking for.
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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rhythmicmagic picked Tiana:
Mulan fights for herself- in more ways than one- and stands on her own far more than Tiana. Mulan was the leader in situations far more than Tiana was, a lot of what Tiana did was reactive while a lot of what Mulan did was proactive. But if Pocahontas had to be voted out *angry glare*, I guess I'm glad with this top two.
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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JNTA1234 picked Tiana:
Mulan is a national hero and Tiana's a business woman, so both are pretty feminist but I think we all knew Mulan was gonna win. I definitely have few problems with this countdown. Jasmine should be higher, Ariel being in the top 5 definitely surprised me and Pocahontas should be #2, at least!
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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