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 New Season 2 Stills - 2x08, 2x11, 2x14 (HQ).
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New episode stills of Elena in TVD Season 2, episodes 2x08: Rose, 2x11: sejak the light of the moon and 2x14: Crying serigala, wolf (HQ).
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This Elena Gilbert foto might contain saman perniagaan, sut perniagaan, berpakaian seorang, guaman, seluar guaman, pantsuit, orang baik berpakaian sut, and penekan seluar.

Bonnie grabbed her head and fell on her knees. She’d been struck with a sudden brain attack and she imagined this was what Damon had felt when she attacked him.
“Bonnie!” Matt exclaimed. He wanted to help her stand, but she raised her hand at him. She then stood herself.
“Damon tried to talk to me” she started. “Veronica has Elena. She and Jeremy are in the same place. There’s fire”
“This is ridiculous” Matt muttered. “Can anda do something about it?”
“I’m going to try” Bonnie replied determined.
Katherine and Stefan felt their skin burn sejak the sun, when suddenly...
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This artikel is to every SE peminat who says that Damon “stole” Elena from Stefan, this artikel will prove anda wrong so prepare to face reality forthe first time TVD wise.

“I thought I can WIN her from anda FAIR and SQUARE, she didn’t want me, it’s for the best, I’m better off being the bad guy anyway”-Damon 3X15 about Elena. Like Damon berkata to Stefan he thought he can WIN not STEAL Elena from him, he though without playing games on Elena, to try to get her to like/love him lebih without acting/pretending like a “goody good boy” (like Stefan did) that he can WIN her over sejak just...
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Ok so here it is ! welcome to the 1st Interview with Klea [who won peminat of the bulan for July.]

1. Introduce yourself .
Hey all! well I'm Klea, 18 years old. Cinta Elena/TVD and Fanpop just in general. In TVD i ship Delena and Forwood and Steferine.

2. How do anda feel about be the Elena FOTM? Did anda want to win?
I feel Honored that i won the Elena FOTM. Thank anda to everyone who voted for me. Elena is such a great character and i Cinta the Elena spot.

3. Is Elena`s spot your kegemaran spot in fanpop?
It's my 2nd kegemaran spot!! I always visit the Elena spot everyday.

4. Why anda Cinta elena so much?
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