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How do anda feel on Winning peminat of the Month?
It feels amazing! I honestly didn't expect to to win atau even be nominated. I guess I do lebih on the club then I though I did. I remember a few years lalu winning the peminat of the bulan for the Disney Princess club and it was great so it's awesome being able to go through something similar again.

1. kegemaran Disney Animated Film
Uhhh... is this a trick question? If anyone knows me well they'd know that my kegemaran of any movie is The Little Mermaid. The animasi is stunning, the Muzik is spectacular, the villain is awesome, the romance is amazing, the adventure is engaging, I Cinta all the songs, and Ariel (along with Melody) is my kegemaran fictional character EVER! It has such an amazing message that touches everyone; follow your dreams, be determined, it's okay to make mistakes, try to be careful of the choices anda make, and even a message for parents to be understanding of their kids. There was actually a dad who had a strained relationship with his daughter, who was grown up, but after seeing the movie he called his daughter and they made up. It's a really beautiful story that touches me, it my kegemaran movie, always will be, and I plan on sharing it with my children.

2. kegemaran Disney Live Action Film
It would have to be Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, one of my kegemaran movies. The songs are fantastic, the Berlakon is great, Whitney Houston has one of the best voices of all time, brandy was gorgeous, the singers are amazing, and I Cinta how this movie doesn't care about race, it's only judging based off Singing and Berlakon abilities. I mean anda have a black Queen and a white king who have an Asian son. HOW WOULD THAT WORK? But it's just part of why I Cinta it!

3. Pixar Film
Finding Nemo, definitely! Dory is HILARIOUS, the animasi is gorgeous, the score is stellar, the characters are all amazing and memorable, the adventure is awesome, the humor is great, the relationships are fantastic, and really tugs at your hati, tengah-tengah strings. It definitely deserves it's praise as the best Pixar film.

4. kegemaran Sequel
It would definitely be Lady and The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure, no contest. The Muzik and songs are great, the new characters are awesome, the animasi is gorgeous, Scamp is my kegemaran fictional male character, Angel is fantastic, Scamp and Angel are an amazing couple, the villain is cool and kind of complex, and it's WAY better than the original. Don't get me wrong, I like and respect the original, but the sequel is definitely superior in animation, songs, characters, an actual villain with a real motive, a lebih dynamic story, and a better message. It's a message about family for not only kids but for all ages, even adults. It shows that kids shouldn't run away from home, should appreciate what they have, don't be afraid to chase your dreams, and it's okay to makes mistakes because nobody's perfect. It also teaches adults that they shouldn't lie to their kids, they should try to understand them, and not be so hard on them. It has a beautiful message with a much deeper meaning than just a simple romance.

5. Disney Channel tunjuk (Old atau New)
Old, definitely! The new Disney Channel SUCKS! Used to Disney Channel was entertaining, had great characters, talented people, hilarious humor, and taught good lessons. My kegemaran is That's So Raven, it's HILARIOUS! I also Cinta Hannah Montana, The Little Mermaid series, The Aladdin series. The Emperor's New School, Kim Possible, The Proud Family, Lilo and Stitch the series, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I Cinta so many but also hate a lot too, just the new ones.

6. kegemaran Movie from each Era

Original Classics Era: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
Package Era: Melody Time
Neoclassical Era: Alice in Wonderland
Xerox Era: 101 Dalmatians
Dark Era: The Black Cauldron
Renaissance Era: The Little Mermaid
Post – Renaissance Era: Tangled

7. bahagian, atas 5 kegemaran Females (Animated)
1.Ariel and Melody

8. bahagian, atas 5 kegemaran Males (Animated)
5.Jim Hawkins

9. bahagian, atas 5 kegemaran Villains (Animated)
5.Cruella Devil

10. bahagian, atas three kegemaran Couples (All not counting TV)
1.Carl and Ellie
2.Quasimodo and Madellaine
3.Ariel and Eric

11. Who would be your Best Friend?

12. Who do anda related to the best?
Either Melody atau Scamp.

13. kegemaran Song/s
Part of Your World

14. kegemaran Singing Voice Female
Ariel (Jodi Benson)

15. kegemaran Singing Voice Male
Dodger (Billy Joel)

16. Do anda do Crossovers? If so who is your crossover couple?
I don't really do any crossovers, unless anda count my fanfic, From Paws To Thumbs. But my kegemaran crossover couple would have to be Melody and Jim Hawkins.

17. You’re through on. Frozen? Saving Mr. Banks, Maleficent and any other upcoming (Next tahun atau so) Disney/Pixar Movies?

I'm TOTALLY EXCITED for Frozen! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT! I never heard of Saving Mr. Banks, I'm excited for Maleficent, I have mixed feelings about Finding Dory, Planes 2 sounds AWFUL, I hate the idea of another Cars movie because it was awful to begin with, and I BEG THAT THERE'S NOT A TOY STORY 4! The third movie was the PERFECT ending and if they make a forth movie it will ruin the franchise.

18. Disney Asked anda to make the seterusnya movie. What would anda pick it to be about?
Umm... that's kind of a complex answer. Well I'd Cinta to have my fanfic, From Paws To Thumbs, made into a Disney movie. But first I think I would remake the sequels, Scamp's Adventure and Patch's London Adventure, so that people won't be confused about this movie. I actually plan on remaking all the Disney sequels if I ever work for Disney (which I hope to someday) because they're part of my childhood and it kills me that people hate them so badly but I also see problems with some sequels as well. So I plan on remaking them with better animation, songs, characters, story lines, and all of that. I even have a different idea for a story line for The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 and if anda guys are interested I'll tell anda about it.

Anyway, I'll tell anda about From Paws To Thumbs, since I already brought it up. Well, it's about Scamp, Angel, and Patch for one. The dalmatians alih to america to get away from Cruella, since she already found their location, and it turns out Anita is Darling's sister. All three of the kids are dealing with problems in their family so they instantly connect. They see a mysterious house and are all curious about it so they come up with a plan to meet at night and go to explore it. They go there are are thirsty so Scamp knocks over a a bottle of what appears to be susu and they drink it. However they start feeling funny and end up fainting. It turns out it was the utama of a wizard and that was a potion that turned them into 12 tahun old little human kids. The wizard is none other than ME! No, I'm not a wizard in real life, I wish though. So the story is basically trying to turn them back into Anak Anjing but they stay with me and we keep the secret away from their families. Their parents try to look for them and both the parents and the kids tunjuk development. It also has Cruella as the main villain, along with Buster and two minor but fun villains, the Siamese Cats. They're out to kidnap the kids and if you're interested in the story anda can go to the Disney Crossover peminat club and look it up. I hope anda look it up and enjoy it. I also hope I can make this movie with Disney.

19. What are anda wishes for this club?
For everyone to stop hating on Miley Cyrus and calling her ugly (which she obviously is not), that we'll get lebih active people, and we'll finally get to change the banner.

20. Disney Quote anda Live By?
"I won't pretend that I'm someone else for all time"

Thank anda for reading!