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The results of the least kegemaran companion tinjauan are in... and the most likeable companion is...

The elimination order from week 1 went like this:
Mickey Smith
The Great Detectives
Rose Tyler
Martha Jones
River Song
Amy Pond
Craig Owens
Brian Williams
Wilfred Mott
Rory Williams
Clara Oswin Oswald
Captain Jack Harkness

Some people came as a huge suprise to me *cough* Rose Tyler *cough* but anda guys chose and Donna is the least hated/ most likable companion

Let me know what anda thought of this tinjauan in the komen-komen and if anyone wants me to make any lebih tinjauan-tinjauan like this let me know.

posted by princesskagome
After conducting several polls, in several different sites I have decided to do the artikel on the most beloved companion. In most of the tinjauan-tinjauan I have conducted, whether it is in this site atau any other site, the results have always been pretty consistent. Rose Tyler has always topped the polls.

Billie Piper, during 2005 and 2006, won the National Televisyen Award each time she was still in Doctor Who, a vote casted sejak the public. There has not been any other companion who has won that many National Televisyen Award during their screen time. Freema Agyeman, who portrayed Martha, and Catherine...
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The Doctor crops up in the most oddest of places.

Looks like the TARDIS gets some mail.

A 1982 Prince song almost hits The Doctor.

River Song and The Doctor’s relationship is tied up in a bow.

Someone does an impersonation of The Terminator.

Rory is not gay whilst Hitler is definitely in the closet.

Is that a pisang in your pocket?

The Vampires of Venice is mentioned at a crucial moment sejak The Doctor.

Other people know about The Doctor’s death~day.

Hitler isn’t the only person someone wants to kill.

A film referenced in The Impossible Astronaut is referenced again. Twice.

The words “the Silence” are visibly apparent.
 Amy, the Doctor & Rory get a surprise as the TARDIS crashes into Hitlers office...
Amy, the Doctor & Rory get a surprise as the TARDIS crashes into Hitlers office...
posted by TVAuthor
Rose Tyler is the best companion so far. She loved the Doctor and the Doctor loved her. I couldn't believe that they could never see eachother again! When Martha and Donna came I hated them just because they took Rose's place. When they met up again with all of the companions, I was so happy. Rose and Doctor fianally got their reunion! All though, I really thought that the original Doctor should have told her he loved her. And he should have kissed her. But at least Rose and Doctor will stay together and live happily ever after.
posted by TARDIS03
One hari the doctor and Rose were wandering new earth. Then, a girl walked up to him, he felt like he had seen her before. She berkata her name was Oswin and that she was here to protect the doctor. What happened seterusnya surprised the doctor, out of no where a Dalek showed up. The doctor told Oswin and Rose to get back. Despite that warning, Oswin didn't listen. She started attacking the Dalek. It killed Oswin. A few hari later on regular earth, he saw the same girl walking around. He had no idea how she got there considering she had died, but he was curious so, he asked for her name. This time she berkata Clara but the doctor was sure it was the same girl. from time to time he would run into her. She would die and after each death she would go back and fourth between oswin and clara. THE END
posted by mimivilee
Hello everyone!

On the 23rd of November I am meeting Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) for a foto shoot, and a signing! I am very lucky, I know.

I know how much anda all want to say something to Matt Smith, so I want anda to give me messages anda want to say to him, for me to put in a massive card I am going to get him.

This is the perfect opportunity for anda all to thank Matt, atau just let him know of your existence!

anda can either hantar what anda want to say Here:

atau e-mel me what anda want to say at this address:

If anda have any soalan either e-mel me, atau send me a soalan HERE:

THANK YOU! Please send me things, I would hate to have an empty card!
I first saw a soalan on this spot a couple of days asking who this lady was.
Curious I went on iMDb and it turns out she is credited as Eye-patch lady for hari of the moon and Curse of the black spot and then Lady Kovarian for episode 6x07 an 6xO8.
Nice, the mystery will last for a few episode but we are likely to have an answer soon enough.

