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There are a lot of hate on Rose for her being mentioned so much after series 2 and I honestly do not understand why it annoys people. If anda know the Doctor well and watched the first two series of new Who then anda shouldn't be so annoyed.

Lets look at the facts. The Doctor met Rose right after the Time War, where he literally Lost his utama and his people. Although he was a rebel he still was incredibly attached to his utama and he Lost it. He did not have any anchor left so he was filled with anger and guilt. The first person who actually got under his 'shield' was Rose. He was sad, nothing...
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Episode 8: Let’s Kill Hitler

Synopsis: In the desperate cari for Melody Pond, the TARDIS crash lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face to face with the greatest war criminal in the Universe. And Hitler. The Doctor must teach his adversaries that time travel has responsibilities – and in so doing, learns a harsh lesson in the cruellest warfare of all.

The episode (or part of it) will take place in Nazi Germany and features a motorbike chase with an Amy clone, and the TARDIS crashing into Hitler’s office. Albert Welling plays Adolf Hitler. River and young Amelia (Caitlin Blackwood)...
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bring back classic doctor who,since 2005 doctor who has come back on to tv with great success.should not the classic's of doctor who the forerunners to the up to tarikh have a fair shake.?while the new series is being made [bbc,bbc three]could take time out to put on the classic doctor who.i think it will still draw in the audience.COME ON BBC!give the classic doctor a turn.we need them back as well,they have telah diberi us the audience the adventures.the bbc have a good thing here,please don't waste it on being fickle.bring back classic doctor who have not seen them.
 bring back classic doctor who
bring back classic doctor who
The Eleventh jam Petikan can be found here: link

I compiled these 2 episodes into 1 artikel because there were only a few key Petikan in each episode.

The Beast Below
Amy: What are anda going to do?
The Doctor: What I always do. Stay out of trouble...badly.

Mandy: How do anda not know about this? Are anda Scottish too?
The Doctor: I'm way worse than Scottish. I can't even see the movie. It won't play for me.
Amy: It played for me.
The Doctor: Well the big difference being the computer doesn't accept me as human.
Amy: Why not? anda look human.
The Doctor: No, anda look Timelord. We came first.

Amy: Have you...
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 the doctor that isn't our doctor but the seterusnya doctor
the doctor that isn't our doctor but the next doctor
The tajuk of the special is called "The seterusnya doctor"
But I don't think it means the doctor will regenarate
anda see in RTS's book it says that the doctor meats the doctor (I think that means future doctor) and then becomes his companion thats why it's called the seterusnya doctor, even though the doctor doesn't regenerate we see what the seterusnya doctor will look like
So to bungkus, balut it up the tajuk "The seterusnya Doctor" doesn't mean that the doctor will regenerate it means that we see what the doctor will look like after hi regeneration which will be in a future episode
 As if regular cybermen were bad now the doctor has to deal with cybershades
As if regular cybermen were bad now the doctor has to deal with cybershades
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In the first issue of the Doctor Who comic buku published in America , an introduction to the character included a peculiar mathematic equation as his "real name." The Doctor's real name is also telah diberi as d³Σx² or: ∂³∑x²
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