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DefineDelicate posted on Mar 21, 2009 at 02:09AM
Hi guys, I'm Tiff. I made this thread because i didn't see any thread where we can discuss what happened in the episode.

I Just watched TONIGHT'S EPISODE. AND I'M OFFICIALLLY HOOKED!!!!! I mean I've been liking it and enjoying the storylines but OMG I don't know how many times I freaked out during this episode. it's by far the best we're had so far.

Victor didn't hurt Sierra!! YAY!!!!! lol
I don't know why but I find that Relationship SO NAIVE CUTE!!!! :D lol!! Echo and Billard met haha and kick each other's ass. *squeal*
LOL man..when Millie turned into the doll I was like..OMG...OMG is she..OMG SHE IS, MILLIE'S A FAKE!!!!!

Next episode looks so intense btw..OMG. O_o

I don't think I can put OMG enough haha..I can't wait!!!!! ♥

what were your thoughts??? :)

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hampir setahun yang lalu Roxyn said…
OMG i loved this episode so many revelations =O i was like choked that millie turned out to be a doll, i thought she just really liked billard but no she's there to.. well i don't really know o.o i was like so happy that millie and billard finally hooke up but she's just programmed to like him =|
when the guy went there to kill millie i was like NO please don't kill her, then adelle just calls and tells those frases and bum she kicks his ass =D was amayzing
and also the fight with echo and billard loved it!! Can't wait for the next episode either!!!
hampir setahun yang lalu Saul_Mikoliunas said…
I don't think I can put OMG enough haha..I can't wait!!!!! ♥

My msn name right now is "Katie is OMG OMG OMGing" lol