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Episode 1: How it all happened

Courtney Jones, Geoff Smith, Trent Clair and Roxi Taylor were the world's famous rock band. P.A.M.D also known as Princess, Animal, Musicman and Dancer.

They found their when they were 18, just finsihed highschool. Geoff and Trent were working at some restaurant serviving tables, Courtney worked at her dad's firm, copying and fileing papers and Roxi worked at her brother gardge. She was pretty clever when it came to cars.

They got their first record and number one hit sejak Chris McClain, their manger. Courtney was on lead vocals, Trent on guitar, Roxi on bass guitar...
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Courtney's POV My father made me come to this pitiful town ughh. sejak the way I'm Princess Courtney. I'm walking up the dock with my kegemaran dress on. I walk sejak this pirate with a green mohawk. He was carving a stick. I roll my eyes at him. Why? Because he gives me this smirk. Maybe wants my money heh as if. He walks up to me and still has that smirk on his face. Duncan:Hey Princess got a name? Me:Uh yeah its Princess Courtney. Duncan:I'd rather call anda Princess. Me:Whatever. Duncan:By the way the names Duncan. Me:Uhh okay bye Duncan. Duncan:*Sighs* Bye. Me:Whats wrong? I was concerned why...
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 Duncan and Gwen Ciuman
Duncan and Gwen Kiss
Duncan`s POV:I couldn`t believe my eyes.

Courtney`s POV:I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head.I barley opened my eyes and saw Duncan wide-eyed and saw Gwen with a metal bat.I only saw the lower part of Gwen`s body though.I felt like I could only speak a little."We`re over."I choked out.I half-way closed my eyes then,everything went black.
I woke up in a dark room feeling like I`d been sleeping for a thousand years.I opened my eyes and a bright light came on.It felt like I was still sleeping and had seen Heaven`s pure,white light.I looked around only seeing the outline of everything.But one...
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ok so pretend that TDI and TDA and TDM didnt happen....OK!!! lets get started.

Courtney's P.O.V

"AHHH" i screamed as my father merciously beat me. "Why?" i asked. i dont know why i ask everyday because i know the answer even though he never answers. He loves power and control. Thats one thing i will NEVER forget. So when he asks me to do something, I do it no matter what it is. I have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.
Tanned skin and freckles above my nose. I remember my worst memory. He raped me.... I hated it......
I was washing the dishes when he came home.
"Hey Hunny" he...
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Each of the contestants walks up the stairs to the plane. As soon as they are all in, Chef locks the door. Then Chris is on speaker saying that they are about to take off to Japan. Everyone cheers. And then he says. "lET'S hope this hunk of junk, sarap flies!" Then they all gasp. The plane strts to alih but doesn't get off the ground. Then as soon as the they look like they're about to hit the guy pointning their direction, they fly. Chris leaves the pilot's station. He enters the room with te contestants.

"Welcome to the total drama jet plane." He says with empahsize with hand gestures. "Wait if...
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