But I just couldn't help thinking about it. It wouldn't get out of my head. There was something familiar with her.

And then I got it. She looks awfully similar to the unknown timelady in End of time in younger. Is it possible that they cast a younger actress...
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To those of anda who would like to know the details of the 50th Anniversary Audio, 'The Light at the End' here are the details

November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant hari in the lives of all eight Doctors…

It's the hari that Bob Dovie's life is ripped apart…

It's also a hari that sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events which forces the first eight incarnations of the Doctor to fight for their very existence. As a mysterious, insidious chaos unfolds within the TARDIS, the barriers of time break apart…

From suburban England through war-torn alien landscapes and into a deadly,...
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 The Eleventh Doctor faces his fate in 'The Name of the Doctor'
The Eleventh Doctor faces his fate in 'The Name of the Doctor'
I would be devestated if the seterusnya doctor was a women, because the doctor has always been male. It seems weird that he can just change gender. If that happened, i think the tunjuk would be completely different.

On the other side of the argument, there would no longer be the 'admiring female companion who meets this mad man and subsequently falls in Cinta with him.. but the doctor is too blind to notice'- i mean, if the doctor were to be female and the companion male, then anda could get a romance. atau even if both characters were female- it has been incinuated that the doctor is bi/omni-sexual, but...
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posted by suzzieqws
Wow. Rory isn't exactly the most brilliant companions that we've ever met, but i think that he is the most perceptive.

In the Eleventh jam he already proved himself to be observant when noticing the comatose patients out and about.
Then even before he was introduced to the TARDIS he did his research. Even if he's not clever on his own he knows how to find his info.

But finally he showed his quality when he exposed the Doctor. Davros did it at during Journeys End, but Rory was so much lebih blunt and got down to the core of it. Its not that the Doctor makes weapons out of people, he makes people want to impress him! The Doctor makes people a danger to themselves. and Rory nailed it! He saw right through the Doctor. And I Cinta him for that.
posted by Tripenguinman
The timelords have been around since the beginning of the tunjuk and were only "wiped" out after the 8th doctor. But in the newest episode, it appears we have another return of the timelords. Another? Yes. They have been dropping in and out of the doctor's past as far back as the 1st doctor. The goal it seems of this return is to make The doctor less powerful, and revert back to the way the tunjuk use to be. Not in the way of saat class speical effects and all, but the way the doctor was not so powerful, I mean, let's face it. He can do anything now. Hell he could wipe out every alien race. But this return may not be such a great idea. It just might cause many complications. In my opinion, the heartbeat could have had a better effect. I was hoping for something lebih sinister. But only tiem will tell.
posted by ladychazabc
Don’t Believe All the ‘Doctor Who’ Rumors anda Read
12 September 2010 12:15 PM, PDT | | See baru-baru ini news »

It’s all about the dying in Doctor Who series 6, several websites are reporting. First, there’s the lapor that Amy Pond will be killed off in episode six of the new series according to the British periodical The Sun. Then there’s the lebih baru-baru ini rumor that River Song will be axed seterusnya tahun instead, according to the Daily Star, who deny that Pond will die. “It’s news to us. As far as we’re concerned she is set to bintang in all 13 episodes,”...
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posted by criminalminds15
Airs: 03rd Apr 2010

The saat episode of the new series is called The Beast Below and can be seen on BBC One and BBC HD on Saturday 10 April at 18.15.

It features Amy Pond's first trip in the TARDIS and the Doctor takes her to the distant future where she finds Britain in space. Starship UK houses the future of the British people as they cari the stars for a new home. But when Amy explores she encounters the terrifying Smilers and learns a deadly truth inside the Voting Booth...

