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I would like to see Anna become pregnant from the wedding night and Bates in anguish as he is still in prison. Anna Bates investigates as she doesn't want her man in prison for something he hasn't done. John returns, they have their 1st child, open the Red Lion Inn, just outside Downton and it becomes a subplot to D.A.

Mrs. O'Brien gets hers. After causing so much problems for Bates,helping Cora miscarry, and lying when ever she can, she REALLY NEEDS to be thrashed properly. Thomas is found to be O'Brien's illegitimate son. Both bad to the bone.

Robert and Cora have empty nest problems. Mary and Matthew marry, have issues living at Downton Abbey with Robert and Cora and buy themselves a home. Sir Richard proposes to Edith...they deserve each other.

Mrs. Crawley, violet and Martha Levinson create all sorts of chaos for everyone. Sybil comes utama with her child when Brendan is killed in an Irish clash with whoever.
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Downton Abbey couples: Matthew and Mary, Branson and Sybil, Anna and Mr Bates, Robert and Cora, Willam and Daisy,
downton abbey
matthew and mary
branson and sybil
anna and mr bates
robert and cora
willam and daisy
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