Doctor Who Kiss, Slap, Hug

alexthedog posted on Sep 30, 2011 at 09:16PM
I found this on the Harry Potter spot, enjoy! Basically, the rules are:
You are given three characters from Doctor Who (if the character is the Doctor an incarnation must be stated). Sort one into each of the categories, and then leave three characters for the next person.

Donna Noble
Pete Tyler
Madame Kovarian

The next person would say:
Kiss Donna
Hug Pete
Slap Kovarian
and then leave three characters for the next poster.

Alright, the first three characters are:
Mickey Smith
Craig Owens
Jackie Tyler

Doctor Who 41 balas

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hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…
kiss Craig(sorry Sophie he's all yours)
hug Mickey
slap Jackie(I love Jackie dearly but hated her in the pilot)
hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…
oh yeah and Rory Rose and Martha
hampir setahun yang lalu alexthedog said…
Kiss Rose,
Hug Rory,
Slap Martha.

And Wilfred Mott, Liz Ten, and Adam Mitchell.
hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…
Kiss Wilfred(okay ew that men is old.)
Hug Liz
Slap Adam(No I don't hate him I know gasp away.)
hampir setahun yang lalu alexthedog said…
And the three you're leaving here are..?
hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…
Sorry forget.

River Rory lan(Companion of the First Doctor.)
hampir setahun yang lalu alexthedog said…
It's okay ^_^
Kiss River
Hug Rory
Slap Ian

Alaya (Silurian)
Winston Churchill
Mother Doomfinger (Carrionite)
hampir setahun yang lalu sonicdoctorwho said…
Kiss Alaya (Yuri of the day! I don't wanna kiss Winston!)
Hug Winston
Slap Doomfinger

Davros (Dalek I guess?) Jamie (2nd Doctor's companion) and Romana II? (4th Doctor's companion)
hampir setahun yang lalu alexthedog said…
I've hardly seen the original series(I even looked up Jamie and Romana II's pictures), but:

Kiss Romana II
Hug Jamie
Slap Davros

Astrid Peth
Jackson Lake
Amy Pond :D
hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…
kiss:Jackson Lake
Hug:Amy Pond
slapAstrid(I don't know I didn't really like her much.)
hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…

hampir setahun yang lalu alexthedog said…
I'm not going to make contact with a wooden time machine, unless it's Idris. XD
Okay, if by TARDIS you mean Idris from "The Doctor's Wife", this is how it would go :P

Kiss Idris
Hug Craig
Slap Cybermen

Alfie "Stormageddon" Owens
Donna Noble
William Shakespeare
hampir setahun yang lalu solo1861 said…
Kiss Stormageddon
Hug Donna
Slap Shakespeare

Vincent Van Gaugh, Adelaide Brooke, Commander Strax
hampir setahun yang lalu alexthedog said…
Kiss: Adelaide (for however old she was she was still attractive)
Hug: Vincent (he needs one)
Slap: Strax (a male Sontaran that can nurse... EW!)

Jennifer Lucas
Lady Cassandra
Eddie Connolly
hampir setahun yang lalu sonicdoctorwho said…
Kiss Jennifer
Hug Eddie (I hate him, but I hate Cassandra even more.)
Slap Cassandra

Susan, 2nd Doctor and Peri?
hampir setahun yang lalu alexthedog said…
Kiss Susan
Hug Second Doctor
Slap Peri

Dorium Maldovar
Sarah Jane Smith
Luke Smith
hampir setahun yang lalu Sandiwich11 said…
Kiss Dorium
Hug Sarah Jane <3
Slap Luke Smith

11, Barbara Wright and Rory Pond
hampir setahun yang lalu totaldramafan96 said…
Kiss: the Eleventh Doctor
Hug: Rory
Slap: Barbara {Who the hell is that?}

10, Captain Jack, River Song.
hampir setahun yang lalu solo1861 said…
Easy one:
Kiss: 10
Hug: Jack
Slap: River

Blon Fel-Fotch, Harriet Jones, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
hampir setahun yang lalu alexthedog said…
^Susan's teacher! Like one of the first companions ever! :P

Kiss River Song
Hug Tenth Doctor
Slap Captain Jack (I never liked him, I don't know why)

John Lumic
Jenny (The Doctor's daughter, there's like four Jennys)
Martha Jones

hampir setahun yang lalu totaldramafan96 said…
Kiss: I have to with Jenny.
Hug: Martha
Slap: John Lumic

Sarah Jane, 8th Doctor, Mickey Smith
hampir setahun yang lalu alexthedog said…
I think I posted the same time as solo1861 before... Sorry!
So I'll use yours and leave behind the ones she said, which I think is fair :P

Kiss Sarah Jane Smith
Hug Eighth Doctor
Slap Mickey Smith (sorry! I actually started to like him...)