The episode was written sejak Steven Moffat, directed sejak Andrew Gunn and stars Sophie Okonedo (pictured above in Tsunami:...
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posted by KayleighDyer
 dr who in tardis with cybermen!
dr who in tardis with cybermen!
If you're looking for information on the 2008 season, please visit this page: New Doctor Who Series 2008 Season 4
Doctor Who first started in the UK on the 23rd November 1963 and ran continually until 1989. (There was a test screening of the pilot episode a week previously in a small area of London but that doesn't count!) Doctor Who continued in the form of books, stage plays, comics, magazines and audio adventures. In 1996 a US/UK co-financed telemovie burst onto our screens. It didn't rate well in the US so a series was never taken up. 2005 and Russell T Davies got the nod to bring back...
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To me, the 2nd half of the current season of Doctor Who is striking out. I thought "Let's Kill Hitler" was pretty bad, aside from the plot devices dealing with River Song. To me, the tiny people inside the human-sized robot came straight out of the craptastic Eddie Murphy movie "Meet Dave". Making a not-good motion comic instead of filming a motorcycle chase sequence was a sign of laziness & lack of money. The following episode ("Night Terrors") was'nt that much better. The old lady getting sucked into the garbage pile, where'd that come from? Pretty amazing how Amy was miraculously cured from turning into a doll-person.
When I first read the DW cost-cutting rumors, I thought they were just that, rumors. But looking at what's been shown so far, it looks to be true.
Doctor Who's 50th anniversary special will feature all 11 Doctors, a lapor has claimed.

An artikel from the Birmingham Mail claims that current Who bintang Matt Smith will be joined sejak his seven surviving predecessors.

Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant are all berkata to be appearing in the November one-off.

In addition, the lapor claims that the Steven Moffat-penned episode will use "studio trickery" to include appearances from the first three Doctors - played sejak the late William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee.

The BBC is yet to pasti any official plans for the Doctor Who special, which will mark 50 years since the sci-fi drama's first transmission on November 23, 1963.

Showrunner Moffat recently confirmed that he has "immense", "considerable" plans for the anniversary but refused to reveal specifics.
posted by Iheartdrwho
Just a snapshot at why Iheartdrwho
1. Its creative. With all of time and angkasa as a palette, there are endless fables and stories to tell, this ignites a creativity within its fandom
2. It's got heart. When it's funny, it's hilarious. And when it's sad anda cry on a floor and rock yourself
3. Musical scores.
4. Beautiful planets and scenes. Him taking someone away and travelling to unimaginable places as well as menunjukkan them a better way to live
5. The doctor/companion dynamics. them finding out he's got two hearts...him being very enigmatic to them and us etc.
6. Regeneration as a concept is genius....
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posted by labyrinth75
Russell T. Davies was a fantastic tunjuk runner; he brought back the tunjuk from the dead. And he introduced a whole new generation to Whoniverse and I’m eternally grateful for that. His two doctors – Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant – were like sebelumnya Doctors, brilliant in the role. So, Steven Moffat and Matt Smith had a tough act to follow when they were made tunjuk runner and the Doctor respectively. And did they succeed? Well, read on to see what I think…

EPISODE ONE: The Eleventh jam sejak Steven Moffat
Considering that Russell T. Davies practically used up most of the budget on...
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Should there be a female Doctor? Yes, if an actress is the best person who auditions.

Will an actress ever audition, though? Will a showrunner ever audition a woman for the role? That doesn't guarantee them it, for starters. If I may point your attention to the point in time where Paterson Joseph seemed to be the front runner for the Eleventh Doctor, only for the press release to read 'the youngest ever actor' rather than 'the first black actor to play the role'.

While no one running the tunjuk is going to ignore an actor because of their skin colour, a woman has yet to be publicly revealed as...
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They may have bid farewell to the TV series (for now) but the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors will be back in two new Titan Comics strands

Space and time can be funny things. David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Doctors may have bid farewell to the televisual realm (at least for now) but in the comic book dimension they’re back to have lebih adventures – and looking pretty cool doing it.

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors are each set to bintang in their own new stories from Titan Comics, and while the first instalments are not released until 23 July, anda can get a look at the excellent cover art sejak illustrator...
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