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This Duncan dan Courtney foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

posted by Isabella121797
I hope anda guys like this.
Most of my stories are about music, but thats because I think it describes them so well sometimes.
This one isnt but there will be MUSIC!

Duncans POV:
Since the end of TDWT Chris decides to uproot us all and send us to the same city, school, and everything. The nerve of that nacissistic, over gelled jerk.
I could go on all day, but my paroley says I have to go to school atau else its back to the slammer.
I get out of katil and immediately go to my iPod docker and start blasting music.
I check my phone for any messages from...Courtney.
Which there isn't. Why would there...
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posted by sugarsweet076
That nite we did something. LOL

"Princess where is the key to my cloest?"

"Ummmmm" He looked at me.He wrapped me in his arms.

"where is it?"I reached down in my bra.I pulled it out."Thx princess" He berkata as he took it.

"..If anda dont mind me askin where is all your stuff anda took?" he opened the cloest.I smiled cu he had all his stuff in there.

When i was makin some teh Kyle came in.I looked at duncan.

"Kyle come sit down we ned to talk"

"what anda need to do is cook me dinner!" He berkata pushin me.

"Duncan yu can kill him now" Kyle looked over to duncan pullin his baju out of his shorts.When i looked...
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posted by dxcfan
Duncan watched the fuming brunette marched away bringing her tension with her. Duncan shrugged and turned to Geoff, who's eyes were wide. "Dude, that was a pretty heated conversation." He gestured, putting a hand on his buddy's shoulder.

Duncan rolled his eyes, and brushed Geoff's hand off his shoulder started to walk the opposite direction. "Whatever man. If Courtney doesn't want to be with me, than that's fine with me." He and Geoff walked into their cabins, as Duncan accidentally slammed the screen door behind him.

Geoff gave him a knowing look. "What happen to all those amazing things you...
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After all the Montegues and Capulets had left to get cleaned up, DJ and Geoff had decided to go looking for Duncan, who had not shown up to the fight. Upon walking down an alleyway, they found Duncan breaking another innocent girls heart.

Girl:But why Dunky, why*sobbing*

Duncan:Because, I'm bored with you, I need to find another sweetheart to please me. It'd be best if anda just find another guy.

Girl:*runs away crying*

DJ:*walks up to Duncan with Geoff*Breaking another girls hati, tengah-tengah the 5th time this week huh?

Duncan:Yeah, she was really starting to annoy me.

DJ:You know, anda really need to think...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:I walked into the cafeteria and sat down sejak myself.No one has figured out who destroyed the room yet.Idiots.I rolled an epal, apple around in my hands and looked at it.

Bridgette's POV:"Do anda think we should go sit sejak her?"I asked."After the way she freaked out in homeroom this morning,no way!"Gwen said."Yeah,I mean she flipped out."Trent said."I don't know anda guys.I mean,she does look kinda lonely."Geoff said."Maybe she needs a boyfriend."I said."No way.She might freak out on him."Gwen said.I rolled my eyes,stood up and walked over to the new girl.I sat down in front of her as she...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
 Courtney's Outfit
Courtney's Outfit
Bridgette's POV:"What do anda think the theme for prom is gonna be this year?"I asked Geoff." I don't know.What do anda think it's gonna be?"he asked."I hope it's going to be a pantai theme."I said.

Geoff's POV:Okay,so prom is coming up.I don't know how I'm gonna ask Bridgette to go to prom with me.Think Geoff.Think!Bridgette isn't my girlfriend,we're just friends.But I don't want us to just be friends.I really want her to be my girlfriend and all,but,there's this other dude that has her eyes glued to him.I've seen this guy,and he isn't the sharpest pisau in the drawer.

Bridgette's POV:"Hey,look!"I...
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posted by cb0104
Courtneys P.O.V.

