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posted by criminalminds15
“We went through the sort of, milestones together. The first read through,
our first hari on set, then we got our first block finished. We’ve had these really huge things in life that we’re sharing.”

(On filming 'The Beast Below') “It was so fun! Me and Matt were just messing around most of the time, throwing cabbage at each other.”

“We’ve grown closer every day. I’m quite fond of her, actually, it has to be said.”

Matt: Hi! No one cares about your silly bedroom.
Karen: *throws bantal at him*

Matt: You’re a bit prettier in the game.
Karen: I knew that was coming.
Karen: I think they’ve been a bit generous to Matt. He’s got a bit off a structured jaw, which isn’t really there.
Matt: Let’s not go there.
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That Brave Traveling Man,wandering the plains of time,he has so many Friends yet is the loneliest person around.His companions leave because they must,they fall in love,stay to fight,his lover trapped in another world.That Brave traveling man,his utama and everything he ever knew gone-all the work of his greatest foe.He is heartbroken a look of 900 years of sorrow in his eyes.That Brave traveling man says he's all right-cracks a joke and alih on.But everyone one who knows knows that it's code for I'm not all right at all as a wise woman once said.He has saved so many lives and has never been thanked.Thank that Brave traveling man,whom everyone loves,and nobody knows
posted by RoseElizabeth
The Mystic Casino, Keruush

It was one of the casinos busiest nights, beings from all over the galaxy gambling away their savings, some winners and others losers. Bar waitress Julia Plat worked overtime, dodging hands, rushing from meja, jadual to table, order after order. And even with all these many people crowding in every part of the massive casino, she could see him. She stopped at the refilling station and pushed her brown hair away from her sweaty face.
“Busy night.” She remarked to her fellow waitress Jaci as they waited for the tender to refill their glasses, “see him?” she indicated...
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sejak WhovianUltimate on YouTube
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Courtesy of Youtube. :) I should warn anda in advance, that this does contain the 'b word'. :)
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Sylvester McCoy, 1987-89, 1996. Regenerated, due to being shot sejak a jalan gang. 'Doctor Who: The Movie'
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I think that we can all say that the wait for Series Seven Part One was agonising, there was nine months wait…‘Asylum of the Daleks’ aired nine months after ‘The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe’…Steven Moffat!!! (Shakes fist) I think my fellow whovians, know my pain. Anyway in the build-up for Series 7, we were treated to a mini-sode called ‘Pond Life’ written sejak Chris Chibnall, which I actually enjoyed, lebih than I thought I would and it helped lessen the agonising last week. But was the entire wait of nine months worth it? Let’s find out…

[‘The Doctor, the Widow and...
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 ...and the winner is... bitterimpulses!!
...and the winner is... bitterimpulses!!
So sorry for uploading it now but, I've been quite busy this time and my internet went off...
Here we are again, this time with bitterimpulses, our last winner.

1.Congratulations for winning FOTM. What do anda want to say to all those who voted for you?
-Thanks so much, you're the best,... I really think I don't deserve it because I've done some things not as timeandfate atau criminalminds15... but, anyway, thank anda :D

2.When and why did anda watch DW for the first time?
-When my mum told me where she saw for the 1st time a cool TV show.

3.What do you...
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