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The lemur raced through Central Park having to push his goggles up every few seconds. "Man, this thing is heavy.." he groaned as he struggled to keep hold of the newest invention. He heard footsteps and heavy breathing behind him somewhere. 
    He stopped as he came to a brick fence. He threw his invention over the dinding and struggled to climb ontop of it. The footsteps got closer just as he tripped over his tail and fell on the other side of the wall.
   Lexii was enjoying the beautiful hari and walking around the zoo. She was sejak the north dinding when something hard hit her in the head....
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"I couldn't help but notice that the first time Barney suited-up was a whole lot like the first time Dr. Horrible suited-up for the ELE. Since they're both Neil Patrick Harris, this video was inevitable. Not ineffable -- inevitable."
Neil Patrick Harris
barney stinson
how i met your bother
dr. horrible's sing-along blog
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"Shouldn't we be doing this INDOORS?" complains Skipper, as i get him fitted for his Captain Hammer costume (courtesy of www.drhorrible.com)

"Oh please! What's a little bit of cold gonna do to you?" I ask as he slips the baju over his head.

"Not much, unless you're wearing nothing but a t baju and jeans." he grumbles

"it's the middle of October! And besides, thanks to Kowalski, anda guys wouldn't even be "humanized" if it wasn't for his research on genetics!"

"True, I like having fingers.but why did anda decide to do this to us?"

"it would be really awkward doing some of the scenes with anda guys...
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Billy and Penny raced through the park, side sejak side, trying to get out of the downpour. They got to the sidewalk and ran with all the other civilians trying to do the same. Billy motioned to Penny to turn left. They rounded the corner and sprinted towards the small gray apartment. "My home's just over here! We can wait out the rain!" He yelled to her. She nodded and smiled at him.
"Race ya!" She yelled playfully as she zoomed past him.
"Not fair!" He laughed and ran after her.

Billy fiddled with the lock on the door to his apartment. Penny, who had already been sitting on the staircase...
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*in the shipping van/ left zoo 3hrs ago*

   Captain Hammer pranced around the van Singing "Everyone's a hero". It really got annoying after the 14th time. All the Haiwan were sprawled out around the van with their paws/flippers over their ears, wishing they could be with skipper in the sound proof drivers cab. 
   Lexii turned to Dr Horrible "Does he HAVE an off switch?!?" she asked with bloodshot eyes. He shook his head and pressed his paws tighter over his ears. 
 Lexii nudged Rico with her elbow. "Got anything to make him SHUT UP?" she asked. Rico thought for a moment, smiled and nodded,...
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