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This Duncan dan Courtney foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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 Jason hit me
Jason hit me
I sat seterusnya to Duncan on the hospital bed.
As much as I hate to admit it I loved him 

Courtney: I'm so sorry it's all my fault.

Duncan: it's ok ( cough cough) I deserve it.

I looked at him puzzeled then I frowned.

Duncan: didn't anda take a pregnancey test?

Oh no oh no oh no!!!

Courtney: Duncan I can't be pregnant. I'm getting Married!

Duncan: I know stop rubbing it in

Its been almost a tahun since duncans been jealous It was nice to know he kind of still cared.

Courtney: I have to get back to the kabin Jason's there.

Duncan: Jason Jason Jason that's all anda ever talk about.

I knew he wanted me...
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Band practice didn't go as bad as I thought. Everybody played well, and we got news that our band was going to be in this 'Battle of the Bands' thing where the winner gets to sign with one of the biggest rock producers of our time, Chris McClean. And now, to bahagian, atas this awesome night off, I get to spend it with the hot new girl. I smirked as I put on my black hoodie, and headed into my living room, where on one of our recliners sat my gay roommate, Oliver. He was just talking on the phone with somebody. "Hm..I just don't think that fabric would be good as scarves....Okay, fine, I'll think about...
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The sound of a baby crying was the one thing that Clarisse loved from that very day. The hari she was born. The hari Clarisse held her tiny body in her arms. She was here, and that's all Clarisse.

"She's beautiful, Clare." Stated Clarisse's husband Samuel said, as he stroked the baby's soft tan face.

She was asleep in Clarisse arms, and she smiled. "Yes, she's very beautiful." Clarisse cradled the baby closer to her chest, letting the baby feel her hati, tengah-tengah beat. It was every mother's dream for this moment.

"What do anda want to name her?" Samuel asked, smiling both.

Clarisse pursed her lips, than smiled."I...
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Duncan's POV:

I screwed up. Big time.

I thought I screwed up before, but now, I think I've screwed up worse than humanly possible.

I screwed with the girl I loved sejak Ciuman another girl.

And getting her back was not even possible, because it was Courtney. We all know her, uptight and not forgiving.

And if I tell her I Cinta her she won't believe me. She'll take it as a lame attempt to get her back.

Why the hell did I have to Ciuman some other girl?

Should've kissed anda there
I should've held your face
I should've watched those eyes
Instead of run in place
I should've called anda out
I should've berkata your...
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My P.O.V
ok go easy on me this is my first time writting anything really! So if i mess up im sorry!

Duncan's P.O.V
I was walking down the pantai one hari with my new gf Amber. I didnt even wanna be holding her hand atau anything. I was still madly in Cinta with the girl of my dreams Courtney. UGH! even saying her name makes me melt like butter. Ok! come on duncan MAN UP! After a awkward silence I decide to speak up!
Me: So are anda having a fun time?
Amber:Of course I am....Im with my DUNKY POO!
(Eww I hate when she calls me that!)
Me:hehe......(eww) thx.......
Amber: hei look a smootie stand! Im gonna go...
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The wedding day.

"courtney anda look beatiful"

"Thanks katie"

"I can't believe you're getting married..in three hours"

"I know"

"Wow..you look wonderful angel"

"Thanks daddy"

i ran over to him and hugged him.

"I can't believe it anda are getting married...to a normal man"

"Daddy i know anda didn't like duncan but"

"The dude cheated on anda with a goth"

"I'm over that..this begins my life my married life to tom..and maybe start a family.."

"i only wish your mom could be here to see this"

"I know daddy"

I got my hair the way i wanted it to stay.then went the the bigs doors until the open.As they opened i could...
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It was the first hari of school, and Courtney had worked out a plan, she would go to school with Duncan so that she can keep contact with him at all times, she would change her school scheduale so she can have the same classes as him, Duncan agreed on this plan. "Yeah, that's an awesome idea. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, when my mom was pregnant with me, she had some maternity clothes that she wanted to keep it in case someone she knew got knocked up so she could lend it to them, and she wants to lend them to you." berkata Duncan. Courtney put her hands on her mouth "Aww! That is so sweet of her!"...
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TV awards.

"Hello and welcome to the tv awards! 2010!" Chris yelled and everyone cheered.

"We have the whole cast here, including Courtney!" Duncan's head shot up, so the princess finally shows herself. Duncan would deny it but he missed Courtney like crazy and he still loved her.

"Here comes her limo" the whole cast (except everyone who didn't see Courtney) ran to the limo, Dani and Mike stepped out smiling.

"Easy Court" Dani helped Courtney out but Duncan couldn't see because of the crowd.

