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 Monsters Inc.,
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Monsters Inc., :)
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monsters inc.
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This Disney seni peminat might contain tanda, poster, teks, papan hitam, and chalkboard.

10.Phil- trained Hercules and has a thing for Nymphs oh and if he catches him with meg watch out.

9. Rajah- a true harimau betina, membukakan protecting the Beautiful Princess melati, jasmine from her dumb suiters, even ripping their underwear.

8. Seven Dwarfs- even in her death they kept sejak Snow Whites side and built her a golden glass coffin, she was too beautiful to bury.

7. ray and Louis- helping Tiana and Naveen get through the wild bayou alive wasn't easy. But they had Evangeline to guide them.

6. Jiminy Cricket- he helped Pinocchio on his way to becoming a real boy and gave us that beautiful song " When anda Wish...
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What is your kegemaran Disney movie?
What is your least favorite?
Who is your kegemaran Disney Princess?
Who is your kegemaran Disney Prince?
What is your kegemaran Disney animal sidekick?
Who is your kegemaran Disney animal?
What is your kegemaran Disney couple?
What is your kegemaran made up Disney pairing? Ex; Jim from Treasure Planet and Ariel)
Who is/are your kegemaran Disney parent(s)?
What Disney character would totally be your best friend?
What Disney character would be your worst enemy?
What Disney Creature would anda want as a pet?
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Beauty and the Beast
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Recently, a girl told me one of my kegemaran movies, How To Train Your Dragon, which is a DreamWorks movie, was childish. She told me that animasi is childish, and for little kids. I told her she was wrong. Dead wrong. It doesn't matter if it's Disney atau DreamWorks, it's how much anda Cinta that movie. It matters that the story means something to you. I told her the following:
Is Toy Story 3 a childish movie? How many kids actually saw it? There were lebih teenagers that saw Toy Story 3 than children. Toy Story is the same type of movie as How To Train Your Dragon. Animation. animasi isn't...
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 Here's some Disneyness. Yes, that's a word.
Here's some Disneyness. Yes, that's a word.
I, for one, absolutely adore Disney. My favourite film is a Disney film. My favourite character is a Disney character. My fanart is always Disney fanart. There is not a part of my house that is free from obsession. So I decided to sit down, think it out and finally stress over putting them all in an order - my bahagian, atas 10 favourite Disney movies. This is going to take some definite kicking and screaming, but whatever.
Yes, I swear. Deal with it, because I'm not going to stop doing it. I don't care if anda think it's "wrong" and "limits vocabulary" because that's the biggest piece of fucking bullshit...
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