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The new Disney movie for 2020!!!
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Here's the artikel for Pocahontas!

I know in the past I've made komen-komen about how I don't like this movie because it's been berkata that the tale of Pocahontas saving John was a lie and I've also berkata I can't stand Pocahontas and John together because it's gross Pocahontas was aged up for this movie. However I will watch this movie and just enjoy it without thinking about those things.

By now anda should all know what I write about in these artikel-artikel so I'll just go ahead and start!

Tonight's rewatch: Pocahontas
Last time watched: Summer of 2011

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
Okay I didn't...
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Here is my version of the Ultimate Disney peminat Questionnaire that LisaForde published, I don´t know if she was the first to do it but I loved the idea so here it is, and i will add a few soalan so it´s not a total copy.

Q1 What is my favourite Disney animated movie?

Q2 What is the most emotional scene in a Disney movie?

Q3 What Disney heroine do anda love?

Q4 What Disney scene do anda find the most romantic?

Q5 What Disney ending do anda Cinta the most?

Q6 Favourite Disney prince?

Q7 Favourite Disney animated couple and why?

Q8 Favourite Disney live action couple and why?

Q9 Favourite entrance...
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