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Amy Adams
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 Ahw the Ciuman scene in TLM how cute.
Ahw the kissing scene in TLM how cute.
Ok so Enchanted may be a mock of most of the Disney princess Filem so here is a picture reference artikel about what scenes Enchanted mocks the most.Please komen and I hope that anda will enjoy it as much as I do.

Before I tell anda what Filem it mocks I was surprised to see so many references in this movie. Its so unoriginal and their really isn’t anything new about Enchanted. Sure its my all time favourite film of 2007 but seriously its like a memory lane type movie that brings us back to the hari Disney was good at their Filem now its this computer generated shit that is so annoying...
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 Amy Adams was awesome
Amy Adams was awesome
Hi guys me again and im going to do my questionnaire on Enchanted. soalan will be shown on bahagian, atas and jawapan are down below article. Enjoy!!

Q1 Favourite character in the movie and why?

Q2 Favourite couple in this movie and why

Q3 Favourite villain in the movie

Q4Favourite scene and why? (any three atau more)

Q5Favourite entrance from any of the characthers

Q6Favourite songs in this film and why?

Q7Funniest moment in the movie?

Q8Favourite ending?

Q9Favourite Giselle & Robert kiss

Q10Romantic moment in the movie and explain why?

Q11Favourite intro from the characters?

Q12 Favourite sidekick?

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 Ella Enchanted? I guess not!
Ella Enchanted? I guess not!
Okay, so I watched this movie 8 years lalu and here are my thoughts about it!

The Story-Line

Initially, I did not like the movie at all because it was like a remake of sebelumnya Disney films. Especially the 3 classic princess movies, but as time goes by, I felt that the movie is very underrated and needs lebih love.
On the other hand, the ending was a break from Disney tradition. Edward ends up with Nancy and I fancied that after Idina, who played Nancy became my favourite singer! Overall, the movie eerily reminds me of Kate & Leopold for some reasons.

The Characters

Giselle was an underrated...
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