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posted by FIREdancer
This is A Small story of Courtney and Duncan's conversation on Chat they had before leaving the studio.
Courtney:Duncan , If your still on. Then im sorry for being alittle stuck-up. I just really like me and I know anda like me too. But I know anda Cinta Gwen.

3 minit Later...

Duncan:Don't be mad

Courtney:Why do anda say that?

Duncan:I paid Gwen to Cinta me.

Courtney:Wait! I don't understand??????

Duncan:I thought anda didnt really Cinta me cause of Justin on TDA and everyone berkata anda did. So I tried the same thing but with some one anda didnt like to creese...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
(It all started after TD Series ended. Duncan and Courtney are back together. Now, Duncan is taking out Courtney to get some ice cream.)
Courtney: Thanks for taking me out, Duncan.
Duncan: Anything for you, ba... Courtney.
Courtney: But you're still not my type for this.
Duncan: Whatever.
(They entered the ice cream shop.)
Duncan: anda like ice cream, princess?
Courtney: Yeah, I like ice cream and stop calling me princess.
Duncan: Kay, I'll order your dessert, princess. (smirks at her)
Courtney: Ugh.
(Courtney was waiting for Duncan for 8 minit and she's getting irrated.)
Duncan: All ready....
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This is impossible. I really can't do this. Geoff was right. I'm not the womanizer I think I am. Asking out Courtney is gonna be hell. Especially I don't like her. I hate her. She is very annoying, I've got better things to do than asking out the HARDEST girl ever. But summer is just beginning...

Courtney humiliating me at the pantai was so embarassing, especially when Noah put it in his "Sarcastic Stories" blog. I'm totally gonna get revenge on her. Right after she says yes to me. Even though Geoff says Courtney is hard to crack. I will tunjuk him. I will tunjuk them all. And I will tunjuk Courtney...
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posted by sugarsweet076
He gave a horsey back ride until we went outside.We went on his motorcyle and he drove to his house.

"Duncan what are we doin here?"

"to get kacang, kacang tanah mentega and jam?"

"but school?"

"Princess chill we'll be there in enough time"

"we better be!"
I tackeled him to the ground.I fell on bahagian, atas of him with his hand on my butt and my hand behind his head.

"........Sooooo anda wanna make out?"

"Duncan lee payne did anda just ask your best friend to make out with you?"


I got up and tried walking away.But when i did he pulled back down and he got on bahagian, atas of me.

"i need a yes atau no answer"

"....how bout get peanut...
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posted by james55

Duncan: courtney gwen went downstairs to talk to the manager we can talk now

Courtney: why do anda want to talk to me

Duncan: cause I like anda (grabs courtney and hugs her)

Courtney: (blushing) get of

Duncan:no I want to hug you

Courtney: Duncan!!!!!!!

Duncan: ok but only cause your the princess

Courtney: doesn't it feel wrong hitting on me when your with another girl

Duncan: well yeah, kind of

Courtney: so then why do anda do it?

Duncan: because it's with anda and your nice, beautiful and her smart

Courtney: (blushing) whatever

Duncan: no I mean it (grabs courtney and kisses her). (gwen walks...
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BTW this story takes place in America....

Well. Im getting ready to see Courtney....I hope this turns into a realationship atau at least a one night stand....maybe the saat one is better...

When I go to pick her up shes on the phone. "ok, Ya, It's really cold here. I miss anda too. Bye Trent, I Cinta anda too." Pobably her brother. So Then we went off to the library

At the perpustakaan I can't focus. Its friday night! people are screaming about parties..."Duncan? Duncan?" "What?" I snapped out of it. "Are anda even paying attention?" She asks This is not gonna be a realationship...shes...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Duncan`s POV:"When the sun is dead."That moment ran through my head all day.So I finally got my head on straight and went to my friend Trent."Hey Trent.In Aboriginal language,what does when the sun is dead mean?"I said."Why?"Trent asked."Just tell me!"I said."Fine.Take it easy.When the sun is dead means at night.So the sun will be dead tonight."Trent said."Thanks."I said."Duncan."Geoff said."Yeah?"I asked."Are anda okay?"Geoff asked."Never better."I said.

Courtney`s POV:I couldn`t stop thinking about Duncan.I`ve never been that close to a complete English man before.That was the weirdest feeling...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney`s POV:My hati, tengah-tengah snapped in half.For as long as I could remember,ever since we were going out,he was with Gwen.I couldn`t shake the thought that Gwen and I are cousins and she can`t atau she won`t tell me that Duncan and her are together.We`re family and family tells each other everything.Why would she not tell me this?Why would Duncan not tell me this?Questions ran through my head.I sat down on the sofa, kerusi panjang and held my face in my hands.I felt tears fill up in my eyes.Bridgette sat down beside me and encouraged me to alih on.I can`t.

Duncan`s POV:"I think weshould tell her."Gwen said."I don`t...
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posted by sugarsweet076
The doctor asked me to come in the hall while duncam played with ashley.

"....Did anda know ashley has cancer?"

"....Wait what?" I berkata tearing up

"Im sorry courtney but ashley has cancer..we have to run some tests on her to see how far the cancer has spread"

"Do anda know how long she had it?"

"Thats one of the tests"

i started crying and ran in the room.Duncan looked at me then ran up to me.

"Princess whats wrong?"


"Whats wrong courtney"

"Ashley....did anda know anda had cancer?" I berkata starting to tear up even harder.

"Courtney calm down...i know last time i "Fell" they told me."