"Back it up people, give the girl some space" Mike ordered and everyone backed off so the others could see....
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Courtney`s POV:"VAMPIRE HIGH!?!"I berkata in a half yell."WEll,what`s the good news?"I asked."The good news is,someone will be watching over anda while your at Vampire High."my dad said/"Who?"I asked."My friend`s son.He lives in the house on the left of your`s."he said."Okay.So he`ll watch over me the whole time I`m at Vampire High?And dad anda know I`m not in need of a baby-sitter.I`m 16."I said."Yes,he will watch over you.And I know anda aren`t little any more,I just don`t want anything bad to happen to you."my dad said."Will he bite me?"I asked worried."Don`t worry Courtney.When he`s around,you...
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I dont own tdi/tda atau tdwt

This takes place right after totla drama action

Duncans pov
I was on my way utama from the werst tv tunjuk in the world. when i walked in the my house mt mom can and huged me cuz i won the show. she berkata the i can use the mont until im 18. when i went into my room my brother johnny came in.
duncan- what do anda wont
johnny- nothin just wont to talk.
duncan- about what
johnny- that girl u like courtney
duncan- why
johnny-cuz duncan do u like her dude
duncan- no i think i might Cinta her
johnny- WHAT Duncan she is so not your tipe
duncan- i know she not my tipe but theres something...
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If anda Watch Phineas and Ferb, they anda might have heard this song before. I thought I could turn this into a sad reflecting the Cinta triangle.

Without anda sceams my life it seems
so empty...

I spend all my time with anda doing wrong!

anda were my only lover
If even when I tried to cover

The moments when didn't get along

So dear Duncan cari your heart
Because anda see our Cinta has no sparks

I don't want our to hit the chart
And can't take it that we're apart!

But now your with another girl
Who seems to bright darken world

I missed the moments when didn't get along........


I hope anda like it...........
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Duncan's pov.................

I had to see heather i know that's wierd but if there is anyone that can help me get rid of trent it's here.

Hey haether "what do anda want duncan" i need your help "for what" to get rid of him and i know that your the only one that can help me why dont anda just tell your new girlfrien" what do anda mean me and courtney have been together for pretty long now "oh not her" than who are anda talking about "you know gwen" i dont like gwen im with courtney gwens not even my friend she is with trent "i know she likes you" know she doesnt "duncan trust me she likes you" whatever....
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Duncan P.O.V

I drive in car , courtney is staring i smile at her and she smiles .While i was driving she puted make-up on her face.

We arrived there , i oped her door and she came out with a "WOW!"and i responded "i know right."

We went inside but then Courtney kept back her cool and put her ipod earpohnes on and shades on .She had the most and i say clearly standerdly say and honestly the most hotest Pokerface ever.
She kept looking foward everyone didnt get in her way.

I was so impressed in TDI shed worry that a splinter was in her finger and now everyone is wrapped around her finger.Gosh she...
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Im bored so im going to start a artikel and im not very good at making artikel-artikel but here it goes.................

Courtneys Pove................

I cant beleive im stuck on this plane with these wierd people well except for duncan.dont tell him i berkata that

hey princess (he says)

uh what do anda want

courtney i know anda like me

duncan anda think your all that but your just a soft hearted fake bad wanna be.

Omg duncan was going to sit seterusnya to me (duncan goes behind courtney and seterusnya to gwen)

I new he likes her

izzy what do anda want (izzy say anda know who likes who) nothing izzy

Dunacan pov.......................
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Ever since TDI.... TDA... and TDWT..... all the campers have hit it big time in the movie indutry.

Here are some of there Filem that are out right now!


In this movie holly MAY (Courtney Gomez) is a young girl who is sent to California sejak her father to live with her older sister for the summer. She doesn’t like it there at first but then she meets the hot, young life guard on the beach, MATHEW SMITH (Trent Clayfeild). They fall for each other instantly….but disaster strikes when HOLLY’s life back utama comes to Cali………..


In this movie JUNE (Bridgette Johnson), AUGUST (Gwen Barnhill), and SUMMER (Courtney Gomez) go on a cruise to find Cinta and they do but then as everything is going right the girls witness a murder and are taken away. Now there new Kekasih JASON, MARK, and JOHNNY (Geoff Heathly, Trent Clayfeild, and Duncan Meyers) must risk everything they have to save them……
 movie poster
movie poster
 movie poster
movie poster
We all searched the ball room for Orlisle. She was no where to be found. All these god damn mask! Than they blew there horns, announcing the king is arriving. Duncan quickly came sejak my side.

"Courtney my da-I mean the king, is coming. Have anda found Orlisle yet?"He asked.

I shook my head."No, and this is about time."I exclaimed.

Just than the king walked down from the stair case, and I notice someone hiding between the plants on each side of the stair case. Than I realized something."OH, NO!"I shrieked. It was Orlisle, was getting ready to plunge the spear through the kings heart. I sped through...
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Chris' voice went over the speakers for wakeup call. Duncan cursed at Chris to shut up, then remembered the speakers. He jumped out off of his bunk and turned it on. Geoff jumped down off of his and sat seterusnya to him.

Voices came on.

"Courtney? How long have anda been up?"

"I don't know, all night? Couldn't sleep, I kept thinking of him its driving me nuts!"

Duncan smirked at Geoff, who gave him the thumbs up

"Do anda think anda should tell him how anda feel?"

"No way, he can't find out."

"How long have anda liked him?"

"Since I first saw him on the dock."

"Score" Geoff, said, high fiveing Duncan.

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