Naga Out of my Drawings of Dragons, Which is Your Favorite?

Pick one:
Akiho the Lightning Dragon
Azuron the Galaxy Dragon
Baltorzhar the Cyber Dragon
Blazer the api, kebakaran Dragon
Bouldersnatch the Earth Dragon
Chrono the Time Dragon
Chronos the Time Dragon King
Chryselis the Ice Dragon
Cydrax the Iron Dragon
Dagon the Galaxy Dragon, Twin Brother to Saber
Diabolis the Darkness Dragon
Diavalt the Galaxy Dragon
Dracul King of the Galaxy Dragon and Older Brother to Pythios
Elsa Sanandra the Ice Dragon
Garth Albion the Light Dragon
Hydrerious the Water Dragon
IceCrusher the Ice Dragon
Incineroar the Lava Dragon
Maelstrom the Water Dragon
Maximus the Light Dragon
Morholt the Lava Dragon
Nagendra the Lightning Dragon
Pythios the Galaxy Dragon, Younger Brother of Dracul
Quaker the Earth Dragon
Saber the Galaxy Dragon, Twin Brother of Dagon
Sanadira the Life & Death Dragon, Wife to Chronos
Serafina the Light Dragon
Skiinanna the Darkness Dragon
Warpath the Cyber Dragon
XZ the Light Dragon
Zeon the Death Dragon
 NeoNightclaw19 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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