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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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This Duncan dan Courtney foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

Class was a Total Drama Downer! All we did was review the stitches. And to add on to it, I was thinking about Duncan so much that I pricked my finger. Twice! Seriously, Duncan was totally perfect for me. When it was the two of us together, he was so sweet, caring and gentle. And when we were out in public, he was my macho man. I loved it lebih than Winnie The Pooh loves honey.Finally, when class was over (it was very late.), I pulled Duncan's address out of my dompet, beg tangan and hopped in my Volkswagon Beetle and drove over to his house.... I sat around the apartment, so bored without Courtney. It had...
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*phone rings*
"hello."said courtney sleepy."hey wats up?"said duncan very happy."oh is u duncan,look i going to talk to u later u know that if my mom wakes up and sees me talking to u she will kill me!luv ya!"said courtney hanging up."omg is so early why will duncan wake me up at 5:00am?'courtney asked her self.
*at bridgette's house*
"geoff get up!geoff!geoff!!!!!!!(bridgette slaps geoff)""wat was that for?"said geoff."courtney want me to go with her to the club.can u come with me?"asked bridgette."no!im too sleepy and me and duncan r going to watch the football game that tyler is playing tonight."said...
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I have no idea why I kissed Courtney like that after she teased me. I guess I just wanted to cherish my moments with her because the last time I was with her I took it for granted.I just smiled at her, I kinda enjoyed seeing her staring in awe at my pleased expression. And then whaddaya know? Avril Lavigne's When You're Gone started to play. "I Cinta anda Courtney." I don't know why I did that either. But it was true what I said. It was time to drop the bad-boyjuvie-delinquent facade,(well part of it,) and start opening up to Courtney so she knew I cared. "Duncan, I Cinta you, and I have always...
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*This in a two part article.*

I'm sitting on my katil with Courtney sitting seterusnya me. She's wearing a black spagetti strap dress that lightly touched the tips of her knees. I myself, was wearing a tux. Why? 'Cause earlier today we were at Cinco De Mayo "prom" thing at Justin's crib. We were also wearing green,red, and white bead necklaces. "Duncan, did anda have fun?" Court asked me. I turned to her. "Eh. It was 'okay' I guess.." I answered. "Oh.." princess responded, I could detect a sadness in her voice. "Whats the matter babe?" I asked her with some concern. "Its n-noth...i-ing.." I saw her start...
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komen if anda think this is something Courtney would sing to Duncan
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Chris's POV:
"So the campers think that they have problems now...heh! Now its time to make this lebih interesting. We are bringing back challenges, camera's, and DRAMA!"

He says into the camera.

"And I will start with exploiting them once again. Starting when they arrive this morning. Welcome back to Total Drama Tragedy!"

Courtney's POV:
I woke on my katil to the ring of my phone.
I read the message:

Auditorium before the bell.


I look up at Bridgette who got the same message.

"This isnt good." We say at the same time.

She leaves to get ready.
I go to my closet an grab my regular outfit.
I walk out...
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