"They berkata i was going to be fine"

I hugged her as the dotors came in.Ashley told them then gave her some pills to take.After she took a small nap we went home.She fell back to sleep on duncan chest.duncan fell asleep too.they looked so cute! so i sorta took a photo. as the were sleeping i started on my week of homework that i have missed.
Courtneys POV:
Duncan can we go to the mall?
Duncans POV:
Narrators POV:
They get in the car and turn on radio and they hear Cinta Story sejak Taylor Swift.Then when the song was done they had just got to the mall.
Courtneys POV:
Duncan help me pick out a bikiney.
Duncans POV:
Shur. How about this one.
Courtneys POV:
Duncan thats just a hanger.
Duncans POV:
I know.
Courtneys POV:
Your such a pervert.
Duncans POV:
Yes but Im your pevert babe.
Courtneys POV:
Oh Duncan anda alway knew how to sweet talk a girl.
posted by fly210
Courtney's POV: I was on bahagian, atas of the water fall just looking down when my friend bokora came and tolled me I had to get back to the little town we call home. I jumped off the water fall and landed in the cool clear water of the river. I looked at my friend now wet as a ikan and giggled.


Me and bokora walked to the town of wood and skin huts and hot there just in time to see my father come in with the rest of the men. My father's name is kakaumtee. He is our chif. ME? I will be the seterusnya chif. Ghantoo came out of the bot and stood seterusnya to my father.

Ghantoo:You wanted me sir?
Kakaumtee:yes,I want anda and courtney to be wed.

What? I had to be with him the rest of my life? I can't do that! I don't want to be with.....HIM!!
Then we heard a sound far away of things being cut down. All of the people ran but me I got my bow and Arrow and went out looking for what had made the sound.
added by CourtneyKatara
I made this!!!
posted by Courtneyfan101
Duncan`s POV:I didn`t know what was over-coming Gwen.I was worried for Courtney and Gwen.I didn`t know what to expect.I saw Gwen run over to the light switch and shut it down.I can`t believe I`m saying this,but I`m officially scared.It was silent.I suddenly felt a hand pull me away from the corner and reached for the face of what was pulling me.I didn`t have time.It was dark and I didn`t hear anything.I saw a light.A huge light.Then everything went black again.I woke up in some room.I sat up and looked around.Courtney`s room.No one was in the room but me.I looked at the katil and it had a note...
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Courtney`s POV:"You told?!"Duncan and I yelled at eachother in unison."Why?!Stop that!"we yelled again.I took a deep breath.My grandmother always told me that a deep breath fixes everything.So yeah."I understand that anda told and I told."I said."Yeah,but it was for a good reason!"Duncan said."Duh!I know that.This man has a gun pointed at you."I said."So your the girl?And your with him?"the man with the gun berkata smiling.

Duncan`s POV:"Courtney,this is Trent.Trent,this is Courtney."I said."So this is the man?"the dude beside Courtney said."This is Alejandro.Alejandro,this is Duncan.Now that we`ve...
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Sorry I haven't finished my other stories , they began to feel dull to me. I believe this will be better then the ones i did write.But There Are Some Parts Of The Story That Are Inaproiate For Sexual , Laugage , And Violence.I will try to make Part.1-Part.10 , Enjoy Part.1! :D :D :D :D
(Courtney Side)
I walked out of the door as fast as I could , my first hari working as an assisitant was horrible.My boss a.k.a Chris Maclain kept calling me "Wench" and purposly spilling his coffee.But I couldn't complain , besides I have to help Bridgett with...
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Hi honey *crying*-courtney
no one-courtney
than whats wronge-duncan
my horemones-courtney
oh its ok princess come here-duncan
*goes bye duncan*-courtney
*hugs and holds on to courtney*-duncan
thank you-courtney
for what?-duncan
for being supportive-courtney
Hay! wanna go out tonight-duncan
sure but what about lauren?-courtney
We will leave her with the crazy woman-duncan
i was talking about your mother-duncan
wanna go to dinner-duncan
(At the restouraunt)
Thanks for taking me here-courtney
no prob princess-duncan
i Cinta you-courtney
i Cinta anda too but after makan malam, majlis makan malam wanna go to a movie-duncan
ok what do anda wanna see-duncan
idk you-courtney
well definetly not a chick flick-both of them

YEA! part 2! I just want to say thank anda for all the nice komen-komen on the last one. so.... this is for all the people who commented!

Duncan: Courtney! don't slip!

Courtney: MM MAPH hPORT PHMD PHI MO OMPH phojth!!!

Gwen: WHAT?

Chris:...................................... *blink*..........................*blink*............

Courtney: pharf thuphf dph rithph. FGHCVXD HFBVMM CBCJC JTOPF CDRAWEDSZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan: anda know I'm with Courtney on this one.

Courtney: phank fu

Duncan uncovers courtney's mouth.

Courtney: When did anda last wash your hands? They stink!

Duncan: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm...
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posted by DXCLOVER97
Ok, this is my NEW story for DXC! :)
The story, I'm working on right now, will have to wait
for a little while until I got the plot for the chapter.
The story is about the 1 tahun reunion for TDWT.
Duncan and Gwen are STILL going out (grrrrr) and
Courtney? Nobody knows where she is. 1 tahun later,
everybody gets a letter for a TDWT reunion. Everybody
goes to the reunion and a certain brunette too. Let's
just say, Courtney has changed ALOT lebih than her
appearance and a certain BOY is joining her. The boy
is MUCH stonger than DJ and Chef combined!!! His
reason for coming? Two words. Courtney's. BOYFRIEND.
How will Duncan react??