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posted by Pyjamarama
Ratigan: Oh, I Cinta it when I'm nasty. Fidget?
[Fidget snores]
Ratigan: FIDGET!
[Fidget wakes up, falling to the ground]
Ratigan: Bright and alert as always. Here's the list. anda know what to do and no mistakes!
Fidget: No-no-no mistakes. Tools, gears, girl, uniforms...
Fidget: NOW, FIDGET!
Fidget: I'm going, I'm going, I'm going!
[Fidget scurries off]

Henchmen: [singing] Oh Ratigan, oh Ratigan / You're tops, and that's that / To Ratigan, to Ratigan...
Bartholomew: To Ratigan, the world's greatest rat! Hic!
[Ratigan does spit take; the henchmen turn in terror]
Ratigan: What was that?
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Chapter 16- makan, kantin For Forgiveness

    Lady, Tramp, Pongo, and Perdita approached the bahagian, atas of the hill, and then, Tramp stated, “Come on… follow me.”
    “Do anda see them on your side?” Pongo asked Perdita, who shook her head as they crossed a bridge over a peaceful river.
    “They couldn’t have gotten that far away, could they?” Lady asked nervously.
    “I don’t know Lady, I don’t know,” Pongo answered.
    “Nah, of course not!” Tramp stated as they turned a corner on...
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posted by KataraLover
It's been a week and things are kinda strange, the boys are fine but Angel is kinda Berlakon weird. Every night for this week she's been waking up screaming in the middle of the night. I keep asking if she wants to talk about it but she keeps saying no. However tonight is the last straw, I need to get some sleep without hearing someone scream. So tonight when she screamed I just went strait to her room and I wasn't goingto take no for an answer.

"Angel, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, I'm fine" berkata Angel.

"Really? Because you've been doing this for a week and I need to get to sleep without hearing...
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posted by KataraLover
hei guys good news! First of all Scamp is out of his cast, secondly three weeks later I have been looking at my magic book, and I finally found a spell to turn them back! It's a potion I need to make it has to be individual because I need a strand of their human hair and their dog hair. Than it'll turn a certain kolar for each of them so I can tell which one to give which. Scamp's is blue, Angel's is pink, and Patch's is red well at least that's what the crystal ball told me they would be. I got one piece of bulu from their Warna that I've been keeping them in a droor. Now all I have to do...
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posted by deedragongirl
 The Jungle Book Poster!
The Jungle Book Poster!
Hi guys, this tahun marks the 50th anniversary of the animated classic that we all grew up with. So, here is my review on the timeless classic.

The Story

I felt that the film was slightly darker compare to the original novel as well as later adaptations of the story, the funny thing is that one of the Serigala was voiced sejak Ben Wright, who would later went on to voice Grimsby, Eric's butler in the Little Mermaid. Coincidentally, this film also stars Darleen Carr, the younger sister of the late Charmain Carr (famously known as Liesl Von Trapp). Making Ben Wright to work the Carr sisters in 2 famous...
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posted by Windrises
So far there has been 2 live action films in Disney's live action film series adaption of Alice in Wonderland. In 2010 there was Alice in Wonderland and in 2016 there was Alice Through the Looking Glass. I'm hoping for a sequel.

Here's what I want in Alice 3

Tarrant Hightopp getting lebih screen time.

Tarrant is the Hatter. He's the most entertaining character in the franchise. He's already gotten plenty of screen time in the sebelumnya films, but lebih of him would be great.

I want Time to return.

Time seems like a 1 film type of character, but he's a fun character who I want to watch lebih of....
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Moving on from Sandy Cheeks, I've got something lebih cool and fun to talk about. I'm sorting Disney characters into Hogwarts houses. I'm starting with the Sensational Six. That includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, daisy Duck, and Pluto.

First of all, there's Mickey Mouse. I've put him in Gryffindor for he is adventurous, brave, and heroic. He is the lead figure as well. Gryffindors are berkata to be cool and popular.

Then there's Minnie. I sorted her into Hufflepuff for her sweet, fun personality.

Next, there's Donald Duck. I put him in Slytherin for he is cranky....
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posted by WinterSpirit809
Wow. I can already see the hate brewing and I'm so sorry but she just annoys me.

Just hear me out:

The first time I watched Frozen I had no problem with her. I didn't necessarily like her but I didn't dislike her either. I was completely neutral to her.

I am going to flat out say it. Elsa is overrated.

I'm not hating on anyone for liking her, but I would like her oh so much lebih if the fandom didn't constantly tear down other Frozen characters and DP's and anything related to Disney, just to make Elsa look better. And what if anda don't like Elsa? The peminat-peminat get so frustrated and start going on...
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I've been meaning to get to this artikel for a long time, but things kept getting in the way. I had school work, my job (which thank goodness I get to quit), other articles, and new Filem that I wanted to add to this list. I even thought of making this a bahagian, atas 100 list, but when I attempted to do that it was just too overwhelming. Plus with new Filem coming around I was afraid it would change. I think that all of these Filem are genuinely amazing, no matter their flaws. There are no guilty pleasures on here, just what I consider to be truly amazing Disney movies. I'm only going to only talk...
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I already made my bahagian, atas Disney villains countdown, and now I will be making my bahagian, atas Disney villain song countdown! Making this senarai was actually very hard, because I Cinta all the songs. I started this artikel last year. Since I became busy with school and activities, I put a delay on it. Now it is FINALLY here. BE PREPARED!