And then the three that solo1861 left behind were:
Blon Fel-Fotch
Harriet Jones
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
hampir setahun yang lalu SELI-chan said…
Shoot Blon Fel-Fotch, give Harriet an apple, and glare at Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Donna Noble, the kid who graffiti'd the TARDIS (Bad Wolf was what he wrote) and Cassandra
hampir setahun yang lalu TARDIS-Granger said…
slap-Donna Noble
kiss-the kid who graffitied the TARDIS
Rose,Captain Jack(victoria7701;)Rory
hampir setahun yang lalu Doctor_Donna said…
Kiss-Captain Jack
Slap-Rory (im sorry omg)

Strax, Canton, Martha
hampir setahun yang lalu TheBigBad said…
Kiss - Martha
Hug - Strax
Slap - Canton

The Face of Boe, Vincent Van Gogh, Gas Mask Zombie (Good luck with this one. Would you wanna touch a Gas Mask Zombie that can turn you into one of them?)
hampir setahun yang lalu DW_girl said…
This is a tough one! And very mean indeed!
I'll just slap the Gas Mask Zombie, Hug the Face of Boe and Kiss Vincent!

The Master (John Simm, that is); k-9 and The 12th Doctor :D
hampir setahun yang lalu TARDIS-Granger said…
Kiss-the Master
Hug-the 12th Doctor

The first doctor,the fourth doctor,the eighth doctor
hampir setahun yang lalu PondandOwsin34 said…

Hug-1st doctor

Slap-fourth doctor :(

kiss-eighth doctor

Rose Tyler, Ood, and Donna
hampir setahun yang lalu Ithrenniel said…
Kiss - Donna
Hug - Rose
Slap - Ood (I'm sorry!! >.<)

The child with the gasmask (are you my mummy?), Martha Jones, the 10th doctor
hampir setahun yang lalu labyrinth75 said…
Kiss - Martha
Hug - 10
Slap - The Empty Child

The Abzorbaloff, A Weeping Angel and A Silent
hampir setahun yang lalu peterpansfairy said…
Waaaa this is impossible well ill give it a try

Kiss- a weeping angel (wait that not a good idea)
Hug - a silent (not a good idea)
Slap - The abzorbaloff (rather run)

i Dont like this O.O

.. Donna Nobel..Vashta Nerada..and prisoner 0
labyrinth75 commented…
hehehe :) hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu labyrinth75 said…
Kiss Donna
Hug Prisoner Zero
Slap Vashta Nerada
purplesnitch commented…
How do anda slap a Vashta Nerada? hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu Doodlebug81 said…
Rose Tyler
The Master
hampir setahun yang lalu DW_girl said…
Kiss: The Master
Hug: Rose Tyler
Slap: Porridge (I'm so so sorry ;) )

Next: Tardis, the Midnight entity, the beetle from 'Turn Left' :D
hampir setahun yang lalu LittleMissAkuma said…
Kiss Tardis
Hug The Beetle
Slap Midnight Entity

Queen Victoria, Astrid Peth, Alonso Frame
hampir setahun yang lalu DW_girl said…
Kiss: Alonso Frame
Hug: Astrid Peth
Slap: Queen Victoria

Next: Abzorbaloff, Slitheen, Sontaran.
hampir setahun yang lalu ilovecharah1 said…

Hug: Slitheen (AAAAGH I NO WANNA.)

Slap: Sontaran (Well as long as it's not Strax..)

Next: the Tenth Doctor, Ada Gillyflower, Davros.
hampir setahun yang lalu R1213 said…
Kiss: the Tenth Doctor

Hug: Ada Gillyflower

Slap: Davros

Next: Rory Williams, Capt. Jack, Mercy Hartigan
hampir setahun yang lalu misscindyspice said…
Kiss Captain Jack (duh!)
Hug Rory.
Slap Mercy.

Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax.
hampir setahun yang lalu purplesnitch said…
Kiss Jenny
Hug Strax
Slap Vastra (I would feel like River)

Next: The Boneless, The Mummy and the Scovox Blitzer