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What's the meaning of the last word??

(Theta Sigma*) _ ___"

*If somebody didn't know it, in the Old DW series, someone calls Doctor "Theta Sigma"
 What's the meaning of the last word??
 timeandfate posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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2_Charliie_2 said:
I read the meaning of "theta sigma" in this page a few days lalu (This page is very useful ^^):

And I also have found what you're asking about:
■The Penulisan on the cliffs reads "HELLO SWEETIE ΘΣ Φ ΓΥΔϟ". ΘΣ (Theta Sigma) is a nickname used sejak the Doctor in the Time Lord Academy. However, since the the script quite clearly indicates the Greek letters are actually the co-ordinates to River's location in 102 AD England, it is possibly lebih instructive to view this as a sequence of Greek numerals.

Translating them non-additively, the numbers would be: Θ (9) Σ (200) Φ (500) Γ (3) Υ (400) Δ (4) ϟ (90)
An additive translation — the usual way Greek numerals work — would be: 9, 200, 503, 404, 90.

**Theta Sigma
"ΘΣ" was also a commonly-used abbreviation for "God" in Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. The capital letters Theta and Sigma together resemble the word "ΟΣ", (who), and some scribal variations in New Testament texts will have "ΟΣ" in a few passages while others have "ΘΣ" in the same passages.

I hope this helps :D
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
really!! thank you!!
timeandfate posted hampir setahun yang lalu
Redstone_man said:
The Doctors name is mildred
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posted ·3 bulan lalu 
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