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This is the final part of my countdown and for the most part the results don't surprise me. Well there are some negative people who don't care much about some of their looks keseluruhan everyone thought they were gorgeous. Just like with the last two artikel-artikel I will be telling the publics opinion and than my opinion. Each character will also recieve a comment. Please keep in mind that this isn't my opinion but the opinion of the public, enjoy.

 Too BIG eyes!!! And she's lebih cute than pretty. She only can be pretty from side view. Her protruding upper teeth makes her face not that pretty either.- LightningRed
Too BIG eyes!!! And she's lebih cute than pretty. She only can be pretty from side view. Her protruding upper teeth makes her face...
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There's a lot of really cute Bayi animated sejak Disney so it's time to tunjuk some appreciation to them! The senarai includes all Disney animasi Studios movies.

10. Baby Lucky

Such an underrated scene, it's so touching when the the little anjing, anak anjing actually makes it. It's a tiny little thing with a merah jambu nose and a white kot and even if his eyes weren't open, it just made it cuter. It was so heartwarming as a child and still is now. I couldn't help wanting a anjing, anak anjing of my own after this scene especially seeing his little nose peek out and snuggle he father's. It's so cute and totally...
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So, a while lalu I wrote this artikel on my bahagian, atas ten kegemaran and least kegemaran Disney characters (in comments) and, as always, felt this needed an update, since a lot has changed in my lists. My hate and Cinta has grown for some of these characters, some have just made it on my list.

My opinion has changed undoubtably, and I have decided to rewrite this artikel to fit my new opinions!

As always lets start with my least Kegemaran out of the way, so I can get anda pissed off, and get it over. Oh, and I don't want to see any bullying over my opinion. Okay? Okay.

10. Honey Lemon- Big Hero 6

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 Even Disney can't please everyone.
Even Disney can't please everyone.
Well,I bet that tajuk got your attention!
Let me make something perfectly clear here.I Cinta Disney! I really do,it's a big part of my childhood,and I'm pretty sure it was a big part for everybody's childhood.It's probably the greatest animasi company in the world,but it's not perfect.
Like most companies,Disney has its fair-share of things about it that piss me off,on a lot of levels.These things can range from baffling decisions that don't make sense,cancelling great games,movies and shows,or creating things like Filem atau series that were failures,or anything that make anda ask the question:...
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This is the continuation of my updated version of my kegemaran Disney movies.
If anda haven't read the first part of my artikel I recommend anda read that one first,but if anda have read it,congratulations! Welcome to My kegemaran Disney Filem (Updated Version) (Part 2).

5.Fantasia (1940).
(Originally Number 6)
Riding high with the success of Snow White and Pinocchio,it's interesting that Disney decided to do something 100% different for their third film.Fantasia doesn't have a narrative story.Heck it doesn't have any dialog apart from the host,it's just an experiment of taking classical music...
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Now, just sejak Membaca the title, you're probably thinking "great, another Elsa hate article", but trust me it's nothing like that.

I thought Elsa was a great deuteragonist, despite how much her peminat-peminat ruin her for me, but I think it would still be amazing if Disney had kept their original idea and made her a villain. She just has so much potential! She has good motives, she could send a good message about redemption and I think she would be one of the most developed and unique villain Disney could ever make.

I think Anna and Elsa's relationship would be much lebih realistic if Elsa had been...
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