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The Character

Name: Edward Cullen

Type: Vampire

Special Ability: Hears the thoughts of others-with the exception of Bella Swan

About Them: Edward is known for being charming, polite, determined, and very stubborn. He is very protective over Bella and puts her safety, humanity, and welfare before anything else. He often over-analyzes situations and has a tendency to overreact-especially in situations where Bella's safety is at risk. He often uses outdated speech and grammar from his human life in the early 20th century. Edward is impossibly beautiful. His skin is "like marble"—very pale, ice cold,...
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Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

On June 20th 1901, Elizabeth and Edward Masen gave birth to Edward Anthony Masen in Chicago Illinois. In 1918 his family were suffering from the Spanish Influenza, Edward was 17 years old.

A young doctor named Carlisle Cullen was treating him and his mother, both were on death’s door. After fighting hard against the disease Elizabeth Masen finally succumbed, in her last breaths, she asked Carlisle to do what was in his power for her son. Carlisle saved him, gave him immortality, he changed him into a vampire. Carlisle and Edward have lived together ever since, Edward...
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