Trent and I pulled up at the church. I wore a short black dress with black high heels and trent wore a tux. We were getting ready when we saw Geoff and Dj arrive. " what are anda guys doing here?" Geoff asked. " ummm were gonna crash the wedding," trent said. " why?" dj asked. " im in Cinta with duncan," i said. "and im in Cinta with gwen," trent said. geoff and dj exchanged looks. " were in" they said. " wait what," me and trent said. "duncan and gwen arent right for eachother. they belong with anda guys," they said. " great. now anda guys go take your seats," im gonna spy on...
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Duncan's POV: I was in the yard doing what I always do. playing basketball. My dad was always on my case about it. it was always "when I was your age I LOVED basketball" atau "you must be a good bola keranjang player like your old man here" atau "YOU NEED TO BE A bola keranjang PLAYER atau I WILL KILL YOU!!!" ok. maybe not the last one but it HAS gotten very close.
once it was time for school I put down the ball, picked up my backpack and left.
I walked in and saw that girl. every girl in the school wanted to tarikh me. but this girl.... I don't know. I walked to my locker and just looked at her. her brown...
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Hi guys! Wow, I'm so excited about the IAD! Well, I was fooling around on DeviantART and I saw this, so i decided to write a story based on this :) I hope you'll like it!

TDI atau any of the following seasons haven't happened, okay? :)
Please komen when done reading, it would make me so happy!

Down The Rabbit Hole

Courtney's POV

"My dear Courtney, why don't anda take a nap here, anda seem so tired! We'll wake anda up when it's time to go home." My older sister berkata while she look up and down my body. She obviously noticed my shaking legs and my eyelids that were just about to close.

"B- but...
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posted by cb0104
Carlas P.O.V.

I woke up at 7:00am on sunday. I saw my brother Aaron slumped over his bed. I got up and put on my blue jubah and went to get breakfest started.

I first got out some epal, apple Jacks, then i got some milk, but then there was a knock at the door. I walked to the front door and opened it.and there was a man.

" hi im mr. rickets from child services and im here to take anda and your brother away from this miserable place," he said. " umm.. sorry wrong house," i berkata and tried to shut the door but he stopped it with his foot. " anda are Carla M. Daniels arent you," he asked. "yes i am, but...
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posted by sugarsweet076
Its been lebih then 5 months since we gut baby haley home.We buried baby micheal 2 days after giving birth to him.

"Princess where is haley's chew toy?"

"Chew toy?" i asked


"...babe its in the frezzer and its not a chew toy"

"Then what is it?" he berkata givin it to haley

"its a toy?" tryin to hide that i dont really know what its really called.



"What was that princess?" he berkata as he grabbed me in his arms.

"You are so cute" I berkata smilin

"........you want to make another baby?" he berkata with a smirk

"....Not now"

"But?" he berkata playin like he was upset.

"....Duncan we have haley....do...
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posted by cb0104
Courtneys P.O.V.

I woke up late in the morning. i looked around the room. none of this was familiar. what happened last night, i thought, hmmmm this feels like that movie with the 3 drunks and a tiger co-staring Bradely Cooper.

i sat up realizing i was in a crappy hotel room. oh not another night like this!!!

whoever i slept with last night was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. he walked out. my eyes havent adjusted yet. he had pale skin way too many peircings, if ya ask me he looks like hes been in the big house a few times.

then my eyes adjusted. it was....it was... DUNCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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I know it's late. Don't bother me abot it please? Thank yo :)
To the world of imagination-fanfiction!
It was a beautiful night...unless anda were the teens who were out camping. They all were fighting, and spraying bug spray everywhere when it had no affect, they were arguing A LOT, mostly the fighting came from everyones favortie opposites...Duncan and Courtney

"WHY DID anda DRAG ME HERE?" Duncan shouted at the pretty burnette, who merely rolled her eyes. "I DIDN'T drag anda here, in fact, I HATE you, anda jus want to blame me for something...blame me so anda can't be...
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Gwen:The cake must to be in the ketuhar kinda 25 minutes...and go!

At the beach...
Courtney:Hello, Gwen!
The robot:Gwen isn't utama now, leave a message
Courtney:URGH!Stupid robot!Hi, Duncan!
The robot:Duncan isn't utama now, leave a message
Courtney:*cries*What are they doing without me?

At the kitchen...
Bridgette:The party must to be in the living-room!
Duncan:At what the time?
Bridgette:15:00 and now is 14:00!We have no time!Follow me!

