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This Duncan dan Courtney foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

hay what are anda guys doing here-heather
oh hi heather-courtney
hi duncan-heather
who are anda here with-courtney
well do anda and noah wanna come see a movie with me and duncan-courtney
is that ok with anda duncan-courtney
as long as we dont see a chick flick-duncan
you berkata it-noah
(At the movie theater)

hay instead of watching the movie we should grafete the screen so when people come in to watch it they will see the grafete instead-duncan
uh...idk duncan-courtney
come on princess-duncan
are anda in heather and noah-duncan
yeah-heather and noah
fine but only...
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 duncan courtney
duncan courtney
Duncans P.O.V

My life is perfect i have a lovely girlfriend, a dog , and a job that i like. All was perfect until i saw again her she was much hot i know. I im dating whith Gwen until COURTNEY ruined.

One hari i was in a coffe kedai whatching tv until, tdi apered there and say: all of the teenegares that participet in tdi must come. then i remember how Courtney and me used to tarikh and i stared thinkin a lot of thinks like What Courtney is doing now? and how is her life ? Stop thinkin i berkata to my self .

But then i saw a beautiful hot girl coing in the coffe kedai , i didn ' t know her so i started...
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Duncan's POV: I sat in my dapur waiting for Courntney. Then I felt my phone vibrate. I pressed the 'read' button and read the text.
"Idk what's up w/ u lately. Like, u don't even wanna hang out anymore. Either get a grip on our relationship atau break up w/ me." the text said.
The text was from Gwen. I hit the reply button and typed, "I choose 2 break up w/ u. I've found sum1 else and I'm not gonna leave her. Bye."
I got another text that said, "U'll b sorry." I didn't text back. Then I heard a knock on the door. I went to answer the door, opened it and let Courtney inside.
"You look beautiful."...
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I just found this on fanfiction and thought it was cute:

Courtney was sad, no she was lebih angry and upset with herself than she was sad. She hadn’t done so well on a baru-baru ini challenge and was now convinced that she would be sent home. Sitting on the dock of losers didn’t exactly help her feel better; she looked at the water thinking that soon she would be leaving the island.

“Hey Princess” Courtney looked up to see Duncan walking towards her.

“Go away Duncan” she berkata getting up and walking further down the dock. Duncan followed her “What’s the matter princess?”

She glared at...
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Courtney P.O.V.

I got all my things packed and ready to go, my mother was sending me to an all-girls school in England where she used to go when she was little. “Now behave darling and send me letters on how things are going, atau call” My mother said. I gave my mother one last hug before I boarded on the plane.

Duncan P.O.V.

I was listening to my iPod while teacher was uh…teaching. I noticed something hit me on the head, it was a crumbled up paper. I unfolded the crumbled piece of paper and read;
You want to check out the girls’ school after school? From-Geoff
I wrote back;
Hell yeah!
I threw...
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After luke came back he started Membaca a book to mckayla.As she started watching tv he took me in the other room.

"I think i have a theme for mckayla surprise birthday party"

"Babe i thought anda berkata i could plan it...and i was thinking maybe just going to grandma's house" I lied. I really wanted Mckayls to spend time with Jake while i spent alittle time with Duncan. Ive really missed him.

"You know I dont like going to your parents house" Thats why i know anda wont come and i get to see my duncan.

"Baby they havent seen her and.."

Before i could finish I was on the floor with a burning sensation...
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posted by Author_artist14
*Note: This is a tahun after the last episode of Total Drama World Tour but revenge of the island has never happen.

Courtneys P.O.W

I was sitting in the cafeteria on the Wawanakwa Island. It had been two years since I was here the last time – and I wasn’t happy to be back but my lawyer could not do anything about it.
I tapped impatiently with my foot trying to look everywhere but on Duncan. I heard he and Gwen broke up, not that I cared but it was smart of Gwen she was way to good for him. In my opinion she belong with Trent and if he hadn’t bintang act like a maniac in the saat season they...
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''Get over him , Courtney,get the hell over him !''she berkata , talking to herself.As she was moving towards the couch,she heard the doorbell ring, ''Who the hell could be here?'' Courtney yelled.''Hello?'' she answered.''Princess !'' Duncan yelled. ''What the hell are anda doing?''she asked,as he shut the door and locked it.''I need anda back,Princess.Gwen is going back with Trent and I'm stuck with no place to stay''.he cried.''Why should i care ? anda broke up with me to be with her !''she shouted.''I was wrong,Princess.I broke up with anda because I thought anda didn't Cinta me like anda used to''....
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Duncan P.O.V.

Courtney. "That's a pretty name" I told her.Courtney bit her lip,looked at the ground,and was shaking. Was she nervous? She started to crawl away from me, but I grabbed her hand before she could go behind the pokok again. She got startled sejak what I did and made a soft squeaky sound,she looked at me with anjing, anak anjing eyes. She started blushing, "I'm sorry...." She berkata sofly. "It's ok, ...I'm not gonna hurt you" I whispered. She crawled up to me,looked down and started poking on a red flower. Can she get any lebih adorable? She tried to climb the pokok again, I pulled her down, "No I don't...
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Duncan’s POV: I woke up the seterusnya morning as I heard my phone started going off. I checked the time as the clock said, 6:00p.m. I heard my phone ring for the 3rd time as I quickly answered it. “Hello?” I berkata into the phone. “Hey are anda okay?” a female voice asked. “Who is this?” I asked. “Courtney. anda know, best Friends since we were kids, had sex last night. Remember?” she said. I sat up almost immediately, my eyes were wide open as I ran my fingers through my hair. “Uh, yeah. I remember. What’s up?” I berkata frantically. “ Just wondering when you’re gonna be home...
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I Walked out my house to and berkata bye to my mom, then got in Julie's mom's car. I sat in the back with Julie and she gave me a big hug, And said.
"Oh my god Courtney, I haven't seen anda in forever! I've missed you." She finished with a nice huge smile.
" Haha, Yeah I know! I've missed anda too." I berkata I berkata with a small smile.
Julie's mom started to drive to there house. I sat there for a saat and looked out the window then I felt Julies hand touch my shoulder. I turned around and she said.
"Hey anda brought your bikini right?"
I looked at her and the looked down in my bag and searched.
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I am so sorry I haven't updated in a while!! I've had so much stress from school and apparently Ciuman is wrong in school so I got my electronics taken away. Please forgive me and enjoy.

Courtney's POV:I was done. Done with my parents. Always judging me and never listening to me. Done. I walked upstairs to my room and shut the door behind me. I grabbed a pen and paper then wrote a note to my parents saying that I was done and moving out. I set the pen and paper down on my nightstand and grabbed a bag to pack my stuff. I packed my katil sheets, clothes, and a couple pairs of shoes. I ripped off...
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I sat at the camp fire, seterusnya to Julie and Bridgett. It was dark out and kind of creepy in a way.
Duncan sat across the api, kebakaran from me. He looked at me and smiled. I blushed a bit. And he started to play his acoustic guitar, and he was really good. It was calm and soothing.
I looked around the big camp fire, there was people here I did not know. The only people that I knew here, was Julie, Bridgett, and Alex. And I guess Duncan now. Julie sat on the left of me, and Bridgett on the right, and Alex sat seterusnya to Julie.
As I listen to Duncan play I started to hear him sing quietly. His voice was...
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