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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 1: The Dream

Nick Wolfe: *Standing in front of a whole army of Half-wolves* We charge to battle!

Half-wolves: *Cheer*

Nick Wolfe: *Looks ke hadapan and sees an opposite army* These shall be our opponents!

???: *A green fiend-like creature with a large, white flute* Half-wolf! *Charges*

???: *A purple King Cobra-like warrior charges at Nick Wolfe*

*Suddenly, Nick Wolfe wakes up*

Nick Wolfe: Ah...what was that? The same dream? *Gets out of bed*

Scamp: *Runs into Nick Wolfe’s room* Nick! We’re going to be late! Angel and our Friends are waiting for us!

Nick Wolfe: Hey. Good morning *yawns*

Scamp: Come on!

Nick Wolfe: *Gets his clothes on* Alright! Alright! I’m getting ready.

Scamp: Well get ready bro!

Nick Wolfe: Alright little bro *puts on his key necklace*

*Later, the Canine Youth Club*

Angel: *Sees Scamp and Nick Wolfe entering* what took anda so long?
Nick Wolfe: Sorry Angel...I slept in too late...I had that dream again.

Two Tone: The one with the army?

Nick Wolfe: *Nods*

Lucky: *Finishes drinking his smoothie* I read in a book at the perpustakaan that dreams could say something about anda atau a situation.

Scamp: But what kind of situation would my brother be in?

Nick Wolfe: Something with an army I guess.

Angel: Maybe it has to do with leadership.

Canine Club Owner: *Walks in sadly*

Scamp: What’s wrong?

Canine Club Owner: I’m running out of money...this place is going to close down soon.

All: What?????

Canine Club Owner: I need $15,000 atau this place will be bulldozed...

Nick Wolfe: Don’t worry, we’ll get the dough!

Scamp: How? We can’t make that much money...

Nick Wolfe: *Sees a poster for a team dancing contest* We can start a team!

Two Tone: That sounds like a good idea.

Lucky: We need a team name though.

Nick Wolfe: Well...how does Quadrifoglio Five sound?

Scamp: What’s a Quadrifoglio?

Nick Wolfe: It means “four leaved clover” in Italian.

Scamp: Oh. I remember I really sucked at Italian Class...

Angel: It does make sense. Plus the “5” stands for all of us.

Lucky: Yeah! I’m in! But we need a leader.

*Lucky, Two Tone, Angel, and Scamp look at Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: What? Did I say something wrong?

Scamp: Big bro, I think you’d make a great leader.

Nick Wolfe: Really? I’ve never really been a leader before...

Two Tone: It’s decided, Wolfe will be the leader!

All: *Cheer*


Scamp: *Walking with Angel*

Angel: Do anda think we can actually win this tournament?
Scamp: I don’t know. Nick Wolfe has never had a leadership role and we don’t have any dancing skills.

Angel: *Stops suddenly* Scamp do anda hear that?

Scamp: It sounds kind of like a vacuum...

Angel: *Looks down an alley and sees a portal* What the heck is that?

Scamp: Maybe another dimension?

Angel: *Pulls out her cellphone* I’m going call the others!

*Suddenly, an Asanbosam Hades jumps through the portal*

Scamp: What the heck is that thing????

Asanbosam Hades: *Summons an iron spear and charges at Scamp and Angel*

Angel: *Dodges* Wolfe, wherever anda are, help!!!!

*Meanwhile, Downtown Boston*

Nick Wolfe: *Walking down a street* I wonder what the others are up to? *The key on his kalung starts to glow* huh?

*The key drags him to a mound of dirt, with a shovel seterusnya to it*

Nick Wolfe: Well I best start digging *Starts to dig and finds a small box and opens it*

*Inside there is a small, white and blue rectangular device with a square screen*

Nick Wolfe: *Picks it up and is engulfed sejak a searing light*

*Later, a green, breezy meadow*

Nick Wolfe: *Opens eyes* Where am I?

api, kebakaran Spirit: Welcome, half-wolf prince.

Nick Wolfe: Who are anda and where am I???

api, kebakaran Spirit: anda are in your homeland, the serigala, wolf World.

Nick Wolfe: Homeland? My mother and father are from Earth, their names are Lady and Tramp.

Water Spirit: Your real mother and father are named Emily Wolfe and Thorin Wolfe.

Nick Wolfe: I don't get what anda are saying!

Thunder Spirit: anda don't?

Nick Wolfe: Who are anda guys? Am I going insane??

Wind Spirit: We are the Elemental Spirits, keepers of the Elements.

Nick Wolfe: But why do anda need me?

api, kebakaran Spirit: Our enemies known as the "Hades" have awoken in this world, and I need anda to stop them.

Nick Wolfe: How?

Water Spirit: We shall guide anda through your journey, but anda shall use the Elements to battle.

Nick Wolfe: Huh?

Thunder Spirit: Farewell and good luck!

*Nick Wolfe wakes up in the same spot*

Nick Wolfe: Huh? Was that all a dream? And where's Scamp and Angel?


Asanbosam Hades: *Looking for Angel and Scamp*

Angel and Scamp: *Hiding under a box*

Nick Wolfe: *Jumps off a motorcycle and kicks the Asanbosam Hades*

Asanbosam Hades: *Growls and summons it's fangs of iron*

Nick Wolfe: *Pulls out the White and Blue device* Henshin! *Selects the api, kebakaran Symbol and becomes api, kebakaran Wolfe*

api, kebakaran Wolfe: *Has red shoulder-pads with Kanji for fire, red knee-pads, red elbow-pads, red wrist-guards, red ankle-guards, and red serigala, wolf mask*

Asanbosam Hades: *Charges at api, kebakaran Wolfe*

api, kebakaran Wolfe: *Dodges and summons the Flame Blade, a sword with a dragon hilt and a blade of fire*

Asabbosam Hades: *Roars and jumps into the air*

api, kebakaran Wolfe: *Slashes the Asabbosam Hades with the Flame Blade*

Asabbosam Hades: *Turns to dust and disappears*

api, kebakaran Wolfe: *Goes back to Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: Angel, Scamp, where are you?

*Angel and Scamp come from underneath the box*

Angel: anda saved us!

Scamp: But how?

Nick Wolfe: Well...*puts the device back inside his pocket*

Angel: Well we thank anda very much.

*Later, Lady and Tramp's house*

Nick Wolfe: *Walks up to Tramp* Dad, may I talk to anda about something?

Tramp: Sure, ask away.

Nick Wolfe: What happened to my birth father?
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