Honorable Mentions
Vanessa's Song- Sung sejak Ursula/Vanessa from The Little Mermaid

Gaston- Sung sejak Gaston from tBeauty and the Beast

10. Mine,Mine, Mine

Villain - Governer Radcliffe from Pocahontas

Radcliffe is something else. Only he would boast about himself while singing...
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posted by mountaindewman
So, i managed to see Bunk'd . What do i think of it? I................ have lebih important stuff to say.
1: I will soon copy off of PieGuyRULZ and make a South Park episode reviewed! Someday .
2: I plan on doing a review on every Dan Schneider show.
3: My Eminem Reviews will be put on hold. I forgot to mention...... i have autism , The Aspergers spectrum and one of those habits is changing interests often.
4: I plan on taking my wife to Florida seterusnya week. I don't know if I'll update .
So, Bunk'd. When i first heard of a Jessie spin off, I thought " This is gonna be shit! Jessie sucked, so this...
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posted by dimitri_
I'm going to organize this the same way rhythmicmagic did. I decided to combine the Heroes with the heroines but my descriptions will be a bit shorter.

Favorite Animal Heroine: Bianca
She reminds me a bit of Aurora as she puts duty over everything. Adding to that, she's also feminine, elegant and graceful. Her caring nature and compassion make her so lovely. Also, Bianca and Bernard are one of my kegemaran Disney couples.

Favorite Animal Hero: Bagheera
I've always loved Bagheera, he's so humble, mature, smart and caring. He's constantly worried about Mowgli, I think that's really sweet....
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This is a hard one to tackle. It is so hard that I was tempted to skip it, but then, this is one of Disney’s truly successful non-animated movies, and it is based on what used to be a very well-known book. I write “used to be” because I honestly doubt that many people have read it nowadays, and when asked about the content, they would most like revert to one of the many adaptations.

The thing is, even before the first Filem about this were made, the original text has a somewhat unique history, since it was never intended for publication. The Swiss Pastor Johann David Wyss wrote the stories...
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Let's not kid ourselves, with all its dark moments, Disney has also provided us with a lot of adorable moments that just have us going "Awwwwww" no matter how old we are. I am here to honor those moments with a bahagian, atas 10 list. Surprisingly, I might just very well be the first one to make this list... really, why have I not found another like this? Keep in mind that this is my opinion and I'm basing this off of memory. If there's a cuter moment that really should be on this list, I probably forgot it. Also, I'm only picking one per film, otherwise this whole thing could very well be overloaded...
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A senarai like this is something I should have made a long time ago. But here's the thing: a senarai like this is almost impossible for a huge Disney nut like me to make. There are so many great titles out there, it's hard to pick just 10 as my Kegemaran in a specific order. I may have known my bahagian, atas 3 long before considering this list, but I only recently figured out the other 7. Anyway, all useless filler aside, let's begin shall we? Also, this is just what I think, not what the whole world thinks, okay?

10) The Lion King- The only reason this is at number 10 is because, well, Simba is kind of a dumb...
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I did a senarai of my kegemaran Animated Disney Movie Intros 3 months lalu so I decided to make a senarai of my kegemaran Animated Disney Movie Endings, hope you'll like it :)

10. Brother Bear

This is a very hati, tengah-tengah warming ending, I Cinta that Kenai chose to become a menanggung, bear again and how Denai tells the viewers what was happening after he and Kenai reunited. Also the Muzik gives me Goosebumps especially at the part where Kenai transforms back into a bear, that's also my kegemaran part of the ending because it's such a touching part.

9. Dumbo

Another heartwarming ending, I Cinta how Dumbo and his mother...
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 picture done sejak PrincessFairy
picture done by PrincessFairy
A dad is someone who wants to catch anda before anda fall but instead picks anda up, brushes anda off, and lets anda try again. A dad is someone who wants to keep anda from making mistakes but instead lets anda find your own way, even though his hati, tengah-tengah breaks in silence when anda get hurt. A dad is someone who holds anda when anda cry, scolds anda when anda break the rules, shines with pride when anda succeed, and has faith in anda even when anda fail...- Unknown

Happy Fathers' Day! It's time to see who's the best Disney Dad. Thank anda to the 15 people who voted and commented. Now here we go.

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 animasi offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world. - Walt Disney
Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world. - Walt Disney
I had a hard time choosing who would and who wouldn't make the senarai because there are so many great Disney movies. This is not a movie analysis, I will just say the stuff I mainly Cinta about each movie. So this is my personal bahagian, atas 10 Disney Animated Filem I enjoy watching the most.

 10. The Jungle Book
10. The Jungle Book

The songs are catchy and the characters are cool. I don't even know why I Cinta the Jungle Book so much, it's just a funny and very enjoyable movie to watch.

 9. Robin hud, hood
9. Robin Hood

The action scenes are amusing and some scenes would get me so upset, like how the rich were so heartless. Robin Hood...
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Yesterday, I did round 3 on the 4 remaining renaissance films, and this round was unexpected in some ways, and unexpected in other ways. anda guys have made your choice about which films are the two best films, and here are the results.

The Little Mermaid vs Aladdin vs The Lion King vs Mulan

These four films are definitely one of the better received films of the Renaissance, and these films are practically always in a person's bahagian, atas 10. Even though Mulan is the least critically acclaimed film, it does have the least criticism of the four. From the beginning of the round, The Lion King was taking...
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posted by Pyjamarama
[after falling into the alligator pit]
Yzma: Why do we even *have* that lever?

Yzma: Are anda talking to that squirrel?
Kronk: I was a junior chipmunk, uh, and I had to be versed in all the woodland creatures.
[to squirrel]
Kronk: Please continue.
[squirrel talks to Kronk]
Yzma: [walking away] Why me? Why me? Why me? Why...?
Kronk: Hey, it doesn't always have to be about you. This poor little guy's had it rough. Seems a talking llama gave him a hard time the other day.
[Yzma rushes over to them]
Yzma: Oh, a talking llama? Do tell.
[squirrel whispers to Kronk]
Kronk: Uh, he doesn't really wanna...
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