At the living-room...
Bridgette:Put these balloons so:Up and down.Understand?
Duncan:I understand it.Thanks!

After 15 minutes...
Duncan:I'm ready!
Bridgette:Let's see...
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posted by soxfan89
*The Mall, Where Duncan And Courtney Are Getting Stuff For The Prom*
Duncan:I'm Going To Find A Great Tuxedo For The Prom. I'll Meet anda In A While!
Courtney:No Problem!
Courtney's POV:I've Waited A Long Time To Say This But Prom Is The Best Thing To Happen To Me!
(Lindsay, Bridgette And Izzy See Courtney)
Courtney:What Do anda Guys Think?
Bridgette:Absolutely Stunning!
Lindsay:For The Prom You're Courtneyrella!
Courtney:That's So Nice Of You, Lindsay!
(At The Tuxedo Shop)
Duncan:Wow, This Has To Be A Great Tuxedo!
Trent:Oh Yes, anda Look Good In White!
Noah:White Rocks!
Geoff:Courtney Will Cinta anda For Wearing...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney`s POV:I was slowly waking up when I heard the hotel phone ring."Hello?"I berkata into the phone waiting for a response."This is your wake up call."a man said."Thanks.Have a nice day."I berkata hanging up the phone.I sat up and rubbed my eyes to see clearer.I got up,took a shower,got dressed,brushed my teeth,and ate breakfast.i went downstairs to the lounge.No people screaming.Cool.A peaceful morning.I miss those mornings.I arrived at the lounge and saw Joe enjoying a mug of coffee."Good morning Joe."I said."Morning Ms.Stone.That coffee there is yours."Joe said."Thank you.Oh man.I forgot...
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hi your Duncan coleman right asked dr.stephens

yeah berkata Duncan

ok what happened that anda are here asked dr. stephens

well i was in a fight. the other guy puncked me in the mouth berkata duncan

ok lets see open anda mouth berkata dr. stephens

duncan opened his mouth.

wellyou are very luck cuz your mouth atau your jaw is not broken just brused. now how old are anda 16. we need to write this up so we need to know who hit anda asked the doctor

yeah im 16 and the person that hit me was a father berkata duncan

oh berkata the doctor

just then courtney walked in from useing the bathroom

so how is he asked courtney

he is fine...
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posted by CHERRY111898
~Ashley's Pov~
Sarah and I were in her room,watching TDWT and eating popcorn."Ashley look" Sarah berkata and pointed to the screen

"Well,it appears that Duncan and Courtney are over" Chris said.

"WHAT!?" we both screeched as we jumped up."We have the footahe as proof,thanks to Heather"

The camera showed Heather as she smiled and berkata "I want all of anda to now that my FRIEND,Courtney got cheated sejak vandal boy"

"friend?" i thought

She popped the video in.The video started off with Gwen,wating impatiently for a certain someone.Suddenly,Duncan shows up and they seem to chat.

We watch the screen closely...
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The first hari I took a look on Total Drama, Courtney was my fav. She sweet and pretty, and anda can really relate to her. And there I saw Duncan. He and Courtney fussed and fight,but deep inside they were so much alike.

On Total Drama Island episode 9, Duncan and Courtney got their deer antlers stuck. I thought it was so cute, and just loved they're relationship.

On Episode 12, Courtney and Duncan shared they're first kiss, after janking Chefs goodies,lol. Duncan had intoduced Courtney to her wild side and let her loosen up causing her to reveal her secret desire for Duncan. Later Courtney was...
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 Courtney's Earrings!!!
Courtney's Earrings!!!
Courtney's P.O.V.

I stood there with the box in my hands and Duncan's arms around me. I couldn't believe he'd gone to all this work for me.
"Happy Birthday Courtney!" Bridgette smiled and Duncan let go so she could hug me. "You have to open my present first!"
"No open mine first!" Izzy screamed from her where she was dangling from the ceiling sejak a vine.
"You guys!" That was Trent. "We're not opening presents yet!"
"Trent's right anda guys, let's have some cake instead!" Owen announced and lunged for the Pencuci Mulut table.
"No Owen!" Everyone except yelled excpet Izzy, who fell from her vine and...
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